Dress Code -- a Menswear blog.

Hey guys – this is my blog, Dress Code. Let me know what you think. I’m not sure how often I’ll check Lemmy, but I included my matrix username on my profile (that’s a cool feature), so if I don’t answer here, try that (or Instagram, Instagram works). …

Are you looking for plugins for your website that can extend the functionality of your WordPress site? …

Tiny Invisible Machines - very short post on free software

Been having a tough time staying focused and producing content during the quarantine. Here’s something, which I hope is better than nothing. Please share tips for getting longer thoughts out of my brain!..

0x7b2 - A blog: My personal blog and first exploration of blogging

Hi all! I wanted to share my blog I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. It’s lacking content right now since I just got started, but please check it out anyway. …

my (an aspiring ethical software dev) blog

Looking for readers and scathing feedback! Should I write more, am I making obvious mistakes, do ya like anything I say?..

This is the first of hopefully many posts on the idea of using federated social media as a backend. Blogging is hard. Social media posting is easy. So maybe the blog can be built from the social media? …

My Personal Blog

Mostly about science/astronomy, some fiction and other things. No Ads, Trackers, or monetization…

For Lemmy users to submit links to their blogs. We can share each other’s posts using software like to amplify our voices!

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