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no pretext - an inclusive lemmy for communists and anarchists

hey there! I made this a while back with the intention of migrating a facebook group to it, but some ~drama~ happened, as it so often does, and that fell through. had some friends post in it for a little bit, but that fell off, so figured I’d federate and see if some other people were interested…

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Now, Neko.bar has a Lemmy Instance. Neko.bar is a website that offers self-hosted services, like Misskey, for cool nekos (and humans)…


New instance! (Mander)

Hello! …

New instance

Hello. I’m Cricri, from diversa.social This is a new multithematic instance of Lemmy in Spanish…


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How do I subscribe/view/post to other instances

I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions recently, I’m just trying to learn and gather info about this new place …

Lemmy website instance statistics

All lemmy sites: …

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New to Lemmy, What are instances and how do they work?

I am a little confused on how the whole system works. I am also trying to log in to the android Lemmy client however nothing I put in the instances field seems to work…

I found a new instance!

I was searching for a Hackernews post about go-littr, no luck, but I found this Japanese instance instead. Maybe we should have this one on our Federation and in the instance’s list of course…

Are there any instances running Lenny (the Derpy fork)?

I’d love to take it out for a spin, but derpy.email has closed registrations…


Some time ago I told about wanting to create my own Lemmy instance so BAM - there it is! …



Not sure how far this idea of a homeserver for Lemmy will go, but would love to be added to the lemmy.ml allowlist :slightly smiling face: …

Test driving the single-user instance experience - lemmy.beckmeyer.us

I’m running a (for now) single-user instance on my personal domain at lemmy.beckmeyer.us. It’d be great to join the federation since this is the main feature that makes single-user instances possible :)…

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lemmy.tedomum.net has now the federation enabled.

The TeDomum instance has now federation enabled! https://lemmy.tedomum.net

Basque lemmy instance

We have created an instance in Basque language called lemmy.eus. This is the second day so Basque people is signing up and creating communities right now! …

Lemmy.CA is alive!

It didn’t take too long to get things rounded up the past few days and I’m glad the domain was available.

Lemmy fork/instance for bronies

I’ve found this on GitHub…

Catalan Lemmy instance!

Second day of brand new catalan Lemmy instance.
Hello all!..


Hystoria – a lemmy instance where all posts must be 5+ years old

Hystoria is a simple, reddit-like site (built with a simplified version of Lemmy [0]) where only items older than 5 years can be posted …

New Catalan Lemmy instance!

I was running lemmy.mastodont.cat for two days but I decided to give more importance to this so my oficial Lemmy instance is from now on lemmy.cat. (lemmy.mastodont.cat had been cancelled)…


Post links of your self-hosted instances of Lemmy!

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