A place for everything about math

Richard Borcherd's Channel

A math channel by a Field’s Medalist having really good explainations of undergrad and grad topics…

A mathematics space on Matrix.org

Since the spaces feature for matrix has entered open beta, I’ve created a mathematics space that brings together (most) of the mathematics related rooms on matrix.org

My first paper as a recreational mathematician

I was burned out on math for a very long while after failing out of my phd, just now starting to get back into it. This paper is not something a professional mathematician would take seriously, but I’m really happy with it still and wanted to share…

Finite simple group of order 2

I’m waiting for the day I get all the references in the video! Also If u peeps could recommend a math oriented peertube instance that’d be great!..

Flatland ~Abbott

It’s the first and best piece of math fiction I’ve read, it’s inspiring and such an amazing commentary on society during the Victorian Era. What are your thoughts? Any similar readings?..

Flatland ~Abbott


A place for everything about math
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