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No problem. Thanks for the idea.

I might do that. Do you have any experience with painting PLA? My son used to paint some of his toys and I remember he used a primer before applying the colors.

3d printed Winter Tux that I designed in the free and open source Dust3d .

With no place to spread their hate speech I worry that the Fediverse will become invested with these people. I’m not looking forward to the prospect of being confronted with their sad bs.

I like the remodelling that you’ve done. And the print actually looks good (on this photo at least).

The Black&Decker Workmate is my loyal companion during my DIY projects in and around the house. Unfortunately some of the clamps had been broken so designed and then printed them on my Prusa i3 clone. I used black Polymax PLA. Now let’s see if they will stand the test of time. …

I was going to write that have to learn Blender to create D&D figures but I just came across this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3054701.

I started 3dprinting because I wanted to see my (humble) creations come to life. I lack the room for large equipment so a 3dprinter was the best option. I printed many creations since and it’s always a sense of accomplishment when one comes from the printer. It also has a more practical purpose in that I can replace parts in and around the house that are broken.

It’s beautiful. The layers are almost not noticable.

It is. In fact I’ve used in on several places in and around the house ranging from a headphone part to a Black&Decker Workmate clamp.

No problem. I’m afraid I don’t have a high profile like Erik. ;-)

I don’t recall signing up for Youmagine (but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t).

The ActivityPub protocol for sure has the capability to support a Thingiverse kind of service. Kind of a mix between Pixelfed and Lemmy. If only someone was willing and capable to build it.

Since I’m very hesitant to use centralized services like Thingiverse I haven’t found a proper home for my design profile yet. I do post my creations on Mastodon together with a lot of other stuff but that’s far from practical. I hope one day a federated Thingiverse like service comes along.

Hi, I guess it depends on whether you are tinkerers or just want to print. If you’re tinkerers I’d buy an Ender 3 and gradually upgrade it. If you just want to print and have a fully open source printer I’d buy the Prusa Mini.

The first piece of software that you need is a slicer. It converts the file of the 3dmodel (generally an stl) to a gcode file. This gcode controls the printer so it’s important that the slicer supports your printer. I use the open source Cura. Others use Slic3r but I believe that’s a bit harder to use. Prusa has their own slicer.

Further down the road it’s IMHO inevitable to create your own designs. This can be done with a 3dCAD program like FreeCAD, Solvespace or OpenSCAD. Or for more creative designs Blender or Dust3D.

I believe all programs mentioned above are available for Linux, Windows and OSX.

That has to be PolyMax PLA from Polymaker. It’s double the price of regular PLA but it’s very strong and of excellent quality. The photo here is my son hanging on two climbing holds that I printed with it. We tested them for over a year and they never failed.

It’s a Velleman Vertex Nano, it was a gift. It was a real pain to get a decent print out of it or should I say challenge. It’s of little practical use because of it’s tiny printbed but it’s great for experimenting (e.g with firmware) and for kids.

There are only a few suppliers left that are fully open source when it comes to hardware. From the top of my head I can only think of Joseph Prusa.

Thanks and great to see your comment. In the middle is indeed a Prusa i3 clone (Hephestos 2). Five years old but still very useful. The other one is a Biqu B1 (BigTreeTech). Kind of an Ender 3 clone but with many improvements. Very good quality prints and very consistent.

I’m already involved in the Fediverse (Mastodon, PeerTube) but Lemmy seems like a good addition. EDIT: And I obviously have no idea what I’m doing commenting on my own post.

Hello my name is Eric, this is a photo of my current 3dprinting/electronics corner. I hope to have good conversations here about everything 3dprinting…