I created a Matrix Space for trans, NB, and gender non-conforming people.

Hi, I’ve been in a trans chat group on matrix for a while, but moderation is non-existing and chasers run free in there, so I created a Safe Space for trans and NB people, and ill be moderating it (I’m looking for additional moderators). There is also a private NSFW room, also exclusively for trans …

TIL musician Hayley Kiyoko is like half japanese and lesbian

A funkwhale playlist i found: …

Across China, queer college societies, which had been rare spaces to safely push boundaries, were being swiftly erased from the Chinese internet. In July, 14 of the largest and most prominent accounts were banned, cutting connections between thousands of members scattered across the country and ca…



Happy #IntersexAwarenessDay!

Some links for those out of the loop: …

A new study by Canadian researchers adds weight to the theory that the evolutionary role of gay men may be to serve as “super uncles” who help close family members survive. …

Magnus Hirschfeld, (born May 14, 1868, Kolberg, Prussia [now Kołobrzeg, Poland]—died May 14, 1935, Nice, France), German physician who was an important theorist of sexuality and a prominent advocate of gay rights in the early 20th century. Hirschfeld was born to Jewish parents in a Prussian town on …

Help, I have no personality…

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