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I've deleted my 3D CAD videos on YouTube

Lemmy I had a sizeable number of video tutorials about Solvespace and OpenSCAD on YouTube but after the latest change in the Terms of Service I’ve deleted (or actually made them private) them. I guess enough is enough. Part of the tutorials are available on PeerTube and I will post my new videos t…

A translation of Agamben’s newest and most striking blog post on the epidemic, is to point to an “Illichian” background or frame for understanding both the debates and the ongoing crisis. …

An addition to my previous post. I think that Movim can be considered a federated FB alternative. Movim is based on XMPP and has a Facebook like interface. It offers blogging, communities, chat and reading articles through rss feed.


I have a pretty good experience with Friendica (squeet.me instance). Lately I haven’t been using it very often though. The problem is that I find the Friendica UI cluttered and more importantly the implementation of the ActivityPub protocol seems to be lacking since it missed a lot of toots from friends on Mastodon making discussions hard to follow. The Diaspora protocol in Friendica seemed to work flawless though. I wrote a small blog post about Friendica/Diaspora experience (https://homehack.nl/when-to-use-friendica-over-diaspora/).

I wouldn’t say that Diaspora is dead. According to Fediverse.party it still has over 60.000 users and in my experience the content and interaction can be rather good.

I like the idea of European cooperation but I don’t like the EU simply because it’s undemocratic. Important decisions of the EU are taken by unelected institutions like the ECB, the European Council, the European Commission and the European Court of Justice. With the exception of the European Commission these unelected institutions can’t be held accountable by elected bodies.

Cool to see my own blog post here on Lemmy.

Referring to this video is a splendid example of confirmation bias (something we all suffer from). I, like most people here, can’t know for sure what’s happening to the Uyghurs. I only have access to information that can be infested with propaganda (from whatever side). So always keep an open mind and methodically doubt anything (like Descartes).

Philosophers views through the ages about the legitimacy of colonialism

During the centuries several philosophers debated about the legitimacy of colonialism (and imperialism). Where some were trying to legitimize the (brutal) practice of conquest and colonialism others struggled with the tension between universalistic concepts such as human rights and the realities of …

Just read the article and I think it also segways nicely into another post in this community, the Imperial boomerang or Foucault’s boomerang. I suppose these surveillance tactics have been thoroughly tested in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Panopticon as a metaphor for the 21th century work place

They are like so many cages, so many small theatres, in which each actor is alone, perfectly individualized and constantly visible. …

In addition to this I suggest that the natural hierarchy in the streets needs to be flipped and pedestrians and bicyclists need to become the dominant user of the street, while motorists must act as “guests”. Impossible you say? Certain countries and cities lead the way here and demonstrate that this is possible. As an example I mention the city of Ghent that had a pretty hopeless traffic situation. This was turned around in a decade. https://www.eltis.org/sites/default/files/c1_scheirs_mobility_policy_ghent.pdf. Or the Netherlands where the bicycle street, a street where bicycle traffic is superior to motor vehicles, is a huge success and has become a nation wide phenomenon. https://beyondtheautomobile.com/2020/10/21/what-is-a-bicycle-street/

Using a vehicle, electrical or with a combustion engine, that weights 1500-2000kg to carry a 80kg person is a very stupid idea. Certainly with over a billion cars registered worldwide and counting. The local air pollution will decrease with electrical cars which is good but the energy must be generated somewhere. Not to mention the environmental costs of the production and scrap of the cars. I vote for a total paradigm shift and use light weight (electrical) vehicles like bicycles.

Personally I don’t want to be on a proprietary platform. This was once the reason for me to leave Blogger. I do use options that are FLOSS and can be self-hosted. BTW: I now use WordPress and Movim.

Fosstodon, a Mastodon instance and a couple of chat groups on Movim/XMPP. All the interest I can think of are already covered here on Lemmy :D.

The author apparently had a bad experience on one instance that he joined and that’s too bad but a bad experience on Mastodon doesn’t justify general claims about the Fediverse as a whole. Mastodon is a very diverse network and the choice of the instance is very important for the whole experience. I happen to have very nice dialogues on my instance but I would never dare to make statements about the general ‘atmosphere’ on Mastodon.

No problem. Thanks for the idea.

I might do that. Do you have any experience with painting PLA? My son used to paint some of his toys and I remember he used a primer before applying the colors.

3d printed Winter Tux that I designed in the free and open source Dust3d .

With no place to spread their hate speech I worry that the Fediverse will become invested with these people. I’m not looking forward to the prospect of being confronted with their sad bs.

I like the remodelling that you’ve done. And the print actually looks good (on this photo at least).

The Black&Decker Workmate is my loyal companion during my DIY projects in and around the house. Unfortunately some of the clamps had been broken so designed and then printed them on my Prusa i3 clone. I used black Polymax PLA. Now let’s see if they will stand the test of time. …


I was going to write that have to learn Blender to create D&D figures but I just came across this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3054701.

I started 3dprinting because I wanted to see my (humble) creations come to life. I lack the room for large equipment so a 3dprinter was the best option. I printed many creations since and it’s always a sense of accomplishment when one comes from the printer. It also has a more practical purpose in that I can replace parts in and around the house that are broken.

Hello my name is Eric, this is a photo of my current 3dprinting/electronics corner. I hope to have good conversations here about everything 3dprinting…