Deep Into Peertube

    A community like r/deepintoyoutube on Reddit!

    Videos from the deep depths within PeerTube, YouTube, and other video platforms that have never seen the light of day.


    1. Videos from big platforms like YouTube must be <10,000 views at the time of posting.
    2. Videos from smaller platforms like PeerTube must be <1,000 views at the time of posting.
    3. For videos that are copies, the most popular version will be considered for the above criteria. For example, a copy of Gangnam Style with 100 views will not qualify, as the original has billions of views.
    4. Rule 3 applies to clips of other videos as well so long as the clip has no further editing.
    5. Don’t self promote. Do not share videos if you are the publisher or if you personally know the publisher.
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