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CSS :has( ) A Parent Selector Now
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I'm not affiliated, but I like the look and feel of inkline. At the moment, they are working on porting it to Vue3. It's a nice alternative to Veautify etc.

an argument to make your website work without javascript
The tricky thing is that far more people have outdated browsers that don't support all the cool HTML/CSS stuff I want to do (and that the author also does a lot of).... but even so, I check up on how my site looks on Lynx every now and again.

Is it a good thing for developing fast mobile pages? Or yet another Google gimmick that will disappear in 3 years?

[Here](https://www.gwern.net/images/design/2020-12-25-gwern.net-recursivepopups.png) is the picture of the effect. I would pay for source of all the weird site stuff Gwern has commissioned / developed over the years. I am never sure how much of it it's worth it to emulate in my own site; for instance, cool sidenotes of the kind he and [tufte-css](https://github.com/edwardtufte/tufte-css) have wouldn't fall back as neatly for text-only browsers as the stuff I have now. (counterpoint: I am pretty sure I'm the only person I know to have visited my site with a text-only browser) Probably better to focus on my content, but by gosh it's cool to see people making this stuff happen.

Recently in a chatroom I know people have been discussing using HTML and CSS only without any kind of other markup / templating / build script. I am not into it. I do wish there were a better way to define my own mini-extensions to markdown to have the markdown be the properly Canonical form of my content; I have an oembed liquid tag and a linkpreview liquid tag and ideally that'd just be a presentation detail rather than embedded within my markup with liquid... but as it is, I'm quite happy with the flexibility Jekyll gives me given that even my [weirdest](https://maya.land/journal) stuff is easy to express as "turn some markdown into a chunk of html and put that html into a different piece of html" (yes you can see some poorly rendered markdown there, no I do not care enough to fix it)

Make your website PWA (Progressive Web Application)

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