Is the new official Mastodon client worth it?

I’m still using Tusky on Android because it’s on F-Droid. As far as I can see, the new official client is not there. Is it worth installing it or not worth the effort since it’s not on F-Droid and I can’t one-click install it? …

Command line tool to move Mastodon accounts?

I was wondering whether there is a command line tool to move Mastodon accounts between instances. …


Thoughts on the official Android app?

I like the interface, but I’m still sticking with Tusky for the time being, since I like the multiple account feature and the option to clear notifications. I look forward to seeing how this develops, though…

how do I make my feed better ?

its filled with useless stuff like someone saying “good morning”, do you just scroll past toots like that or is there a way to make it better ?
like Twitter has an option to sort the home feed by recommended tweets, is there anything like that for mastodon ?..

I'm outta there

I’ve had a lot of fun over there and met a few really cool people. I hope they are all over here as well, because I just had it with the 500 character limitation. …


Is it possible to host a mastodon/pleroma instance for free?

I know this is possible with a rasberry pi but what about on a VPS?..


why the username uses "@" at the begginning?

i am trying to follow someone. sometimes i notice i can type my full username with this syntax…

Recommendations for international (non-Eurocentric) Mastodon/Pleroma instance?

I am struggling with decision paralysis trying to choose an instance. I’ve never been on Mastodon before. …

Confirmation that the Truthsocial source code has the federation feature disabled. No big surprise of course…


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