BTW, it was acquired by Grab: https://blog.improveosm.org/en/2019/12/openstreetcam-and-improveosm-are-moving-to-grab/

Maybe they will improve it.


And Grab is 23% owned by uber

Uber’s right to redeem its 23% stake in Grab for cash was revealed in the U.S. ride-hailing giant’s initial public offering prospectus released Thursday. This suggests a possible time frame for when Grab is planning to launch its own IPO.

as of Apr 19 per https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Startups/Grab-faces-2bn-payout-to-Uber-if-no-IPO-by-2023

so maybe it will be vastly improved ha


Yea, used it sometime, but it slower and have weaker sign-recognition in compare to mapillary


If you already have Mapillary image tracks you can port them to OpenStreetCam using this tool: https://osm.svimik.com/photosync/


I used it for a long. I would like to be submitted to F-Droid though… (Ofc I speak about its app)

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