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(Meta) Rules updated, spam removed
I have added some rules to the sidebar of this community. There weren't any rules before. Give me feedback on the new rules if you have any. Should any of them be removed or modified? Should any new rules be added? Let's discuss it. I considered adding a rule against memes and one against propaganda, but I have refrained from that for now. About past posts. I had decided to retroactively apply these new rules to some recent posts. Usually, I don't think that is fair, but in this case, I think it is necessary so that the last 10 posts of this community are not just leftypol meme spam, and people get a better idea of what kind of content belongs here. Otherwise, I am letting old rule-breaking content stay for posterity. I look forward to seeing more great pictures and more activity here.


An actual child taking orders at Culvers this evening
Good old child labor in the civilized™ west!

Burning #river #wood

I have no idea what they are… * It's not moving. * They are very sparse.

I have no idea but I'm not eating that until then.

CT is one of the cornerstones of medical imaging and one of the most versatile in terms of the number of diagnoses that it can help with.

Statue of Unity in India

i really don't want to discuss how much of this is propaganda etc; just observe the beautiful photographs


From here

[!]( found this eagle pic

when u like the Gryphons . plz fly to my Gryphon eyrie in [!](


A place to share pictures


1. Images only (obviously).

But meta posts without images are allowed.

2. Pictures only

This community is for pictures. Merriam-Webster defines a picture as “a painting, drawing, or photograph of someone or something.” However, this community will extend this definition. Digital forms such as 3D render are allowed. Abstract art forms that do not represent anything are also allowed.

3. No distracting superimposed text or emoji

Generally, you should be able to appreciate a post without being able to read.

4. No low quality MS paint-esque drawings

5. Remember to follow sitewide rules

You can find them on the sidebar of the homepage

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