The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project's May Themed Chat for the 29th and 30th

As many of us start being able to engage in more in-person activities safely, this month focuses on the kinds of and ways that we enjoy leisure activities, and how being aspec might impact those activities. This can be anything from the entertainment we consume, to the people we spend free time wi…

Happy AroSpectrum Awareness Week!

It’s the 8th year for ASAW! It’s time to raise awareness of, and celebrate the Aromantic Spectrum! …

The Equality Bill is in US Congress right now, and threatens to leave out aromantic, asexual, pansexual, and other groups of people from protections against descrimination. While there is awareness that these groups of people would benefit, the actual language of the bill only includes "homosexual, …


They be like

Eighth Annual Survey!!! (Don’t worry, fediverse is an option for where you got the link from ;) …

Gender Census 2021

TL;DW, there’s real scientific evidence that transgenderism is valid…

On one hand, fuck the US military. On the other hand, this is still trans rights so I thought it appropriate to post here…

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