I just woke up from a silly dream and feel the need to share

Anyone remember how Trump started Space Force? I was on Space Force, and I got sent to the moon. We were called Moon Force, and there was only one other soldier there on the moon with me. …

In my theory of the world, the pipe tobaccos that win big are the ones that taste like foods. Escudo for example tastes like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich; My Mixture 965 tastes like gingerbread, and those Virginia flakes taste like sourdough bread toast with honey (if you want it really ta…

Sutliff "Dark Decadence"

Does anyone else find that their ability to tackle a to-do list scales inversely to the size of the to-do list? …

Dear comrades, If you feel a bit out of it today, here is a little video I made some time ago. Folks’ve been telling me it makes them feel better…

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Who wants to play tic-tac-toe?

I’ll be X. X | - | -…

This one is just what was recommended by someone on Hacker News talking about the Studio Ghibli images that were just released, and it got me thinking. Anyone gone through those 2000s old digital photos wi…

I miss the r/birding and r/whatsthisbug.

I would make related communities, but I don’t know how to identifie birds and bugs…

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Anybody used Nanoloop to make anything?

People talking about the Analogue led me to the Nanoloop app. I am trying to learn how to put simple things together and I’m curious if anyone here has used it (or any other really simple sequencer) …

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jellyfin has syncplay now!

I mean, I haven’t gotten it to work yet. but if or when it does, it is going to revolutionize my quarantine. …

Just got around to watch to watching this and it was very relatable during the pandemic. …


What games are you currently playing?

I have mostly played Ubisoft games. …

Looking for the name of a founder of a company who suffered from a degenerative neurological disease

There’s an article I read a while ago about the inventor of a product who started acting irrationally and now is a shell of his former self, does anyone know what I’m talking about? I forget the person’s name or the company…

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