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Run tor proxy and setup xmpp client to work via the proxy. To make sure everything work as expected you can try open page https://myip.com via the proxy

Yea, used it sometime, but it slower and have weaker sign-recognition in compare to mapillary

Good idea, but it’s annoying sometime. For example it asks to add house number. Ok, I can do it, but I cannot assign streets. So, I should assign housenumbers and then, when I arrive home, add street names with JOSM. Too complex. And it just only an example. There is lot of annoying things.

Psi+ supports audio calls, but I’m not sure that it’s compatible with conversations. I did not check it.

A service that allows to use mastodon via xmpp client. Convenient for mobile using.

As far I use firefox, I would also suggest http://send.firefox.com/

Looks reasonable. All the things are also actual for e-mail too - your security are based on your trust to server admin ☺ And short conclusion: Do not trust to admin! Be an admin!

One of the best moders apps for xmpp messaging. Now with audio and video calls!

Thank you for your so detailed post. I see you are involved in xmpp, so maybe you know good manuals how to run own prosody server on raspberrypi with all modern xmpp features enabled? Like chat history, calls, muc, file transfer and so on? For family purpose.

But you should agree, mastodon has brought a lot of people in fediverse. (And me too). At I grateful to mastodon for it.

Is still working now. Seems like admin has decided do not close the instance.