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Author mentioned on HN that they might add SMTP support.

Do you have a solution for syncing notes between your phone and computer?

Are you throwing the code up in a repo anywhere?

This years seems much more approachable to me. Like the problems are easy enough that I want to try doing them in Go but have been too lazy the first few days and just done them in JS. Also this year I’m just trying to finish them instead of getting a perfect solution like last year.

It’s too bad there isn’t a great FOSS alternative

oh cool, do you need a domain for that? Do you find the performance any better than the public server?

Have you had any luck setting up an instance of your own?

This is impressively transparent. They’re doing great work but have a lot ahead of them.

I still have bad memories of not being able to view PDF’s in Linux because Adobe dropped support and the alternatives just didn’t work right.

I feel like the PDF readers on Linux just aren’t quite a nice as mac/windows still. They’re mostly okay but they generally don’t seem to have the fine polish and smoothness. But then again I haven’t looked in a year or two.


Do you have any recommendations for guides on getting started / the selling points?

I hear so much about org mode but every time I look at it I’m just unsure why people love it. That being said, I don’t really live in the terminal so maybe that’s part of the issue. I like the terminal and use it daily but not for anything like note taking.

I think this is an awesome idea if you’re able to cover the bandwidth needed.

If you decide to do this please share a link :)

Why do you like zsh better than bash?

I saw this story today and wanted to share. I thought it’s a great idea for a business and I’m glad they’re trying to do something to help the environment. It would be ideal for everyone to bring their own utensils to festivals but until that’s a reality something like this is a good step.

I had never really looked into the difference before but now I know Atom is the way to go.

Huh I haven’t heard of either of these. Thanks for sharing!

Do you know what the max number of concurrent users is for either tool?

Do they have an Android app yet? I loved their site but the lack of mobile app really was an deal breaker for me

Out of curiosity how many birthdays do you feel obligated to keep track of? I pop a lot of birthdays into my contacts list on the phone so they show up on calendar but generally I only need to care about 5 or 10 birthdays of close friends and family.