Police get online account takeover, data disruption powers

"The bill grants the Australian Federal Police and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission new powers to combat serious crime enabled by anonymising technology using three new warrants: network activity, data disruption and account takeover. …

This was just too funny :) 2020 though…

“The new regulations could, for example, allow a massive charity like the St Vincent de Paul Society or UnitingCare to be stripped of charity status if one of their tens of thousands of volunteers attends a protest and does not move on when directed by police.”…

Human rights groups – and parliament’s own human rights committee – say a new law pushed through parliament gives the government the power to indefinitely detain refugees, potentially for the rest of their lives…

Analysing over 500,000 bail decisions, BOCSAR found that legal factors had the most effect on police and court decisions to refuse bail, including offence seriousness, concurrent charges or prior offending or imprisonment. …

Community are you still around? If so could you change the community name to just “Australia”?..


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