Mental Health

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I just wanted to share the book, which finally set me on the way to recovery, after an year and a half of suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. …


A little reminder for you, comrades…

Why put emphasis on mental health and consider it crucial to any leftist movement?

I assert that addressing mental health issues, specifically, for communists, is essential due to the following three reasons: …

Would it be a good idea to do stuff like "challenges" to improve yourself

something similar to the 4chan electronics challenge but for social anxiety or wathever?..

In this video, I briefly summarise three ways in which zen buddhism and leftist theory have given me perspective on commodification of myself and the modern society…

The title of the video may seem a bit presumptuous, but the content of the video itself is extremely useful

Hi guys! hope you find this helpful.

Thought you could use a mental health community…

A community for discussing mental health topics


  1. try to label triggering content and hide it behind a spoiler. In general at least make sure you hide mentions of suicide, self harm, violence, and sexual content.
  2. Don’t discuss specific plans to injure or kill yourself or others. Discussion of general ideation is acceptable.
  3. Avoid requesting or giving medical advice beyond personal experience. Describing how you personally managed a medication side effect, for instance, is fine.
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