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A database backup from the popular 3D model sharing website Thingiverse has leaked online, containing 228,000 email addresses, full names, addresses, and passwords stored as unsalted SHA-1 or bcrypt hashes. If you have an account with Thingiverse it is probably worth your while to head over to Hav…

Good analysis and possible solutions. I was working on a video about the same topic but that seems a bit superfluous now. A couple of remarks.

IMO TILvids is the instance with the best content by far (I’m sorry). The reason is that the admin or host is very active both in attracting content creators and promoting content within the Fediverse. I’m not saying that instances like diode.zone, share.tube and spectra.video are bad. Not at all but the TILvids approach could be an example for other hosts (except for the part that they are not federating with other instances). Too many admins start a PeerTube instance and don’t seem to bother about it any more.

Also almost all (good) content creators on PeerTube are also on YT. This gives viewers little incentive to watch on PeerTube. If PeerTube hosts can somehow convince content creators to leave YT that would be a big win. But I’m afraid that currently only YT can make that happen since YT is it’s own biggest threat.

I’ve also noticed some improvement in content lately. A year ago almost everything on my instance trending page was old content but now I see recent content of proper quality.

I can’t argue with that if you only want to print a few cases or other objects. The way I see it 3D printing at home is more about tinkering and less about practical use. It took me some time to be able design my own cases. Thingiverse and others are nice but eventually I had to learn 3D CAD which is a significant investment in time. On the other hand once you get started it can get you hooked. Creating your own design and keeping it in your hands is awesome.

Geotechland and Arthurpizza. BTW: I definitely like what TILvids is doing content wise for PeerTube.

Yeah Creality produces good, affordable and maintainable 3D printers which makes them the largest 3D printer manufacturer in the world. When my old printer gave too much headaches last year I narrowed my search down to two printers the Ender 3 v2 and the BIQU B1 which is basically and upgraded Ender 3 v2. I finally choose the BIQU because of the then small price difference but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and Ender 3 in the future.

When I started printing I mainly used my printer for enclosures but I gradually started printing more frivolous stuff that I designed. I’ve also become pretty good in designing and printing replacement parts in and around our house.

What 3D printer are you using?

I’m trying to get some life into this 3D Printing community. To kick off I would like to know what kind of 3D printer are you using. Reasons behind choice of certain brand, principle of printing (e.g FDM) etc. Perhaps description of the pros and cons of your specific printer…

I think that you just react on the word obesity and didn’t even read the article which is about page bloat on the web.

A Florida man has been accused of breaking the copyleft license of Mastodon by running an online instance of the software without providing its source code as required. …

Another great design from JustinSDK in OpenSCAD. Instead of just providing the stl files JustinSDK always provides the source code …

Another DIY video from the Gentle Living Shop. This time how to sew a roll-up pouch organiser. When you’re interested in sewing or just want to organize stuff…

Science doesn’t lie, nor does it tell us what to do. But it does give us a picture of what needs to be done. We are of course free to ignore that picture and remain in denial. Or to go on hiding behind clever accounting, loopholes and incomplete statistics. As if the atmosphere would care about our …

The world is gripped by an energy crunch — a fierce squeeze on some of the key markets for natural gas, oil and other fuels that keep the global economy running and the lights and heat on in homes. Heading into winter, that has meant higher utility bills, more expensive products and growing concern …

Indeed, it’ll be interesting to see if the Chinese government is able to deflate this balloon slowly and demonstrate that no private company is too big to fail. The West could learn an important lesson from that.

The rescue of embattled Chinese property company Evergrande appears to have stalled, leaving the developer on the brink of default and threatening to unleash contagion through the country’s giant real estate sector, home prices and the economy. …

The Antarctic Ocean Commission is made up of 25 governments and the European Union. Their job is to protect Antarctic marine life. But despite their commitment to create a network of Antarctic ocean sanctuaries, this group of decision-makers has let exploitation drive its agenda for far too long, an…

This is a really simple game: You push boxes by walking into them. You can’t push more than one box at once. Your task is to put all boxes to spots marked by marbles. A box gets coloured red when it stands on a marked spot. And since the game is 3D, you can move all 6 directions: left, right, forwar…


The source that you’re referring to is from 2008. Another source mentions almost 3000 watt per capita in 2014 and I imagine that it has increased since.

All eyes are on Cop26 in Glasgow since the climate crisis aroused worldwide attention and compelled more than 120 countries to join the unprecedented global Race to Zero carbon-emissions campaign. But the UN biodiversity conference in Kunming, or Cop15, should not be overshadowed, as biodiversity lo…

China plans to build more coal-fired power plants and has hinted that it will rethink its timetable to slash emissions, in a significant blow to the UK’s ambitions for securing a global agreement on phasing out coal at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow. …

World leaders must do more to prevent the destruction of nature, business leaders have warned before a summit in China that aims to draw up a draft UN agreement for biodiversity…

Financial markets were braced for more bad news about the shaky Chinese property market as struggling giant Evergrande looked set to miss a fresh round of debt repayments worth $148m, and another developer pleaded for more time to repay what it owes…

Fiction: Foundation by Isaac Asimov; Non-fiction: The Song of the Dodo by David Quammen

Thanks, yes I find Shotcut a bit quirky at times but does Kdenlive work on low end machines? For editing I still use an 2011 iMac (i5) and an even older PC with a dual core E5700 Pentium.

We’re back at work on our upcoming point and click adventure game, Zach and the Soggy Resume, about trying not to disappoint your fish…

Wild mammal biomass has declined by 85% since the rise of humans, but there is a possible future where they flourish

Travel back 100,000 years and the planet was rich with a wide array of wild mammals. Mammoths roamed across North America; lions across Europe; 200-kilogram wombats in Australasia; and the ground sloth lounged around South America. …

Capitalism first occurred in the 19the century UK which had a representative democracy leading to the assumption that these two were forever connected. However Capitalism can be found (or has been found) in a wide variety of political systems including fascist regimes, absolute monarchies and single-party states. Surely China itself has been able to manage economic growth using some of capitalism’s competitive principles.

I’m not disagreeing with the major advancements that have been made in China and it’s definitely a consequence of the successful policy implemented by the Chinese government. But we shouldn’t be blind to the fact that China is no 94 in the list of worlds happiest countries in the world. So economic growth doesn’t guarantee that people are content.

So let’s extend the list of countries with the top 15 of the worlds happiest countries and we can conclude that this contradict your conclusion that parliamentary democracy does not work in practice. Like I said it is a flawed method of reasoning to take a few examples to draw general conclusions about one political system or the other. Certainly when other examples that support the opposite conclusion are left out.

I’m not saying that China is a bad country (on contrary) but it’s not very productive to declare on country or political system superior. It only leads to nationalism which in turn can only lead to bad things. And with that I’m going to leave this exchange. One has to sleep sometime.

But that’s not necessarily due to representative democracy. In fact IMHO it’s more likely caused by Capitalism that’s tearing the world apart whether in China or the US. When studying these (perceived) patterns it’s very tempting to confuse a prejudice with a causality. That also applies to me of course. BTW: I did a little comparison in the top 5 happiest countries (Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands; source: World Happiness Report of the UN) between 2019 and 2021 and I rather saw an upward trend in happiness than the opposite which doesn’t seem in line with growing discontent.


To state something (Western parliamentary democracy does not work in practice for example) and support that with a link to one study is a flawed method of reasoning. In fact if someone comes up with just one example that supports the opposite the statement has to be rejected or rephrased.

The US is probably a very poor example of a parliamentary democracy since the whole system is designed the favor the white voters with the stupid winner takes all principle and voter registration. It probably wouldn’t pass the test of a proper democracy of any kind.

A proper parliamentary democratic system does have a proper representation of minorities that have actual influence because of changing coalitions (and therefore changing majorities) every time new legislation is being created and brought into vote.

It’s hard to compare parliamentary democracy with e.g a consultative democracy here objectively without degrading into sentiments of national superiority (e.g US vs China) which frankly I despise and consider very non-productive.

For what feels like an age, Prusa Research has been tantalizingly dropping hints about the new technology they’ve been working on. It’s been almost too much to bear at times, but we’ve finally had one such technology revealed, and it offers a more tangible look at what the highly anticipated Origina…

There is no easy way to it in at least in the webbrowser or Tusky. You might want to pin or bookmark the post but then you have to scroll to it first. It would be handy to have some kind of date filter, be able to search in your own toots or just an option to reverse the list of toots.

The 3 has been discontinued but the 3+ according to their website is temporarily out of stock but will become available again.

That’s indeed puzzling but apparently Fairphone stated that due to the 5 year guarantee period the headphone jack wasn’t an option because it’s too vulnerable. Also the phone would have become too large with a 3.5mm jack. It’s a pity really I love the simplicity of the analog headphone jack.

At least since 1972 and the publication of The Limits to Growth it is known that the exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources is a dead end (literally). Yet it was easier to ridicule the publication and continue business as usual because it’s easier to destroy the Earth than to rethink Capitalism. As a consequence we’ve been sitting on our hands for almost 50 years losing precious time, listening to politicians, false prophets, that tell us that growth is somehow sustainable.

First of all I’m no security expert but I do know that security is relative. I’ve yet to see a objective scientific approach that can compare the security models of GNU/Linux and Windows (or any other OS). This could, given a proper experimental setup, provide objective data to substantiate that a certain Linux installation or distribution (or Windows for that matter) is secure (or insecure) in comparison. Understandably this scientific approach is very difficult to define given the numerous variables one has to include in this experiment. Until then we have to settle with self-proclaimed security experts that argue perhaps even rightfully why one system or the other is (in)secure. Often leading to endless debates without a decisive clear outcome.

As a sidenote. It’s funny that the author while describing the lack of sandboxing applications in Linux puts Linux against ChromeOS while the latter is a Gentoo Linux-based operating system.

And another one. Any OS is as secure as it’s user.

Definitely Mindustry. Great strategy game that I played hour after hour especially in coop mode. Not too steep learning curve and always enough challenge to keep coming back. Also it runs on low spec machines. https://mindustrygame.github.io/

There is the excellent InfoSec for Journalist handbook from Silkie Carlo and Arjen Kamphuis. The latest edition is from 2016 but it still contains valuable information and it covers a lot of topics. The handbook is no longer being updated which is likely caused by the disappearance from Arjen Kamphuis in August 2018.


I also found this more elaborate book, a collection of articles, posts and lectures and a handy InfoSec guide from Arjen Kamphuis. The InfoSec guide starts at page 307 but is probably the same as the one linked to above.


I can’t help it but the word crap comes to mind and then the word bs.