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Cool that it’s open source hardware but this keyboard looks like a nightmare to type on. Like one of those mac chiclet keyboards

  • Mitch Mcconnell is not allowed to breathe public air
  • he also must eat the silverware and the packaging alongside every meal
  • PBS runs a daily broadcast of the entire, lifetime compendium of ways Mitch Mcconnell has hurt poor and marginalized people
  • every time he speaks to a group of more than 3 people, a tortoise must rest on his shoulder and should be encouraged to nibble his ears

What an absolutely ridiculous premise. This is like how corporations paid for campaigns to blame ecological destruction on consumers for not properly recycling in order to completely shift the conversation away from their deliberate and massive exploitation of resources.

We can have ****ing online video we just need to replace cars with trains and fossil fuels with wind and solar… aghhghghhgg

software development for an ecology / energy nonprofit

Indeed, still works great. Not many updates, but haven’t run into needing any

i mean this with the utmost compassion: maybe your ideas suck…

Do you think your political differences are getting in the way of you having a good time in your Lemmy communities?

What does the sustainable ecology movement need from software developers?
Hoping to brainstorm some ideas about what sorts of tools, data exchanges, or services software developers can create that might help businesses and governments make more sustainable choices. I am aware of organizations that target physical equipment retrofits (encouraging higher efficiency appliances, sustainably sourced energy, etc), but recently discovered [this cloud computing group]( and wonder how _else_ software people like myself can accelerate growth in this space.

Baila - Summer Salt

I want one, I’ve been dreaming of stuffing a raspberry pi into one and making it endlessly stream King of the Hill for ambience.

this kind of absolutism is for people with the privilege to ignore the subtle differences. Yes they both suck and aren’t socialists. Yes one is worse and that matters.

I think it works great for Mastodon because all content is opt-in unless you explicitly go to the federated/show me all posts tab. Mirroring reddit content here would bury all original Lemmy content

I quit my military-industrial-complex job with nothing lined up because it made me feel awful and was ethically sickening to assist in the development of infrastructure for a global exploitation machine. I gained 30lbs in the time I worked there and had panic attacks multiple times a week about how I was building a legacy of actively participating in something I vehemently opposed in belief. When I quit, I was unemployed for 3 months and tore through my savings. Then I found a new job with much better pay and a better culture it seemed. Then covid happened, my new job offer was revoked a week before moving, & my own and my partner’s depression spiralled to the point of a breakup. I found another new job in the environmental/renewable energy sector. I lost all the weight. Last week I found out we might be completely budget-fucked unless Biden wins this election and enacts a serious climate plan to reinstate grants. I am proud that I haven’t funnelled the immense negativity I have felt this year into something toxic.

I think the spirit of this meme is to further incite apathy in a classic “both sides are equally stupid”. The author comes off as majorly pretentious and emotionally unintelligent, if at all sincere.

Then why do you share a meme suggesting they ARE excited about Biden

I don’t know a single leftist excited about biden…
very important bookmark

I understand Signal gets some flak for being centralized compared to Matrix/Riot/Element, but I think they still add value to the tech privacy/security landscape. This is a decent talk about their thinking.

Tiny Invisible Machines - very short post on free software
Been having a tough time staying focused and producing content during the quarantine. Here's something, which I hope is better than nothing. Please share tips for getting longer thoughts out of my brain!

my (an aspiring ethical software dev) blog
Looking for readers and scathing feedback! Should I write more, am I making obvious mistakes, do ya like anything I say?

/c/blogs - a place for Lemmy users to share their personal blogs
Not sure if this kind of community is wanted, but let's find out! Do you have a personal blog and want to share it with a small audience? Post it in /c/blogs . My intention is to genuinely pick up some new blogs to read and get a few eyeballs on my own. I am NOT interested monetizing or making this into a repo for influencers