List of XMPP servers that allow free registration
There are a few lists that show servers that allow free registration, here is another one: https://xmpp-servers.404.city/ [Self-hosting](https://snikket.org/) of course recommended ;) (Background: blabber.im closing down their servers, but the app remains available)

Welcome to Jabber - joinjabber.org
A site to help newcomers more easily onboard to XMPP.. Along the lines of joinmastodon or joinpeertube

Hopefully the Tauri based desktop version gets updated soon.

Unlike the electron version it uses the system browser and it thus quite lightweight. It also includes a proxy to use via normal 5222 port instead of direct websockets.

A nice TUI client for XMPP.

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Bicycles group chat!
cross-posted from: https://community.xmpp.net/post/49428 > Do you like #bicycles or #cycling? Do you also use an #xmpp compatible chat service? Join our new group chat at [bicycles@conference.samwhited.com](xmpp:bicycles@conference.samwhited.com?join). Hopefully this can become a fun community space to share pictures, post routes, and generally chat about bicycles. > > [Join us!](xmpp:bicycles@conference.samwhited.com?join)

cross-posted from: https://community.xmpp.net/post/34677 > For the last few years we've accepted patches on both GitHub and Sourcehut and used Sourcehut for our CI system. We have tried to move entirely to Sourcehut in the past but it ended up [not meeting our needs](https://codeberg.org/mellium/xmpp/issues/51), and we've tried starting our own co-op code hosting, but were not able to find many cooperators who wanted to help (if you'd like to join us and cooperatively host a Gitea instance, [reach out](https://blog.samwhited.com/about/)!). We have been experimenting with mirroring a few of the main repos on Codeberg and using their experimental CI feature, and this has been going much smoother and has been much simpler than the current SourceHut integration. > > With all this in mind, we've decided that the time is right to move to [Codeberg](https://codeberg.org/). > > For the time being we will continue to accept pull requests for the main project and a few of the support libraries over on GitHub, and we will keep the main projects CI running on Sourcehut as well as on the new Codeberg CI so that both Codeberg and GitHub based PRs can show the status. However, smaller support libraries that do not receive contributions often will be moved entirely to Codeberg and PRs on GitHub will be automatically closed. > > Eventually, once we are certain everything is working smoothly, the old GitHub repos will be retired and become mirrors on which we do not accept contributions and all Sourcehut repos will be deleted. There is no timeline for this currently. If you would like to keep track of the timeline once we have one, or submit comments or suggestions you can track the issue https://mellium.im/issue/304 > > Some repos are still being moved, but the main project is now on Codeberg and ready to accept contributions. To track the overall migration, see https://mellium.im/issue/301 > > Thanks for your continued support and contributions!

Gajim 1.4.0 released
Massive update!


    Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML. Learn more about it here.

    Dedicated Lemmy instance

    XMPP.net Provider List

    Also see JoinJabber.org FAQ

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