Last November, I made a brief post to Facebook about Mastodon. Mastodon is an open-source and open social network, which is decentralized and all about user control instead of corporate control. I’ve blogged about Mastodon and the dangers of Facebook before, but rarely mentioned Mastodon on Facebook…

After a long-long time, the awaited Mastodon app has graduated from the beta phase. It is now available for use here:

What is the tag #myasstodontownhall?

I have seen it be trending multiple times but I have never been able to find what it means…

Online Apotek

Köp ett brett utbud av receptfria läkemedel online till låga priser. Vårt team av specialutbildade apotekare gör det enkelt att hantera dina recept online. Om du letar efter ett online apotek, besök oss idag…

How do unlisted posts work?

I’m a bit confused. do unlisted posts show up in my instances local feeds or not at all? Do posts have to be public for non-followers to see them? …

Seen today on the alien site. Figured I’d share it here too…

A very cool looking and powerful Mastodon client for iOS that I’ve used for the past year and I really like it so far!..

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Mastodon Relays

Looking for suggestions for Mastodon relays servers… …


What do you LOVE about Mastodon?

I love: …

What do you HATE on mastodon ?


  1. Users who put 20 hashtags on their toot…

A TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys.
credit goes to a user on d*…


lemmy vs mastodon

mastodon is great to talk and discover people but the hashtag approach is hard to find a community. I think lemmy fill the gap. I hope interaction between both platform will be awesome…


Ethical and open replacement to Twitter

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