List of XMPP servers that allow free registration
There are a few lists that show servers that allow free registration, here is another one: https://xmpp-servers.404.city/ [Self-hosting](https://snikket.org/) of course recommended ;) (Background: blabber.im closing down their servers, but the app remains available)

Welcome to Jabber - joinjabber.org
A site to help newcomers more easily onboard to XMPP.. Along the lines of joinmastodon or joinpeertube

Gajim 1.4.0 released
Massive update!

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Should I use prosody or ejabberd (or other) for the xmpp server?
Context: I'm using a 1GB server to run all my apps; Email server, Peertube, Pleroma. I feel like a psychopath but it's all running well with a swap file to keep things from killing itself with OOM. Basically it has to be lightweight. It doesn't have to be easy to set up, just the software has to be future proof and runs on low resources. Thanks in advance...

How google killed xmpp
the short version was that it was an up-and-coming federated protocol, with people working on clients and stuff, and trying to attract users. then everyone got really excited when Google decided to start using XMPP in their Google Talk product, because it would mean instant adoption by a ton of people! except now everyone just used Google Talk as their client, because it was ahead of the existing XMPP clients in terms of usability/UX, and UX work on other clients kinda died. but over time, Google being Google, they got distracted and started neglecting Google Talk, failing to enable TLS support while the rest of the XMPP ecosystem started making it mandatory, essentially cutting off all Google Talk users from the rest of the XMPP network. so now you had a Google Talk network that everyone was using with a decent-ish client, and an XMPP network that a bunch of people were using with clients that sucked, and they couldn't talk, and all the momentum in developing a strong stand-alone network was lost due to people letting Google control the whole thing Over the years, open-source has kinda turned from "let's build a public commons" into "let's do free work for big corporations" and it's... not a good change, to say the least

Just got a bigger update, starting to look really quite nice! Edit: got it to work on my server. Not quite there yet in terms of functionality, but promising.

What's your favorite XMPP Android client?
Just switched from using Matrix to XMPP (for several reasons). I'm using the Conversations app ATM, but was curious as to what apps you guys use/prefer as well! (I'm gonna miss Fluffychat, but ditching Matrix seems like the best move from what I've recently read.)

Changes: - Support OMEMO in private MUCs - Minimum iOS version is now 14.0 - Communication Notifications on iOS 15 - New improved and simplified notification appex - Switched to new newer libsignal-protocol-c version - Fixing some memory leaks - Fixes muc invites - Improve OMEMO e2ee - Reduce avatar image size to ~60kb to make ejabberd throttling happy - Support muc muting again and implement "mention only" notification mode for mucs - Fix voice messages from conversations - Allow deletion of history for one contact - Add autodeletion of messages after 3 days (default: off) - Update timeouts to make Monal work even under very bad/slow network conditions - Add support for xmpp: invites (https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/invites/) - Use bigger iq timeouts to account for throttling by xmpp servers (like ejabberd) - Remove all old VoIP code (was not working anymore) - Prevent spurious "could not sync" errors in multi account setups - Use less memory on incoming stanza flood (only parse ~100 stanzas at once) - Fix error in message deduplication (some messages could be received twice)

Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/233120 > Replaces the Zhabogram one.

XMPP Providers List
Some of the ranking is a bit questionable, but it is mainly meant for in-app selection.

What's the difference between Matrix and Jabber?
I have a Matrix account, though unfortunately I'm completely alone on it as nobody will leave Discord. Is Jabber an alternative to either, or is it something different? Apologies for my ignorance.

Poezio 0.14 release!
Releases for poezio 0.14, slixmpp 1.8.2, poezio-omemo 0.6.0 and slixmpp-omemo 0.7.0!

Basically allows you to receive emails on your XMPP address. Seems quite useful for notification and sign-up emails etc.

What's your threat model?
cross-posted from: https://community.xmpp.net/post/25 > As a user, what kind of protection do you expect? Who/What are you trying to protect against? > > What implementation (client/server/something else?) allows you to do this? What would be missing?

cross-posted from: https://community.xmpp.net/post/227 > The [budget to implement OMEMO](https://opencollective.com/mellium/projects/omemo) has just reached $100 USD! If you'd like to work on OMEMO encryption in Mellium, you can reach out on our [chat](https://mellium.chat/). We should decide as a community if we want to allocate this as a bounty, or provide other resources like servers to test with and the like!

Uses electron, but works pretty well now that they simplified the login.


    Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML. Learn more about it here.

    Dedicated Lemmy instance

    XMPP.net Provider List

    Also see JoinJabber.org FAQ

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