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CSS :has( ) A Parent Selector Now

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I’m not affiliated, but I like the look and feel of inkline. At the moment, they are working on porting it to Vue3. It’s a nice alternative to Veautify etc…

an argument to make your website work without javascript

The tricky thing is that far more people have outdated browsers that don’t support all the cool HTML/CSS stuff I want to do (and that the author also does a lot of)… but even so, I check up on how my site looks on Lynx every now and again. …

Is it a good thing for developing fast mobile pages? Or yet another Google gimmick that will disappear in 3 years?..

Recently in a chatroom I know people have been discussing using HTML and CSS only without any kind of other markup / templating / build script. …



Make your website PWA (Progressive Web Application)…

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