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Evaluation and Optimization of a Two-Phase Liquid-Immersion Cooling System for Data Centers
Pretty interesting for reducing the energy consumption of the servers the internet relies on.

Mid summer, August 04, it rained in Seattle.
It's was cloudy and rainy/breezy today between one of the longest heat waves in Seattle and another that's coming next week. The weather is weird around here.


What's your climate and civilization prediction?
I'll go first: The situation is really dire for keeping the global rise in temperature under 1,5C, not gonna happen as no nation on earth is even close to meeting their own goals let alone those set during COP. From my part of the world, Sweden I'm seeing less green forces being voted for than 10 years ago. Instead, fascists are being given more and more power globally. Governments are touting investments and commitment yet in the grand scheme of things jack all is happening. Eight billion mid-size mammals and counting are competing for comfort and security under various levels of despair under class rule. I'm predicting the charade of investments and commitment as well as the greenwashy non-solutions being held up will soon be turned upside down (~2028) by fascists whom have taken power (~2032) through the fears of people and we'll have a bleak future not unlike [*The Road*]( by the end of this century (~2080-2100) as food and water supplies will have destabilized (~2056) due to the unpredictable nature of the climate. ____ Edit: To clarify, I'm not happy about it -.-

I can't help but feel like we just need to go back to sailing as the primary mode of inter-continental travel

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