As an Aussie, just posting here to see if I get banned or censored?
You know, back over in /r/Australia if you even sneeze you get censored. If you ask why you were censored you got banned. Anything apposed to the mods views had you post taken down. Will Lemmy be different? Is it different mods?

Who else is having their mortgage fecked by interest rates at the moment.

It’s not just trans people who suffer when far-right politicians are elected. Just ask renters in Melbourne.
It's not just trans people who suffer when far-right politicians are elected. Just ask renters in Melbourne. The far-right anti-trans MP Moira Deeming just stood up to the supposed "woke elites" (note sarcasm) by voting to block an inquiry into why rents are so high in Victoria. From The Age: "Exiled Liberal MP Moira Deeming has landed a blow against her former parliamentary colleagues from the crossbench, siding with the Andrews government to block a parliamentary inquiry that was set to scrutinise Victoria’s rental crisis. "The inquiry would have examined the factors driving high rents in Victoria, the options available to increase the supply and standard of long-term rentals and hand down key recommendations by the end of the year. "The final vote on the joint Greens and Coalition motion was 19 votes to 19, meaning it failed because a clear majority was not reached. Animal Justice MP Georgie Purcell and the two Legalise Cannabis MPs voted for the failed inquiry." []( For people who don't follow Victorian state politics, Deeming was exiled from the Liberal Party after attending an anti-trans rally with Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (AKA Posie Parker) and a bunch of literal neo-Nazis: []( [\#VicPol]( [#AusPol]( [#Melbourne]( [@australia]( [@politics]( [#trans]( [#transgender]( [#politics](

What’s the biggest component of inflation in Australia at the moment? Housing.
What's the biggest component of inflation in Australia at the moment? Housing. (Groceries follow close behind.) Here's an interesting breakdown from Alan Kohler on the ABC: []( [\#housing]( [#HousePrices]( [#HousingAffordability]( [#economics]( [#news]( [@australia]( [@news]( [#AusPol](

"ABC election analyst Antony Green says Labor will either form a minority or majority government in New South Wales. "Chris Minns will be the 47th Premier of the state after leading his party to an election win after 12 years in opposition."

cross-posted from: > From the ABC: "Sydney's train network has again been hit by delays due to "urgent signal repairs" at Homebush, with some trains cancelled. > > "Sydney Trains is warning passengers to seek "alternative arrangements", with commuters facing long delays at stations across the city."

It's about protecting Australia's trade with China... From China!

cross-posted from: > "Queensland Rail has released horrifying footage of erratic and irresponsible drivers smashing through boom arms at level crossings, prompting a desperate plea for caution around the tracks. > > "Queensland Rail Senior Manager Security and Emergency Preparedness Drew Brock said the footage painted a distressing picture of drivers blatantly ignoring safety signs and signals as they dashed across the train tracks."

cross-posted from: > Greener buildings, barrier-protected cycle lanes and pedestrianised streets are on the agenda in the new masterplan for Maroubra Junction.

cross-posted from: > An interesting look at where the two major parties stand on transport, ahead of the New South Wales state election on Saturday. > > "The Perrottet government will push ahead with business cases for four lines to link up with the future western Sydney airport. Labor will only proceed with two, with the Coalition accusing it of deserting western Sydney, an area earmarked for extraordinary residential development in coming years."

cross-posted from: > "The surge in popularity of larger vehicles in Australia has been driven by tax perks that incentivise buying SUVs, utes and other 4WDs instead of less-polluting smaller-sized cars and sedans, transport experts argue. > > "SUVs accounted for more than 50% of new vehicles sold in Australia last year, a share which has almost doubled over the past decade. The uptick has prompted calls to tackle the trend by limiting tax incentives, building bus lane-style narrow lanes and more parking spots exclusively for small cars."

cross-posted from: > "A Monash University team pioneering an eco-friendly alternative to the millions of railway sleepers across Australia has received a $500,000 research and development grant from the Victorian Government."

cross-posted from: > Looks like the NIMBYs are out in force in Sydney's wealthy inner eastern suburbs. > > They're complaining about over-development in the wealthy inner suburbs in the roughly 6 kilometre area between the Sydney CBD and Bondi Beach. > > These are Australia's wealthiest suburbs, including Bellevue Hill, which has a median house price of A$7.6 million (US$5.1 million): > > They're opposed to new apartments being built above a train station, and new bike paths in the area. > > In fact, despite being ideally placed near the Sydney CBD, they're opposed to any development unless their area gets more roads: > > "At a candidates’ forum at Double Bay Bowling Club last week, most questions centred on the planning system and what the aspiring MPs would do to stop 'overdevelopment' in the east. > > "Sloane doubled down on her comments from last year that the eastern suburbs should not be “punished” with more housing. She also said she was not there to defend previous government decisions. > > "Independent candidate Karen Freyer – an ex-staffer to former Wentworth MP Kerryn Phelps – drew an even harder line against development, saying unless the east had more schools and better roads, housing growth targets should be set at zero. > > "That included a council plan for up to 500 apartments directly above Edgecliff train station. 'That’s not the only infrastructure people living at Edgecliff will need,' Freyer said. > > "Last week’s candidate forum also heard complaints about a possible skate park in Rushcutters Bay –which has been on the agenda for 10 years – and the proposed Oxford Street East Cycleway from Taylor Square to Centennial Park Gates." > >

Air pollution in New South Wales is estimated to cause 603 premature deaths and increase health costs by $4.8bn each year, according to a long-term government study. Published online the day before the Perrottet government went into caretaker mode ahead of this month’s state election, the Sydney air quality study suggests most people in the city’s greater metropolitan region are exposed to air pollution at levels considered unsafe by the World Health Organization.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has revealed draft electricity price increases of between 20 and 22 per cent over the coming financial year, while Victorian consumers can expect a 30 per cent price surge.

China has made no secret of its plans to diplomatically thwart Australia's AUKUS submarine plan, which it sees as part of a broader US effort to contain China's future military dominance of Asia. Beijing's mission to the United Nations yesterday slammed the announcement that Australia will obtain several American nuclear-powered submarines as part of the deal, saying it "fuels arms races and hurts peace and stability".

Bad news for anyone living in Sydney, with more train headaches in store.

Tyrannical despot and leader of the Victorian Labor Party Daniel Andrews has romped home to an historic third state election win after he strong-armed citizens into taking part in a callous process that forces them to choose who they vote for.

Australian Public Trustee: Have Political Extremists Infiltrated Our Activism?
Australian Public Trustee and Guardian Injustices Exposed: Have Political Extremists Infiltrated Our Activism?

Looking at legendary Indigenous activist, Yorta Yorta man William Cooper, and his incredibly early 1938 anti-Nazi protest. Second installment of AUSSIE AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) HISTORY. --- reading: *'William Cooper: An Aboriginal Life Story', Bain Attword: *'Australia and the Holocaust: A Koori perspective', Gary Foley: ---

The Victorian Premier has proposed to rename the 'Maroondah Hospital" to the "Queen Elizabeth II" hospital as part of their November 2022 State election platform on health care funding and hospital infrastructure works. We say YES to hospital funding, investment and redevelopment, but a resounding NO to renaming the hospital from an Aboriginal derived word "Maroondah" into being known as the "Queen Elizabeth II" hospital. Please sign this petition to oppose the regressive name change proposal and call on Dan Andrews to take back this election promise.

Tommy Tanuki reviews DSA patriot shirts

....Fox is trying to have its legal cake and eat it too. The company argues in the U.S. that it should not be punished for broadcasting lies about Dominion and the 2020 election, while seeking punishment in Australia for what it claims are lies about its role in the election. What’s especially galling is that Fox is trying to avoid any punishment for the significant harm that Dominion has already documented — including threats made against its employees — while Murdoch is seeking damages for “substantial hurt, distress and embarrassment” allegedly caused by an article in a publication whose modest readership has for years heard far worse about Murdoch and his even more loathed father. “It’s a pretty incredible contrast,” noted Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, a nonprofit media watchdog. “It exposes their inconsistency and hypocrisy.”

Tom Tanuki says: I started 'cooker'. ME.

Lachlan Murdoch, the evilest of Rupert Murdoch’s unholy brood, successor to the News Corporation throne and its global empire of dulled minds, axe-wielding and bloodthirsty warrior champion of the Flesh Pits of Galgganath, this week sued Crikey for saying nasty things and making up stuff about him.

PRGuy unmasks himself in video with well know Australian youtuber Friendlyjordies after legal threat by convicted wife beater Avi Yemini, using an amusing but factual watermark text: ![]( more historical info on Avi: hist domestic violence conviction his association with neo nazi and alt-right types

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