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It’s awesome that people have been seeing my attempts to publicise it. I have been struggling to get people to even try it out, people who do seem quite impressed though.

There’s an icon near the top of the Nift website for a discord server invite, that’s probably the best place for discussions if you do end up having a play, would be stoked to have you on board. Am happy for people to contribute to development too, but would prefer they spend the time to become familiar with the project and codebase first.

It’s already been made, I meant add it to the sidebar.

Also, how do you message users or mods of a community on lemmy?

I have a cli program for generating websites called Nift. I am pretty happy doing all the development myself, but am interested in finding people who’d like to be involved in discussions on development, or involved with any other aspect of growing a userbase/community for Nift, including making example/template websites with Nift, making tools to be used with Nift, playing with integrating tools/frameworks/libraries/etc. with Nift and writing documentation etc. etc…

I make a website generator called Nift. You might find it is actually a perfect tool to help with such a project. It can build just the updated pages from a site, which is useful when there’s possibly going to be 10k+ pages for a website.

Nift - I made a website generator that makes webdev more like programming
Website generators are making a huge come back and Nift is quite possibly the fastest on the planet ([evidence](https://hugo-vs-nift.gitlab.io/)). There's various places you can ask questions about Nift or seek help if you run in to any problems, there's a subreddit, gitter channel, discord and twitter. You can also ask questions here and I'll try to remember to check back..