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I’ll stick with the proper bidirectional gateway, but this is an interesting second option.

I’m surprised to hear you’re having trouble with inbound calls not ringing. Do you have trouble with other inbound XMPP messages?

If Conversations wants it 🙂. I’m happy to do the work, but not if it’s unlikely to be merged.

By that count we could also count every Matrix user as a Jabber user. And every SMS user!

To be fair, the ads are the only reason it’s possible for the creators to make money.

Also, a business model not using ads is possible, doesn’t have to go to non-commercial

These instances are on Pleroma at the moment, and the default frontend we use is Soapbox. There are several other good frontends for Pleroma as well including https://notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halcyon and https://pinafore.social/ – I believe all 3 of these frontends can be used with Mastodon as well but I have not tried that myself.

This tool requires the server to support pubic BOSH or websockets or something like that, IIRC

Yes, it is currently Pleroma based. I’d be curious to hear more about the ejabberd thing, if you know.

ActivityPub is the standardization of the ActivityPump (aka PumpIO) protocol, so all this came from that massive fuck you Even threw at the community. Set us back years, but we’re starting to see progress again these days I think, a little.

From the team that brought you JMP

Matrix and XMPP are radically different protocols with different strengths. At the moment, the most popular apps for both protocols implement very similar user experience (for “chatting”) and so usually you will see people comparing the UX of these apps and their use case rather than comparing the protocols at all.

The basics of the two protocols are as follows:

Matrix is based on the idea of a decentralized, eventually consistent database.

XMPP is based on the idea of near-real-time federated passing of extensible messages.

That’s an interesting strategy. I chose to have https://git.singpolyma.net/cheogram-smtp live behind a mailserver instance on the same box just to handle any SMTP edge cases, etc, but speaking the SMTP directly does probably give a bit of control.

I love standardized pay, though was surprised to see the low number they chose, especially given it seems their revenue would support more.

Yes, in fact some people were doing it before. The only change is that we have made it easier to do from signup flow, provided a tool at https://cheogram.com/matrix for people to get the mxids for their phone numbers, and updated some of our docs to be more accessible to matrix users.

I honestly put it on the sdcard when I got the device just to play around and always sort of intended to flash emmc and just have never got around to it. Maybe I should though. I guess now that sxmo is just part of pmOS (and has been for ages) I don’t probably have to flash anything, just install sxmo and copy my homedir.