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Israel exposed


Is this loss?

For many communities forming a Discord seems to be the most popular option. The may not know any proper alternatives. This needs fixing, they could just run their own forums instead, they could form their own Lemmy instance!

How about Fast RMX by Shin’en Multimedia?

The GameCube games we still love, 20 years later

Nintendo GameCube was released in Japan 20 years ago today. …



Post this on Facebook and all the boomers will laugh and share this like the best thing ever.

Fire breathing. I got Abbath’s autograph at Tuska Open Air 2015 and he told some advice regarding fire breathing. The oil used has to be fine paraben oil because it doesn’t cling to the throat like mineral oil. And one has to never swallow it because it means an ambulance and a belly flush. Fire breathing is just something over-the-top I want to learn doing.

Täyttä lannistavaa hevonpaskaa väittää, että Suomen väestö ei olisi muka valmis kannabiksen laillistamiseen. Asenneilmapiiri vapautuu koko ajan nuoremmissa ikäluokissa ja moni käyttää kannabista vaikka se olisi laitonta. Julkista keskustelua asiasta käydään melkein koko ajan, ja se on moniäänisempää kuin mitä vaikkapa 90-luvulla tai 2000-luvun alussa. Vanhemmat ikäluokat, joita on aivopesty vuosikymmeniä kaikenlaisilla valheilla “huumevalistuksen” nimissä, totta kai vastustavat tällaisia asioita viimeiseen asti.

Yes, it can be also used for Facebook Messenger.

Now that it’s 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, the timing for posting this song parody video is right. …


It’s mainly Lemmy, Mastodon and PixelFed.

I still have a Facebook account but I don’t use it. If someone sends me a message there, he gets an automatic Messenger message about where I can be contacted on other platforms, thanks to Watomatic. So the account only functions as an “introducer” to how to contact me elsewhere. I have also blocked Facebook’s trackers and beacons with my ad blocker.

I just don’t see how those smart glasses are going to break into the AR market. As a product, what it is going to do differently compared to Snapchat’s Spectacles and the Google Glass? The former is being developed with new models and it’s still on sale but the sales have been slumping and even Gucci branding hasn’t really helped; the latter’s consumer version didn’t escape the prototype stage and is nowadays marginally used in enterprise and hospital settings. Combine Facebook’s scandalous privacy track record with AR glasses and… I don’t just see how this will succeed. Perhaps some normies already hooked into Facebook’s services will buy those.


Lukaisin alkuperäistä raporttia ja ei yllätä mikä verkkoalustat erityisesti houkuttelevat nuoria äärioikeistoon: Ylilauta ja Telegram. Telegramissa olen törmännyt moniin äärioikeistolaisiin julkisiin ryhmiin ja kanaviin, joissa kaiken rasismin lisäksi pyritään miettimään sopivia strategioita omalle …

Here life looks pretty normal already, people are gathering around and students are throwing parties like before the pandemic. This could be described as the “social ending” of a pandemic. …

Because I’m tired of Reddit. Also, with my own Lemmy instance I want to be a part of building a proper Reddit alternative.

This attempt at advertising can be seen from miles away.

You can’t expect logic a guy who gets the meaning of “liberally” wrong.