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Can someone tell me who any of the characters from the USSR pics are?

trying out replying to comments and it gives a little window with parent comment in it.

Fun fact there’s no record of Patricia Bragg actually having a PhD. Though you could probably tell something was off just from the fact they felt the need to slap doctor names on the product.

In addition, there’s been esophageal injuries as a result of vinegar sold for medical purposes being underregulated.

Yes those are refutation videos because the main “news” sites covering them are transphobic propaganda.

The arch wiki is a fantastic resource all around. Even if you don’t use arch based distributions there’s enough in common with other gnu/linux systems that you can still get a lot out of it

Minetest kind of just became a base for other games you get from the content downloader rather than a thing meant to be experienced by itself as a full featured Minecraft clone. It’s why my title says game engine rather then calling it a game

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