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Somewhere in spring 2020 DPRK declared there being no COVID cases, later this year said officially that there were "fever cases". So... I wouldn't really trust them.

Whoa, I’m part jealous! Their 1994 album “Dogman” is really ballsy. Hope the upcoming album reaches the same heights.

There are ethical reasons why OnlyFans is bad, and now there is a reason why OnlyFans is bad as a company.

Lehti on alkanut nähtävästi julkaisemaan juttuja aktiivisesti, miten tämä on jäänyt välistä?

Joo, katsoin myös että samaan hintaan saa E-kirjan.

Loirilla oli paljolti ehtinyt olla terveysongelmia, minkä takia osittain olin yllättynyt uutisesta ja osittain en.

We’re not federating with Wolfballs, it’s an extremist instance like Lemmygrad.

Yes there are, even though it’s finnicky to figure out which instance blocks Lemmygrad and which has been blocked by it.

Lemmy instances that don't federate with Lemmygrad
I was asked to do a list of instances that don't federate with, so there it is (in addition to Sopuli): - - - - -

Exactly, Ubisoft is a AAA company and Assassin’s Creed is their “crown jewel” after all.

There’s already ! for political memes, sometimes I remind people that some posts would be better there.

Might as well send an email to the person who wrote the article and promote PixelFed.

At least no one can say that nothing interesting happens!

Sopuli runs on Hetzner’s VPS that has a dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. RPI is comparable to that so it should be enough for setting up an instance.

Zucc has the latest cyborg tech combined with his lizard DNA, he is the most interesting (and the least human-like) option.

Counter-Strike for example has different servers, so by the same logic that is similar of what Discord is doing.

A Discord alternative, why? This is more of a message board or a link aggregator, Discord is a different thing.

I don’t think Chris Pratt would be fitting for Eggman, he’s just not the villain type. Eggman’s voice actor Mike Pollock would however a logical choice! However, it may be that the third Sonic movie may have a different villain altogether.