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It’s impossible to watch Forrest Gump and not cry

And considering that they DO sort their feed algorithmically and they DO censor some people where it’s not required they don’t even follow their own statements

Facebook doesn’t need more competitive products. They buy up everything they touch. They should be broken up and its executives sent to jail. We don’t need more Facebook

I really like the new design

And we know for a fact we’ll never get Jimmy Kimmel recommendations on videos that have nothing to do with it

I added this because it wasn’t here but now I realize I could have just crossposted, I’ll get the hang of it eventually

Old Reddit? Maybe. New Reddit? It’s not even close. That thing is a fucking travesty and tragedy and makes me want to rip out my thorax.

They’re honestly the biggest snakes, what they say publicly vs what they do privately are such different things

Forever on the grind in Runescape

And it has now been Stretched quite enough. Update to Buster, idiots. :P

Covid obviously without saying, I’d choose internet companies that don’t take their community seriously, I’m tired of facebook fucking around with privacy options or google constantly making their products worse or linkedin stealing your contact lists, and it goes on. You’re only big because you got there first and have momentum, stop acting like we owe YOU and start serving us

Probably my entire high school thesis, something assigned 4 months ago I “did” in 2 days and one long endless sleepless night (I’m sure all the sleep I missed in hs is catching up with me now) and by did I mean heavily padded with bullshit (I think I still passed?)

Murder should be legal

Youtube drives me insane becaue they just do not listen to their users, it used to be sane with a good recommended system but in the last few years it’s like they had a contest of “How can we shove as much bullshit down people’s throats before everybody leaves? Bet you 5 bucks it’s this much”

Where can I find the community?

Looking for the name of a founder of a company who suffered from a degenerative neurological disease
There's an article I read a while ago about the inventor of a product who started acting irrationally and now is a shell of his former self, does anyone know what I'm talking about? I forget the person's name or the company