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First they came for those inciting violence and bigotry and I said good fuck those guys.

Seriously though, your argument fails when we get into specifics into what’s being blocked.

MSPs approve Scotland's controversial hate crime law

Under the bill, offences are considered “aggravated” - which could influence sentencing - if they involve prejudice on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or variations in sex characteristics (sometimes described as “intersex” physical or biologica…

No it’s blessed by Jesus

this is basically what a lot of people seem to expect base minetest to be, a reasonably fleshed out MC alternative. …

what are you playing on?

If on desktop install gzdoom and do “gzdoom -iwad /path/to/satanic2.wad” in a terminal and that should launch the game.

if you’re playing on android you can install “freedoom” then you place satanic2.wad DIRECTLY into /freedoom/config/ NOT /config/wads as that’s for add ons.

from there you can launch satanic2.wad from within the freedoom app.

Nazi infestations are the worst possible antifeature of a social network

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Can someone tell me who any of the characters from the USSR pics are?

trying out replying to comments and it gives a little window with parent comment in it.

So Lemmy but for neo nazis

Fun fact there’s no record of Patricia Bragg actually having a PhD. Though you could probably tell something was off just from the fact they felt the need to slap doctor names on the product.

In addition, there’s been esophageal injuries as a result of vinegar sold for medical purposes being underregulated.

Yes those are refutation videos because the main “news” sites covering them are transphobic propaganda.

The arch wiki is a fantastic resource all around. Even if you don’t use arch based distributions there’s enough in common with other gnu/linux systems that you can still get a lot out of it

Minetest kind of just became a base for other games you get from the content downloader rather than a thing meant to be experienced by itself as a full featured Minecraft clone. It’s why my title says game engine rather then calling it a game

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