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cross-posted from: > **Any one else who is basically anarchist not read much theory?** > > Meme from lemmygrad. I like some of their anti anarchism memes, vibes with my sense of humor lool. > > @communists; in another life where i read all 69 books from your fav communist study guide, maybe i'd be a communist. Also make a dedicated anti anarchist meme sub and @ it to me lmao! Call it anarkitty :3

everyone show up to your local antifa protest in a spider suit. Not spiderman, he's too into copaganda

Leftists agreeing with other Leftists on 90% of things Meanwhile leftist agreement with centrists is like 40% = Fight other leftist ever time and leave centrists alone

The place for leftist memes

    Welcome to the dank left

    Basic rules: *No reposting. Just don’t do it.

    *Be respectful. Remember the human.

    *Don’t post content glorifying the right This should be pretty obvious.

    *Keep it dank This includes, keeping the content humorous and fresh in multiple, bizarrerie ways Only post content that is humorous and fresh.

    *The notion of Leftist unity is not enforced or encouraged. It always ends with one group siliencing others.

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