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We have a students’ union in my college that organises strikes. It’s mostly in solidarity with profs (It’s france, profs have large scale strikes at least a few times a year, especially with libs in power); but sometimes they organize strikes on student issues too.

That bipartisan mess is going to stain both parties in the future, and quite a bit

I’ve never been at home for so long since I entered kindergarden, so having a routine, difinitely. It’s gonna have been 7 months in september and I really can’t wait to go back to college just so I can stick to a routine again(I’m not in the US)

This is bound to happen, only 10 percent of subreddits are active for example.

Unpopular opinion but I do not like dark themes/night modes.

Given the end-to-end encryption on whatsapp is it even evil at all? Except for the money you’d be giving Zuck that is.

I’m really thankful about how dumb he is. Seriously if he was a bit more cunning the US would be a textbook fascist state.

Yea from an individualistic perspective it makes sense, but ultimately you’re supporting quasi-orwellian surveillance practices by using it. The US is far from squeaky clean but it pales in comparison.

I’m usually weary when “Futuristic” and “China” are in the same sentence, vis-à-vis privacy concerns and state overreach and all that.

Not that they’re alone in that mind you, but they do particularly tend to not hold back at all.

His videos are quite good but I hate how unskeptical he is of technological advancement (his opinions on AI, or the possibility of immortality for instance). He lacks nuance and it’s takes like these that make people disappointed in how far tech goes.

I had stopped playing video games a few years ago, I would probably play skyrim for nostalgia whenever I go back to my parents’ house and that was about it. But I downloaded stardew valley a week ago out of boredom and I love it. Does anyone have similar suggestions for relaxing “casual” games (Linux, I should say)?

I’m not going to disagree on the sustainability of nuclear on the long run but we still need a few decades for other green energy sources to be consistently implemented. There still is a lot of technical details to work out before wave energy is developed on any large scale, and solar/wind are fairly polluting and expensive to manufacture and maintain. Unfortunately getting rid of nuclear now is a huge coin toss. Say a government decides to close nuclear powers to replace them with a green source, it’s not too far fetch to expect that a future fiscally conservative administration is just going to replace them with fossil fuels.

[Discussion Thread] Your opinion on Nuclear Power
What do you think of mainstream opposition to nuclear energy amongst green political groups? I'm of the opinion that it's far from a durable solution but shouldn't be phased out as long as we don't have a clear and viable plan to implement other renewable energy sources. What's your take?

I’m so not looking forward to trump winning the electoral college and losing the popular vote, again.

/c/casual, for random posts and conversations.
Everything is allowed, just don't be a dick or a nazi.

I think we’re giving him too much credit. To me it just feels that he’s such an egomaniac he thinks he can pull it off. For one he is vocally antivax and prolife, if he’s trying to split the democratic vote he’s not exactly doing it right.

Just deleted /c/greens (That’s the 14 subs one, you got them confused)

/c/criseciv seems to be in another language and the purpose of /c/ecosystem seems broad, so I suppose we could stick to /c/green for Ecology and climate change and the environment.

The issue with that is the mod has not been active in a year, and I think this is going to be a recurring issue given that people will join and leave often at the early stages of Lemmy. A solution would be a community acquisition option if the mod has been inactive for too long, but I don’t know about the feasibility of that.

The political compass being bs is where the memes originated.

And yea there aren’t many bipocs on breadtube