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This is an excellent way to state this.

Counter-question, how do I deal with this AND being a woman from a caring/interpersonal profession instead of a primarily IT/CS one? (My childhood was very CS/STEM heavy, but I broke away from the rest of the family in this regard).

I’m kidding I already know: I’m trying to build up and contribute to the communities I want to see here, namely private spaces for people to vent about their Healthcare jobs and mental health concerns, and a place for people to look at memes, especially anticapitalist and otherwise non-conforming ones.

Saw this meme on the reg social media but didn’t comment. Just wanna say here that it’s QUALITY.

Right now I’m really getting back into Stargate SG1 since I got Sugarbaby hooked on it. Probably gonna watch Atlantis with them after that.

This is the most important thing. You’d think being a natural bodily function it would come… y’know… naturally? But no, you have to practice it the same way you practice tennis or clarinet.

Yeah this doesn’t surprise me. In school I had to do developmental testing on a child and the parents in question were very proud of them never having been in daycare and also as a result never getting sick. I could almost visualize the wheels turning in the parent’s head when they realized the child was slightly behind in language and that daycare actually significantly socializes children. It’s not a replacement for parenting, but few things in life have the decency to be neatly black and white.

This is exactly the content I created this comm for. Good work 👍.

I think it’s lemmy.ml specifically but I don’t know for sure? Anyone have a good workaround? …

Got the covid vaccine yesterday

Took a cute selfie for facebook and everything. Now I feel like utter shit holy fuck. That shot stimulated a very vigorous immune response. If I actually get exposed to covid at some point my body is gonna dropkick that shit…

People are being fired/denied jobs for being associated with or even just straight up advocating for what they for some reason don’t realize is actually terrorism.

Hi guys! hope you find this helpful.

Thought you could use a mental health community…