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Watching this video made me feel like I got a glimpse into what an Anarcho Capitalistic Governance would looke like

Multiple Warnings ignored before Professor Killed
University of Arizona professor Thomas Meixner was shot to death in October, allegedly by an ousted student. A new faculty report says multiple departments were repeatedly warned about the student, but university administrators failed to act effectively.

agreed, xmpp is quick and simple. I love matrix but i prefer xmpp for quick texting

Even if that’s the case, using a similar talking point as the offender at this point in time is still a bit problematic. I personally dont know how i would’ve handled the conversation otherwise, but i also dont know how i would need to perceive any argument that may support the offense.

not a fan of lemmygrad from what ive seen. Their pro-russian sentiments irks me. I’m gonna check out dessaline for sure, i’ve known of their works for a while now, thank you

Any community focused on marxism and/or anarchism?
I want to get acquainted with more leftist philosophies, academic cultures and inquiries and was wondering which communities are focused on them! Thanks!

Amazon truly is a company that we can say with certainty has money problems.

I think (and this is pure speculation) this type of targeted marketing might make those services a heavy target for attacks. Let the activists choose their privacy respecting service by themselves, if you know a group, educate them on what service may work best for them and for what reasons.

Oh look, a crypto-fascism enabling post on lemmy. How surprising

Now try and use this same etymology for something such as “privacy”

The only valid way to use this data.

Most of us did not know of it as such, and broadcasting it is purely a hateful process that serves no purpose against billionaires but only validates their elitism

Lol I also interpreted it as “play”, double checked from OP’s reply to you to realize I misread too

paper.wf is a pretty cool writefreely instance, not sure how it is being funded though

Lowkey love it. Very grandiose, very cute

Thanks for the warning, saved me some anxiety

For Lemmy: more people, and nothing else really.

Where are you experiencing this? My time and experience with the fedi has been fundamentally opposite of yours and I think a lot of people are inclined to agree.

Wait so practically speaking they will still be part of the ecosystem. I’m not surprised.

How would you like to define “debate” in this context? What should a structure of a debate be?

Personally, I’d reconsider my love for the fediverse if newsfeed algorithms become a thing. One of the major reasons why I love mastodon is due to the utter lack of it.

You really just said that straight up when UK and US have become a literal meme.

I mean, isn’t it a good thing that the VC and corporate funding is running out and more users would understand the importance of funding it? Just wish they let liberapay donators to vote also, as I despise patreon.

Also how would selling off element work?

Feel better yes but even then I would need to argue that a country is made up of people tho administer it. Either the whole of the demo, or the dictator-like government executives.

“Countries are not people” say that again, but slowly

Ah, the war doesnt exist, its all a hoax isn’t it? Fuck you.

Beehaw’s technology sub’s icon looks weird
It looks a lot like hakenkreuz to me, given that only the edges have a hooked line, a bit like the hakenkreuz, and from the middle of the edges everything is just straightfoward. Can it be updated with something better? Sorry if this is a stupid post.

Are there some restrictions in place that don't allow me to do that? It didnt even come up in beehaw search. Thanks!