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Did you just assume my gender? 😆

Found the sex worker, guys.

Do the under privileged pay for sex work?

If that’s accurate, “it should be cheaper”, as in my first post 😂

Randomly losing connection with InviZible Pro
I'm using InviZible Pro because of the pinned privacy guide and when using it, I randomly lose my Internet connection every couple of days. The solution is to press "Stop" and then "Start" in the app, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to prevent this from happening?

You can’t charge a lot for something that’s easily available for free.

The privacy you get from a VPN service is mainly from mixing your traffic with many other users and not keeping logs. No one knows for sure who visited which site.

If you self host a VPN, that protects you from your own ISP, and the sites you visit will not get your real IP, but your server host still knows what’s going on.

Interesting but lol at $390

Isn’t LuckyPatcher closed source? How do you know that it isn’t inserting anything malicious into the patched apps?

The purpose of this thread was to check what the situation is, but it remained unclear even after multiple questions from @beta_tester@lemmy.ml.

This is certainly a better representation of the situation than provided by @opalraava@lemmy.ml. It looks like you were quite thorough in your comparison, which is great!

The reply below from @opalraava@lemmy.ml, combined with sharing this video, is what makes it sound like opinions are formed from YouTube videos.

it’s a topic I hear more often so it’s not completely crap. Mental Outlaw, a much more serious Youtuber, also denounced ddg.


Meaning, a bit of information isn’t complete crap, if you hear it often from YouTubers.

From a non-technical standpoint, lemmur is very ugly and Jerboa is average.

Edit: downvoting doesn’t change the truth 😛

I laughed at the malware part. This makes me question the entire Librewolf project. If opinions are formed based on random YouTube creators, how can we trust any decision made on Librewolf?

Edit: clarification on how the search engine was selected was provided by @fishonthenet@lemmy.ml.

You could say the same thing about all proprietary services that the privacy community is against though. Telegram is more popular and convenient than Berty, for example.

It just feels like a weird choice to go with Discord for this.

That’s when I’d consider using it. Hopefully it gets added to F-Droid soon.