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Cool, but I had a problem with displaying content of RSS in Newsboat. Anyway I’ve created little scrapper to edit <content> tag to <description> and works well. This is script and in this place I’m hosting this edited RSS, maybe will be useful for somebody.

Looking for reader for Android

Hello, I’m looking for open source RSS Reader for Android which:

  • Have import/export option in readable format like XML or something like that (I can write script to convert config from desktop reader)…


Awesome open source tower defense game available on Linux and also in F-Droid on mobiles…

[dwm] /comfy/


Awesome piece of software which can transform tens of portals/sites to RSS feed. It can even make RSS from Telegram channel. …

Shell scripts I mainly write POSIX compliant and I run it in dash. As login shell I use zsh but scripts are much faster when you run it in dash or other light POSIX compliant shell. Of course zsh or bash have extra features which you can use in your scripts. Anyway in most cases these functions aren’t necessary. For more complex things I also use Python but it isn’t good for parsing shell commands output so shell scripts are better in this case. Python is good when you must do operations which shell not doing well (e.g. parsing JSON, complex request or something like that) but isn’t good for thing which must run as fast as possible, because Python (default implementation) is really slow.

name="$(mpc -f "\"%title%\" by %artist%" | head -1)"
vol="$(mpc volume | sed 's/volume://')"

printf "Hello World\!\n"

Hi! In this channel you can seek help with shell scripting or discuss on this topic. :grinning face:…