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It reminds me of spam musibi. Popular in Hawaii, but the one time I’ve tried it I couldn’t gag it down. I’ll eat pretty much any half decent food, but there was something about a large chunk of warm spam in sushi that set off my “nope”.

It’s ties to the accumulation of power. Capital is a source of power, but it is far from the only one.

You are completely free to say whatever in other communities about COVID-19, Ivermectin, vaccines, etc. But in this community, I have made the moderation call that anything that smacks strongly of anti-vaccine messaging is against the rules. As for why, you may be familiar with the Camel’s Nose story.

Please don’t call people cranks. It is a personal attack, which is disallowed by the rules. Stick to reporting misinformation and I will take care of it.

@craftingwithbits@lemmy.ml You’re spreading misinformation. Continued promotion of Ivermectin, especially in preference to vaccines, will result in a ban.

There are many, many legitimate discussion topics around the pandemic. What measures are effective? How should governments proceed? I’m even fine with discussions that are not so flattering to vaccines or pharmaceutical companies. But that thread yesterday really crossed the line in terms of the fire hose of misinformation. While in theory misinformation can be countered by rebuttal, in practice it takes so little effort to make a false claim in relationship to making a rebuttal that antivaxxers can just exhaust their opponents. It also tends to derail more worthwhile conversations.

unvetted vaccines

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines went through the full FDA approval process. This is a first warning. Further such posts will lead to a ban.

I’m okay with the instance rules being a lot looser, then delegating further restrictions to individual communities. I just don’t want /c/coronavirus to become yet another hub for misinformation spread. These sorts of conversations have been largely played out already elsewhere.

Actually, I need some help modding. I’m keeping an eye out for a couple of people, but I’m not sure who is 1) trustworthy and 2) interested.

Announcement: Tightening of anti-vax ban

Yesterday there was a conversation that contained several blatantly anti-vax comments. I had previously included in the community description a rule against anti-vax posts and comments, but I was not enforcing it well. I will be enforcing that rule going forward. I ha…

Around 200 million people have been vaccinated, with those numbers skewed towards older and otherwise medically vulnerable people. I would be suspicious if there weren’t a few thousand deaths.

My cousin (older generation, so middle aged) got COVID-19 before the vaccine came out. She spent three weeks in bed and experienced lingering symptoms for months after. She was in great shape, a competitive swimmer. Being healthy will help, but plenty of athletes have been put flat on their back.

Not this whopper again. The VAERS database is a surveillance database with unverified reports. Anyone who is affected by anything after having taken the vaccine can get in there. That allows public health officials to quickly recognize patterns that affect tiny portions of the population. But what they are looking for is numbers that are unusual. There are a certain amount of deaths that you expect in a population, so just counting up deaths in the database and saying “Ah ha! Thousands of deaths!” is incredibly misguided. There simply is no demonstration of causality.

Pharma companies made record profits from vaccination programs

Vaccinations are one of the least profitable pharmaceuticals. It’s not uncommon for medication for chronic diseases to cost hundreds of dollars per month if not more.

My understanding was also that the immunity itself was fading and the booster acts as sort of a reminder. A double booster spaced closely together wouldn’t really serve any purpose. The immunity is already back to full strength.

Study after study has shown natural immunity to be superior , longer lasting and more resistant to new variants than vaccination.

Let’s say that’s true (and that one paper is not conclusive proof). That still means going through COVID-19 with all of its hazards for short term and long term health effects. Vaccines might put you down for a day, but that’s about it. That means it’s more practical to have a couple of boosters per year if necessary.

Most hospitals that I’ve experienced in the US don’t require payment for parking. Problem is, there’s no such thing as free parking, so that expense still has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is everyone’s pocketbooks, regardless of whether they use the parking or not.

Impossible Sausage (I prefer spicy), diced bell peppers, diced onion, maybe mushroom. Saute the veggies first and set aside on a plate. Cook the sausage, breaking it apart, until browned. Good toppings are guac, avocado, salsa, Chinese chili garlic paste, or salsa. It can also be served on a bed of brown rice, as a burrito, or in taco.

Soy curls are a nice replacement for chicken. I buy them directly from the manufacturer, Butler Foods. They soak up marinades very nicely and provide plenty of protein. A strong sauce works as well.

Roasted veggies: cut up, toss with olive oil, roast for 30-40 minutes turning every 10-15 minutes with a spatula. Za’atar or ras al hanout seasoning blend both work well with a wide variety of vegetables.

I’ve been watching this up close as staff (not faculty) at a university. We already had declining enrollment and an accompanying loss of revenue. I expect it will pick up when it’s again safe to have in person classes without worrying about an outbreak, but I don’t know when that will happen.

But they still are able to own a slice of the means of production, even if it’s not equal.

Yeah, index funds like Vanguard are the way to go for most people. Reasonable returns, adjusted automatically towards more stable assets as people age, and with low fees.

A helpful way of thinking of stocks is that at their best they provide a way for anyone with any level of savings to benefit from the profits of companies. With just private ownership of capital, those benefits are extremely concentrated. That said, the current stock market has the vast majority of stocks owned by the wealthy, so that potential is underutilized.

It’s clear from this map how critical it is to get vaccines to Africa much, much faster than is currently being done…

First, to soften the headline: of course China’s economy is going to survive. That said, this video is a good explainer on both how the Evergrande default is currently affecting the economy and possible future effects. My take is that it will likely hurt in the short term, but this was a nearly inev…


Introduce yourself! What is your interest in accessibility? What disabilities do you feel comfortable sharing? What is an aspect of your disability that gets overlooked?..

Concern around CoC's "oppressive"

I am thinking about creating an outpost in Lemmy for Reddit’s r/moderatepolitics subreddit. Briefly, the goal of the subreddit is to bring together a variety of viewpoints with rules that are mostly limited to not attacking other users and some operational rules (e.g. no editorialized headlines). Th…