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In my view I think its a good idea to change password and use one that you don’t use across any other website.

XMPP took me less than 1.5 hours to setup using prosody and I had a e2e encrypted chat session and from what I can see on the server side logs the only thing its actually logging is when the client authenticated to the server and when the client has disconnected

Why does Lemmy use a matrix server over an XMPP server?
I heard that XMPP is better for privacy and security over Matrix because of the issues outlined in [this](https://www.hackea.org/notas/matrix.html) article. So I wanted to ask why does Lemmy choose to run a Matrix server over a XMPP server?

Should you use tor for peertube?
I heard that torrenting isn't good for the tor network, does the same apply for watching videos on peertube?

What are people's thoughts on sessions a signal fork that doesn't require phone numbers?
Curious to hear what people thoughts are on session a privacy orientated messaging app https://getsession.org/

Corruption is paramount in China. To be honest I don’t think its because of their political ideology at all. Its just that have a lot of evil people in power that defo don’t care for others rights and so called ‘democracy’

I think the reason that Graphene OS only uses Google Pixels is because they offer the most hardware security out of any phone. To be honest I don’t think its too much of an issue because obviously installing Graphene OS onto the phone will completely degoogle the device.

if you believe that Sky News just makes stuff like this up then you are deluded

And reddit discussion of this with people giving other laptops that work with Qubes OS https://www.reddit.com/r/Qubes/comments/p6wc73/computers_that_just_work_with_the_current_qubes/

Yeah I agree, but most of the article is generally good.

Misinformation is a really hard thing to counter to be honest and I think that it defo shouldn’t be in the hands of a central authority to handle misinformation.

Luke Smith made a video on Matrix vs XMPP and basically says that XMPP is superior but Matrix is more user friendly https://videos.lukesmith.xyz/w/iKwTth5CMHFanPvVV1k7bD

Which extension is that? And if used does it increase browser footprint if say using tor?

I am in support of it.