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I didn’t even know there was an option to set language in the settings. Might be nice to add a tooltip for that when someone doesn’t have a language set.

What do you do for auth with jellyfin?

Sorry, I didn’t meant to post to announcements. Trying to delete now.

disclaimer: I didn't create the video, just sharing here

Cooperatives at Work
Haven't read it yet but I'm pretty interested.

I’ve quite enjoyed Kagi but I kinda doubt they’ll be around for long. But it has inspired me to work on a tool so I can have my own ! queries or redirects without having to rely on them or other search sites.

Not exactly that unknown but I love mapcomplete. Cool for editing maps a bit but way better for helping me find places to work from in a new city! Especially since Google Maps seems to have gotten worse at showing anything but the highly rated coffee chains lately.


Excited for this tool to improve with some of the attention it’s getting!

When you say see above do you mean because of centralization? What kind of problems do you see?

Edit: I’ve used matrix.org for a while and sometimes have problems decrypting is messages from friends who also use matrix.org can this be related?

Seeking Volunteers for Landlord Accountability Project
PS: I'm not the OP. Just passing this along.

Pleroma def doesn’t seem to have much publicity. I’d recommend adding these to the wikipedia requested articles page with what sources you do find so others can build on it later :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Requested_articles/Applied_arts_and_sciences/Computer_science,_computing,_and_Internet#Software

I’m glad there’s at least one article that talks about Pleroma https://arxiv.org/pdf/2204.12709.pdf

The other thing to do if you really wanna promote the project is message places like The Register, Android Police, Arstechnica when there are new announcements. Or just ping some journalists you follow. They’re always looking for the next tip :)

Seems like you probably already know this but posting for the benefit of others!

I don’t have articles. But this is the full text of the article I originally linked to https://pastebin.com/6D2D5iiW

I wonder if Standard Ebooks is going to pick any of these up soon! They make pretty ebooks from public domain content! https://standardebooks.org/

Any recommendation for specific brands that you’ve had luck with? Many seem to have very slow charging or just bad reviews in general.

MIT Press Open Architecture and Urban Studies (34 books)
Also added the books to a list of Open Library for easy free reading :) https://openlibrary.org/people/raybb/lists/OL202918L/MIT_Press_Open_Architecture_and_Urban_Studies

The Song of the Dodo looks pretty interesting. Love the sciency but not too academic type of books. And it’s available on open library for free! https://openlibrary.org/works/OL2699033W/The_Song_of_the_Dodo_Island_Biogeography_in_and_Age_of_Extinctions

I recently enjoyed The Man Who Loved Only Numbers by Paul Hoffman

What gets the size so big? Is the base image alpine?

I used OSMand app on android to record my GPS while walking. There is a plugin called “trip recording” that you can use and it saves locally to your device. From there you can upload directly to OSM or send the gps trace to your computer and drag/drop it to the web interface. Here’s a nice video showing how to do it https://youtu.be/3FqSYXxMCIs

I love using StreetComplete! It has been fun to help map out areas I’ve lived in. Also I often use OSMAnd to add notes that I’ll then fix when on a desktop computer.

Do you happen to know the story of Organic Maps? It says it is by the maps.me founders but how come they didn’t stick with maps.me?

This is so great thanks for doing this!

I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but have you thought about doing a newsletter? Not only for updates like this but also to highlight content. Something with an rss feed would be great

Author mentioned on HN that they might add SMTP support.

Do you have a solution for syncing notes between your phone and computer?

Are you throwing the code up in a repo anywhere?

This years seems much more approachable to me. Like the problems are easy enough that I want to try doing them in Go but have been too lazy the first few days and just done them in JS. Also this year I’m just trying to finish them instead of getting a perfect solution like last year.

It’s too bad there isn’t a great FOSS alternative

oh cool, do you need a domain for that? Do you find the performance any better than the public server?

Have you had any luck setting up an instance of your own?

This is impressively transparent. They’re doing great work but have a lot ahead of them.

I still have bad memories of not being able to view PDF’s in Linux because Adobe dropped support and the alternatives just didn’t work right.

I feel like the PDF readers on Linux just aren’t quite a nice as mac/windows still. They’re mostly okay but they generally don’t seem to have the fine polish and smoothness. But then again I haven’t looked in a year or two.


Do you have any recommendations for guides on getting started / the selling points?

I hear so much about org mode but every time I look at it I’m just unsure why people love it. That being said, I don’t really live in the terminal so maybe that’s part of the issue. I like the terminal and use it daily but not for anything like note taking.

I think this is an awesome idea if you’re able to cover the bandwidth needed.

If you decide to do this please share a link :)

Why do you like zsh better than bash?

I saw this story today and wanted to share. I thought it’s a great idea for a business and I’m glad they’re trying to do something to help the environment. It would be ideal for everyone to bring their own utensils to festivals but until that’s a reality something like this is a good step.

I had never really looked into the difference before but now I know Atom is the way to go.

Huh I haven’t heard of either of these. Thanks for sharing!

Do you know what the max number of concurrent users is for either tool?