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Looking for readers and scathing feedback! Should I write more, am I making obvious mistakes, do ya like anything I say?


Its very nice to see more writing about ethical software development. I dont see any obvious mistakes, though i would recommend having some sort of contact or feedback info/form if fostering discussion on the site itself is a goal for you.

In general, i like what youre talking about, but discussions of software development ethics are far and away one of my favorite topics. Im curious what your thoughts are on how one can effect change in a meaningful way beyond personal choice. Whether begins and ends with the free software movement, or extends to societal/economic changes as well, or something else. But that is a large topic, perhaps better suited to a blog post.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m definitely looking for ideas for future posts and that is a great topic. I’ve actually got something in the works but trying to shape it into something with clear boundaries.


Cool, but I had a problem with displaying content of RSS in Newsboat. Anyway I’ve created little scrapper to edit <content> tag to <description> and works well. This is script and in this place I’m hosting this edited RSS, maybe will be useful for somebody.


Interesting, both versions work for me using Feedly and a popular Firefox RSS extension. In any case, thanks for doing this!

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