Personal Knowledgebases

Describing my note taking system inspired by Zettelkasten…


You gotta appreciate the commitment to getting a usable thing in place: being able to actually just… replay the requests–it’s an impressive thing. …

mind mapping but cute

If I hadn’t put a ton of effort into making my personal wiki lovely I would be all over this. I love how the notes can have “frames” to add little images at the edges – that took me forever to figure out how to do in Tiddlywiki! I wonder if this could be a useful Trello replacement for a teenager…

If you’re interested in knowledgebase stuff I highly recommend going through the other projects on this site. I suppose I should bookmark as a permanent recommendation…

Oof, oof, oof. Strong agree on this being a bad fit for VC funding. …

tiddlyroam - FOSS Roam alternative made with Tiddlywiki

tiddlyroam is a free, open source alternative to Roam. It is a notetaking app that works the way your brain does: networked, personal and infinitely customisable:

Personal Knowledgebases

    From the commonplace book to the zettelkasten to the personal wiki, and everything in between. Technology-focused content and practice-based content both welcome. While we’re still small, screenshots of your notes that you’re particularly proud of are also welcome!

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