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According to the author’s note on Settlers, the book was published long after it was written. The reason for this being that Sakai originally didn’t want to publish it, but was persuaded by those he worked with. In light of this, I don’t think these later writings disprove the connection, because these could always have been published posthumously.

you can find J. Sakai’s birth record and see if he was born in 1917

I can’t. There is very little public information about him. It’s unknown even if J Sakai is a pseudonym or not.

It’s hard to know for sure. For a normal figure, it would be pretty easy to prove/disprove if these are the same people. But I can’t find much basic information about J Sakai.

Even if they are not the same, Sakai still has some sketchy connections. Skeptomai’s substack goes into better detail on this.

New technology is cool. But since it requires the bacteria to be fed with plant matter, this will compete with agriculture for food production if produced in scale.

This. Patriotism is love for your own country and its people, not for your country’s current state. Patriotism is not super patriotism as Michael Parenti called it.

Once or twice I have forced myself to cry like Esidisi in Jojo

I’ve seen it happen on someone else’s computer. Windows 11 just started downloading with no option to cancel and eventually installed itself. There was no way to stop it without disabling all windows updates.

Biden may not be a socialist, but how many self described socialists voted for Biden?

What’s the problem with this? It’s public knowledge Democrats have far outfunded Republicans by millions in every presidential election since 2004.

Occupy democrats often comes off as satire to me. I remember when Desantis was clashing with Disney, they put out tweet calling for people to “Stand with Disney!”

I get you may not like Desantis, but stand with Disney? I thought this was a left wing page, but you are doing activism on behalf of a media monopoly? I think they don’t need anyone to stand with them.

NATO is not one unified entity, as much as it pretends or wants to be. Even if the US did decide to actually go to war with Russia, a lot of NATO could decide to sit it out out of self-preservation.

I literally said this in my post. I get that it’s long, but you wrote quite a long response. So I’d appreciate it if you read it before criticizing.

That strategy for Kaliningrad is interesting. My one question is I think it must be possible to block trains at the border without violence. I have actually crossed the border between the Baltic countries and Russia many times and I believe we had to stop for passport checks although it was a long time ago. Either way, I think it is possible for Lithuania to block Russian trains on their own rails physically without committing an act of war. Now, Russia may just go to war with Lithuania anyways, a Russian general just said this on TV.

I don’t think this will happen, Russia has better options, but if it did, would NATO really stand by and let it happen? Any nations that do so will be in violation of NATO article 5. NATO is really not an organization but a treaty. Refusing to come to Lithuania’s aid would be a violation of said treaty, and if you are saying only Poland and the UK will help, then all other NATO countries violate the treaty so NATO no longer formally exists. Also, the UK has nukes. So western countries will risk the nuking of the UK and the dissolution of NATO but will refuse to go to war as a bloc? I think this is unlikely.

About your forecast on the economic situation and Ukraine, I disagree. But it will be interesting to look back as these events unfold. I have an experience that comes from observing hours and hours of news about this, and trying to condense all of that into an argument when I will be proven correct or incorrect in a few months is a waste of time I think.

Yes especially because the land that they do have is violated all the time for pipelines etc. The problem is that the meaning of this term is not definite or based in theory. For some, it could mean the expulsion of all non-indigenous populations which will never happen and would do a lot of harm if it did. For the NDN collective, it means the privatization of all public lands.

I won’t claim to know the best policy or slogan, but I think it’s important, when indigenous people in my country are only 0.7% of the population, to teach the masses that we share a common struggle. I think increasingly people can relate to the idea of having something that belongs to you taken away. My great grandfather was a farmer who ultimately had to lose his farm because government regulations made it impossible to compete with the big guys. So a slogan like “Land for all” goes a long way comparatively. This is only a part of the equation because there is still the issue of autonomy.

WW3 Incoming
Here is what I see happening in the coming days. I am mostly just going off of vibes and not serious analysis, although I follow the Ukraine news very closely. These are random predictions that came to me that I just wanted to post in case they came to pass. Feel free to ignore this, there is likely not important information here and there are better things to read. I'm basically running off the same inspiration that the Qanon guy did, but I'm not going to pretend I have some secret knowledge. ::: spoiler My prediction Sometime this summer, I have plans to go offline for a while. While I am away, Russia and NATO will go to war. This was my vision. Ukraine will collapse in a matter of weeks and will be unable to resist full occupation. Russian troops race westward. Meanwhile, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary use this collapse as an excuse to protect Western Ukraine from Russian occupation. That is their justification, and the area around Lviv and Lutsk is occupied by these countries. They are motivated by historical interest and also wanting a buffer with Russia. The problem is, with an indefinite border between these two occupied zones, there is bound to be trouble. Initially, an unoccupied area existed between both lines. In the chaos, either an accident or some kind of false flag occurs which allows the NATO bloc to declare war on Russia. These events happen very quickly, but Russia decides to wage a scorched earth war with no respect to international agreements. To them, this war is existential for the survival of there country and NATO are seen as invaders, so expect all type of carnage. In my vision, Russia had the most success in the Baltic theater. I don't know why this is without looking at what kind of fleet they have there. But quickly they move through the open terrain of Poland and into eastern Germany. This coincided with a powerful advance in Scandinavia, Russia might have occupied most of Sweden. In the southern front, around Romania, Moldova, the Black Sea, most things seemed to be at a standstill. Russia does not make significant gains here for some reason. Another interesting development is that North Korea and South Korea are at war in this timeline. Perhaps South Korea and Japan join against Russia in the pacific, and North Korea uses this as an opportunity for reunification with help from Russia. They are largely successful and capture towns all the way at the southern tip of the peninsula. China looks like it is still neutral for now, although not much time has passed. The speed of all these events will come as a shock because it goes beyond what anyone was expecting. ::: ::: spoiler What does my critical mind think of this? A week ago, I would have thought this was ridiculous, but since the Zolotoe encirclement and the Kaliningrad blockade, now I am not so sure. My thought was that the defense of Lisichansk would last into September, meaning the Ukraine war could go on into the winter. What has just happened in the Zolotoe area makes me reevaluate. Russia has clearly picked up the pace without risking casualties. Lisichansk may already be effectively encircled where there are UA 8,000 soldiers and an embarassing amount of western equipment. This may be the beginning of a phase 3 of the war. And yet it seems like Ukraine cannot negotiate or surrender everything. The government makes it clear they will fight to the end, but troops are of low morale. In addition, Zelensky is fighting with the head of the SBU. There is some kind of internal power struggle to the government and the state could see a transition of power or a collapse, which complicates the defense. So #1 I am now of the mind that this vision is not so extreme with regards to Ukraine. It could all be over by the end of the summer at the earliest. I don't know if that is most likely, but it is a possibility that this week has revealed itself. I think the ruling class of the NATO countries don't really appreciate this. They are high on their own supply of propaganda. So these leaders will be very shocked if a quick collapse of Ukraine's defense occurs, especially because many of these people think Ukraine is still going to win. By this time, winter will be around the corner, and Russia will have projected control of Ukraine's agriculture and natural gas resources and infrastructure, exacerbating these shortages on the globe. Many EU countries are already cut off from Russian gas. Every crisis that has been foreshadowed will then come to a head; the recession, shortages, inflation. Leaders will find a real dilemma where they face removal in some form. This has already happened in some countries. So #2 I don't think an erratic response from NATO would be too crazy either. Post war Russia will truly be a beast. Russia will have Europe by the balls with a battle hardened army to flex. The world now knows Russia does not make empty threats. Europe is in dire need of resources from Russia with only two options: get Russia to submit or strike a deal on mutually beneficial terms. By failing the first option, they have closed off the second option. So they can only double down on trying to get Russia under the boot. I think some already recognize that Ukraine is no longer a security threat to Russia, and does not work as a form of coercion. This is why the Kaliningrad blockade is happening. There must always be a front to prevent Russia's rise whether economic or military with a proxy war through Ukraine. In the event that these problems for Russia are solved, what will Europe do? Do they have any other option besides a hot war with Russia? My mind is now changed. I considered a broader war against Russia of low probability, but that low probability still being far too high. Like a car crash, it seems like it should happen constantly, but there are traffic rules and every driver has an interest to avoid accident even when one has to swerve erratically. Similarly, there are international laws, and every country wants to avoid world war despite conflicting concerns. But because of Russia's success of backing Europe and the imperial core into a corner, I now believe the possibility of all out war to be more likely than not. NATO also underestimates Russia militarily which increases this probability. So #3, what would happen next? I suspect in the event that this war begins, the structural integrity of NATO as a military block will be revealed, and I believe it will not completely hold fast. Would a country like Hungary or Turkey really risk the destruction of their country to fight an expensive war against Russia over some bullshit? I think not. I think NATO nations that are uncompromised will do what ever is in their national interest, and a handful of countries will break away in this event, choosing to stay neutral. War games in the past have revealed NATO would lose decisively to Russia in Europe. But now we have seen Russia's military in action. It is hard to know how that data qualifies that assessment because there are so many contradictory opinions about what Ukraine says about Russia's military. The chaotic nature of the necessary pre-predictions make the act of predicting the outcome of such a war pointless in my opinion. The conditions of that hypothetical war are downstream from too many undecided and unknowable events. I am agnostic about this, so for now, I will say the early outcome of my vision is possible, although Russia quickly succeeding against Finland seems implausible at the moment. What is missing from my vision is a new Cuba crisis, which I think would have to occur. :::

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/255960 > First they force everyone on a microshit account, then ban you from your own server for drinking a beer... > > GODDAMNIT EVERYTHING MICROSOFT TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT.

Ridiculous. If I own a copy of the game, then it is mine to use as I wish, including the multiplayer features. They can’t just disable a feature of something you paid for when you want to connect to a private server. They are getting a lot of backlash, so they will probably rethink this, but if not I will choose to never play this game again.

Jokes on you! Not only do I go outside and touch grass, I eat it too!

I never trusted the land back anti-colonialism movements that originated in the west. They will scree about land back for Tibet and ETIM long before they do anything for indigenous people in the US. I swear if this type of language existed during the height of the British empire, aristocrats would be talking about the need to decolonize Maratha. Land back for the Indian nations! It’s all just divide and conquer baby. Only a strong power can resist real imperialism, one that moralizing children will call authoritarian and imperialist.

Wearing a literal wet washcloth would have been a cheaper alternative to his hair plugs. Not such a savvy businessman after all.

Wearing a leather coat is Nazi now. But the black sun the Ukrainian soldiers wear is just a symbol. Got it.

New community !deepintopeertube for obscure videos
Lemmy version of r/deepintoyoutube on Reddit [!deepintopeertube@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/deepintopeertube)

The wokes have gone too far this time...
I just heard KIDS are learning about PRONOUNS in school!!

They teach defensive driving courses, why not offensive driving?
How am I supposed to boost my k/d ratio if I don't know how to drive offensively?

Is there a good way to play the original 1997 Age of Empires?
I know there's the definitive editions, but I don't think it makes sense to pay $20 for a 25 year old game just for the better graphics when I prefer the simplicity of the old graphics. Any download I've found just doesn't work on newer graphics drivers. It's sad to think this game may just be dead and unplayable forever now, lost to time. Open source clones are appreciated too. I've heard of openage, but I don't think that one's finished yet, right?

To the person who just went through and mass downvoted every single post/comment I've made in the last 4 months...
How long did that take you? Why? Who hurt you? Was it me?

What is a Lemmy Buck Worth?
If it ever got to the point where someone exchanged real money for one, no matter how little, you could finally measure the exchange rate to real currency. There could be a major spike in the price in the future. I say INVEST. BUY BUY BUY

This is the Groundhog Day of the American Unipolar Order
My analysis on the situation. I've spoken to liberal democrat friends and family who are generally very unskeptical of NATO and US imperialism. Having these conversations helps me get an idea of how some people are feeling about current events. I think a lot of people are disillusioned about how this will end in Ukraine. I hear from them that China is turning on Russia, and Russia is left alone in the world. This is total nonsense and wishful thinking. Even the democrat administration seems to be fooled. Biden reportedly sent their intel of Russian troop movements to China, hoping China would use this against Russia. Instead, China shared what the US knew to Russia. India is working on a system that would allow trade between India and Russia with rupees, as a work around to the West's sanctions. Saudi Arabia, which is supposed to be an American ally, is colluding with Russia to drive up oil prices. Turkey is refusing to close the bosphorous straits to Russian ships, despite being in NATO. All around the world, countries that have been victims of US imperialism are refusing to turn on Russia. Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, DPRK, Syria, are a few. NATO is powerless to intervene on behalf of Ukraine. Fuel prices in the West are extremely high right now. Russia cutting off gas to Europe would make the problem significantly worse. People will freeze to death. Military action against Russia will increase fuel demand significantly. Biden has already used much of America's fuel reserves to offset inflation. As Paul Cockschott observes, increased cost of fuel in the long term leads to more demand in biofuel, which leads to land that would be used for crops being converted. Increased food and fuel prices lead to extreme political instability. A direct war with Russia will lead the West into a new Arab spring. It is obvious to me that Russia will be able to decide the fate of Ukraine in the end. The best NATO can do to change these terms would be to offer incentives to Russia. Knowing the inevitability, Zelensky is using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder to make things as hard for Russia as possible. He has placed military equipment in civilian areas and has armed civilians, placing them in danger while he flees. Zelensky is a war criminal and a dictator. In October, his approval was only 25%. He has jailed former president Poroshenko and banned opposition media. Ukraine is not a democracy. No people would democratically decide to throw away their lives in a vain struggle. Zelensky can't win on the ground. He is not a leader. He is the performer acting the leader. As a former comedian, his skill is understanding the audience. Ukraine has been posting anti-Russian memes on twitter to a English-speaking audience. He has tried to clean up the neo-nazi image of Ukraine. The result of his excellence in commanding optics has won big tech media to his side. Big tech, which already has its tentacles entrenched in countries around the world, is a fantastic tool of US imperialism. Zelensky does not think he can win this war. The longer the war goes, the less leverage Zelensky has to negotiate with. But Zelensky knows he has a shot to win the information war. In response to recent events, Hillary Clinton, the mother of US imperialism, has called on big tech to use its power against Russia. She has even called on individuals to take up arms in the information war. This is how propaganda replicates itself virally. Already, there are hundreds of examples of false information spreading on the web. For example, many have seen pictures of a woman bleeding from her head after a residential building exploded. These are from a gas explosion in 2018. The agenda will be to spread as many false claims of war crimes and horrendous acts as possible. They will also use this opportunity to ban anti-imperialist media once and for all. News sources which have long been a thorn in the side of the ruling class will be banned from platforms. Sedition laws may even come into play to legally ban dissent. Not only will the imperial propaganda be overwhelming, it will be impossible to find opposing information. They will be able to invent reality as they want it. Basically 1984, except it's the capitalists who are doing it. So the question is, how well will this work? Can they successfully turn the people of anti-imperialist nations against their leaders? Most of these nations have adapted to these pressures I think. Domestically, they can counter the myths and block foreign regime change propaganda. The people I have spoken to seem hopeful though that the world and Russian people will turn on Putin. I think this is wishful thinking. So this is it. The groundhog day for the American empire. Will the groundhog see its shadow? If Russia was successfully destabilized, the empire could last another six decades. Putin could be deposed, the Russian market opened up, Russian oil privatized, and the fuel crisis is averted for the West and stability restored. I think this is unlikely. And what if the groundhog does not see its shadow? Then winter is over. This is the official end of American unipolarity after the decline of the USSR. NATO will have failed to extinguish the flame of communism, and socialist states will be able to freely usher in a new era of prosperity and international cooperation without fear of imperialism. This is a week where decades happen. The dishonesty in the media needs to be countered. Communist parties need to stand with Russia and not NATO. This should go without saying, except many of these parties have been infiltrated. Keep an eye out for people who are challenging the narrative on Ukraine. This is how you tell the honest actors from the fake left. Also, talk to people in your life. Don't be afraid to challenge what they are saying. They are not bad people if they change their profile pic to Ukraine flag or whatever. It is understandable to have these concerns if you are not well informed about Ukraine and the world. You can agree to disagree sometimes. I think it helps that people know they have friends who think a certain way. If you set a good example in your life and others think you are a good person, they will hesitate before bad mouthing "those awful anti-NATO conspiracists" or whatever it is. My heart goes out to everyone who unfortunately find themselves on the front lines of American imperialism too. This will all be over soon

Video showing wholesome moment between Donetsk father and daughter is falsely labeled as a Ukrainian soldier off to war
The video was originally posted by mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko on Feb 21 as DPR was evacuating children to Russia while Ukraine attacked. It was reposted and falsely captioned as "Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his daughter before he go to defend his country against the Russian invasion", with 15k likes and 3k retweets as of posting.

Brigaders are coming from /pol/
I found the source of the brigaders. Links to thread if interested. ::: spoiler spoiler https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/357761310 https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/357755957 Archive https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/357755957/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/357761310/ :::

I don't like that they are called toots in Mastodon
This might just be a me problem, but I don't like that they use the word toot in Mastodon. When they chose that word, they probably were going for the sound an elephant makes with its trunk, because a mastodon is similar to an elephant. But I have always been aware that toot is another word for flatulence. So personally it makes me cringe. You can imagine what it's like for me if you replace "toot" with "fart" on mastodon. Now everyone is talking about liking the best farts, sharing someone's fart, etc. I'm not suggesting they change it on my account, I just wanted to share and see if anyone else had the same problem. Edit: Apparently they already did change the name https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26882318 Edit 2: Oh wow, apparently it was hbomberguys idea 6 years ago. https://mastodon.social/@Hbomberguy/146524

Statue of Unity in India