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Apparently anti-vaxx whackos are planning to do similar convoys across the world so this will have lots of meme template potential.

Neil Young says he ‘felt better’ after leaving Spotify and its ‘shitty’ sound quality

“Spotify plays the artist’s music at 5 percent of its quality and charges you like it was the real thing”…

The far-right has taken COVID denialism and virus rights advocacy as its own calling card. Similar people here in Finland have noticed this event and appear to be currently planning a similar convoy. I even stumbled into a Telegram group and channel where they are organizing and sharing their ideas. In addition to COVID restrictions and mandates, they are also protesting rising fuel prices.

Tässä jutussa on niin monta asiaa joihin tarttua. Ensimmäisestä kuvasta ainakin huomaa Ano Turtiaisen päätyneen älyllisellä tasollaan samaan seuraan Leveli-podcastin juontajien kanssa. …

Yeah, on my PC I occasionally back up things into an external hard drive. On my phone I take occasional NAND backups of the system partition and for settings and software I use TitaniumBackup. On my Hetzner VPS where I host Sopuli, incremental backups are taken every day at 6:00.

Apple already has a good foothold in the mobile gaming market with its App Store, I don’t see how it could differentiate with making a game console. The console would certainly be better than Pippin.

Bringing together the collective forces of esteemed veterans from the likes of Blizzard, Ubisoft, SEGA, LucasArts, Activision and Sierra amongst others, new publisher and game developer, NEW TALES, today announced its launch. …

Clowns or terrorists, they are banned regardless.

Some of the mods may be sleeping; here in Finland the clock is 12:37 but in New York it’s 05:37.

I have already banned those clowns from, it’s good if the mods of do their jobs too.

However the amount of deaths is lower compared to previous waves.

Bans, more bans. That’s the solution.

Didn’t Hitler ruin that kind of moustache forever?

It would be nice if the same were made for BattlEye.

Selenium is great because it allows one to do browser actions such as clicking an element and going to a different page, so it could be used to implement “sniping a PS5”.

The idea of “Web 3.0” irks me because as it’s just a mishmash of decentralization through blockchain, NFTs and metaverse drummed up by big corporations and crypto bros wanting to get into the next thing. I like “Web 0” more because it’s “the real thing” with decentralization. That’s why I signed that manifesto on behalf of

I like using stickers for reacting more, having dedicated reactions feels like a waste.

There is no last “good” generation, unless you have a boomer-esque mindset. In that mindset, the last “good” generation is one where you belong.