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This does actually scare me. These videos seem to be created by bots, tailored to please the YouTube algorithm and get recommended to as many kids as possible. There is not an element of humanity there. They aren’t designed to teach basic values, and there’s a lot of creepy stuff out there. Who knows what this does to a generation.

Looking through the code and apparently the phrase “white privelege” is blocked by the filter. So much for free speech. At least the other lemmy instances are honest about what they’re for.

No one should take this man’s opinion seriously. Same for all the Lincoln Project folks.

It looks like the class Node doesn’t contain any methods, so the only reason why Parent and Leaf would inherit from it is for polymorphism. You can just remove, “extends Node” and everything will work if I understand the problem correctly.


This meme was probably made by someone with an American perspective

You’re forgetting about the macro and the micro. We all wanted AOC to vote no, but you have to consider the macro and micro. It all makes sense when you think about the macro and micro.

The reason you do not want to throw away old symbols and introduce new ones, at least not abruptly, is because these American symbols have too much power. You can’t spontaneously or voluntarily produce something that has as much reverence. A bald eagle is not just a bird in people’s minds, it is a powerful, tremendous raptor with a 6 foot wingspan, and being a part of that makes people feel powerful. When people see the American flag, they think of Iwo Jima, the soldiers raising it triumphantly over fascism. If you abandon these things, you are donating them to counterrevolutionaries, free of charge.
When reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries fight against the revolution, I don’t want them to feel powerful. I don’t want them to think they are fighting tyranny. I want them to feel like traitors. I want them to be forced to adopt counterfeit symbols that have hollow meaning, instead of picking something up that has history.

I think everyone should ignore personal drama. Also, it should be cleared up that Haz of Infrared is not a member of CPUSA and has never claimed to be. He has never said that indigenous peoples have no place in the ML movement. He’s said that he’s in favor of giving land back to indigenous peoples, but he is opposed to “land back” as a slogan, as he sees it as meaningless. Basically, like the anarchist slogan “defund the police”, it has a wide range of interpretations, from expanding autonomous areas of the US, to transferring all us public land into indigenous hands. I’ve even seen discourse online among communists who want to deport all white and african american people back to Europe and Africa. It was joked that these people should be deported to the ocean, if it was logistically impossible to resettle them.

Anyway, the issue of American patriotism comes back to the American state. There is a sort of anarchist line of thought that sees America as ideally evil and that it needs to be abolished immediately. Realistically, this isn’t going to happen. Instead, the state will be transformed into a dictatorship of the proletariat with the goal of building socialism in one state. How can any of this be accomplished if the people have no love of country?

In my opinion you can’t replace white capitalism with black, pink, or other capitalism. You can’t replace white ethno-nationalism with some other form of ethno-nationalism. You’re just going to get Israel 2.0 with this kind of thinking.

Hard to see it becoming that mainstream. If it does, the big social networks will probably have to adapt and implement federation. They won’t go away, and they will be the biggest instances.

No sooner than a couple weeks from now

@guntoDank memes Batter Lukman

High schools usually have senior quotes in their yearbooks that the students can choose. This guy chose a quote from SpongeBob. And everyone is saluting him because… To be honest I don’t understand it either. I guess they are saluting him finishing high school or for using a meme quote in his yearbook.

I don’t even want to think about how many merge conflicts there were

Sleep deprivation is always the root of sleep paralysis for me. I had that a few days ago when I was dozing off. I tried to move but it’s like you’re made out of stone. I looked at my clock on the wall and all the numbers were jumbled together.

America. Every time someone says “I discovered this!” there was always someone who came first.

I think it’s harder to move between countries now than ever. However, there is a big immigration crisis in the US right now, which likely includes some skilled workers. I could also see burnt out american healthcare workers wanting to work somewhere else.

I really hate how tiktok style videos have infiltrated every platform, and they make it so easy to waste time going down a rabbit hole. It gives me so many Jordan Peterson videos. One time I got four of his clips in a row, then one video to break it up, followed by another four Jordan Peterson clips. I hate with a passion what the internet has become.

This is a really helpful explanation of quantum field theory for people like me who need a visual depiction


The mod creator says they’ve dedicated 2,000 hours over the last two years to make Runelite HD but was only recently messaged by Jagex.

Just installed Lemmur

I got a new android phone today, so I can finally check this out.
UI is great. Everything looks really impressive so far. …


I'm back

I’m back from my vacation…


Randomly found a stronghold while caving

I was doing some caving after 1.17 came out. How rare is it to just find one without an eye of ender? I was kind of surprised…

It's a complicated issue