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10/10 absolute class traitor would kroptkin again

Big reminder that fossil fuel industries, whilst a serious problem, should not be mentioned without reference to the animal agriculture industry. It is estimated that cattle farming alone is responsible for as much greenhouse gas emtions as the entire transport structure. One cow produces the equivalent of 12,500km worth of car travel in a year. As well, the clearing of land in the amazon rainforest involved with animal agricultre (feed crop, animal rearing space) is around 91% of the total clearing. Not just the liberation of humans, but animals too, is required to save both the environment and indeed ourselves.

B-b-but Jeff bezos just simply works harder than everyone else - an awful lot harder - how else is he so rich?

i might go and skip past the theory tbh lol

I personally wont vote as i really dont think anything will happen if i try to lol

i mean - its not ‘both sides’ if they have near identical polices

b-but I didn’t use the cages I-I simply built them!

WHOOPS! Looks like i accidentally hung several police offers up by thier pants! Good lord i cant believe ive done it again

You are valid and fabulous!! Love yourself, because you are worthy of love!..


Imagine believing that free trade is the only way to ensure freedom

Now this is something I’m interested. Is it available in the UK?

@Pie7370toMemesI have now.


Welcome to Dank Left

Welcome to this community. This is for memes that support left wing politics…