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Describing my note taking system inspired by Zettelkasten

via [ryan rix]( I'm really impressed by this; they're explicitly calling out [Tiddlywiki]( as an influence, which is a project I think has a really great sensibility... but this fully keeps up with the (far more contemporary) UI patterns of Obsidian or Roam. It's not open source properly yet, but they say they're going to do that in the next couple months. Maybe worth bookmarking and coming back to?

You gotta appreciate the commitment to getting a usable thing in place: being able to actually just... replay the requests--it's an impressive thing. I wonder if the project's purism impairs its ability to be repurposed, though? One of the cool things about web archival projects is how through content-hashing / [IPFS]( type nonsense, we might be able to build systems that let us have a *shared* memory of the internet. This seems important for images/media where duplicating that content is a heavy lift. (I'm thinking a bit of [Jortage]( here, which makes it so a single-user Mastodon instance does not incur separate storage of every image it comes across...) It's hard for me to picture this project fitting into a shared archive -- but then, that's only my angle on web archival, and I haven't picked through the tech here.

mind mapping but cute
If I hadn't put a ton of effort into making my personal wiki lovely I would be all over this. I love how the notes can have "frames" to add little images at the edges -- that took me *forever* to figure out how to do in Tiddlywiki! I wonder if this could be a useful Trello replacement for a teenager? It has aesthetic bullet journal vibes, but much lower entry barrier to start using / making pretty.

If you're interested in knowledgebase stuff I highly recommend going through the other projects on this site. I suppose I should bookmark as a permanent recommendation....

Oof, oof, oof. Strong agree on this being a bad fit for VC funding. It seems like if they're trying to get into the corporate wiki space (which is the only place I can imagine there being VC-money-type return), that's going to necessitate different focus on features from what makes sense for the personal brain-backup user. I've enjoyed the new blood Roam has brought into the personal knowledgebase community, and it's even indirectly responsible for getting me back into Tiddlywiki after years of absence--but this can only skew people's expectations about what notetaking can be.

tiddlyroam - FOSS Roam alternative made with Tiddlywiki
tiddlyroam is a free, open source alternative to Roam. It is a notetaking app that works the way your brain does: networked, personal and infinitely customisable:

Personal Knowledgebases

    From the commonplace book to the zettelkasten to the personal wiki, and everything in between. Technology-focused content and practice-based content both welcome. While we’re still small, screenshots of your notes that you’re particularly proud of are also welcome!

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