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New Custom Field Type: Linked
Field value is linked to the item’s Username or Password. Given the [right field name](, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site ([learn more](

New Bitwarden Release
- **Vault Timeout Policy:** The Vault Timeout policy will apply a maximum Vault timeout duration for all members of your Organization (see here for details). - **Disable Personal Vault Export Policy:** The Disable Personal Vault Export policy will prohibit non-Owner/non-Admin members of your Organization from exporting private Vault data (see here for details). - **Auto-scale Organization Seats:** Teams and Enterprise Organizations will automatically scale up user seats as new users are invited. Organizations can set a limit on scaling to prevent the seat count from exceeding a specified number (see here for details). - **Custom Role** - Improved Collection Permissions: Collection-management permissions for the Custom role have been expanded to include granular controls over whether the user can create, edit, or delete assigned or all Collections (see here for details). - **Admin Password Reset** - Update Password after Reset: Passwords reset by an Admin must now be updated by the user they belong to immediately when they log in to Bitwarden (see here for details). - **Browser Extension** - Autofill Span Elements: The Browser Extension can now auto-fill custom fields in the innerText of HTML <span> elements (see here for details). - **Browser Extension** - Automatic Biometrics Prompt: The Browser Extension can now automatically prompt for your biometric input when opened. You can toggle this behavior from the Settings menu (see here for details). - **Web Vault - Dark Mode:** The Web Vault now has dark mode (see here for details)! - **CLI - generate Passphrase Options:** The bw generate --passphrase command now includes the options --capitalize and --includeNumber (see here for details).


⚠️Soon items in the trash/bin for 30 days or more will be deleted
From bitwarden help centre > Starting 5/15/2021, we’ll activate the nightly job that will permanently delete items that have been in your trash for 30 days or more.Prior to 5/15/2021, we recommend digging through your Trash for anything you might want to Restore!

New Release | Bitwarden
The Bitwarden team is pleased to release a set of features and updates continuing our mission of making password management easy and accessible for individuals and businesses: **Privacy & Security Options for Send:** Use a new Send Privacy option to hide your email from recipients (see here for details). To prevent abuse, File Sends will now require a verified email address. Additionally, Enterprise Organizations can implement a new policy to set the availability of the Hide Email option (see here for details). **FIDO Updates & Expanded Support:**Our FIDO implementation has been upgraded from FIDO U2F to FIDO2 WebAuthn, but existing FIDO U2F keys will retain their integrity. FIDO support has been expanded to more Browser Extensions and the Windows Desktop App (see here for details). Custom Fields for Keys: Custom Field values have been upgraded to support up to 5000 characters, allowing storage of keys like RSA 4096-bit SSH keys (see here for details). File Size Increases: You can now create File Attachments or File Sends that are up to 500 MB each. Due to device restrictions, the old 100 MB limit is still in place for Mobile Apps. Disable Browser Extension Counter: Disable the Browser Extension badge counter using a new toggle in the Settings → Options menu (see here for details). Biometrics for Safari: The Safari Web Extension now includes support for Unlock with Biometrics for Safari 14+ (see here for details). Search Internationalization: Vaults can now be searched against 1 character, improving the experience for languages with 1-character words like Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Sorted Weak Passwords Report: The Weak Passwords Report is now sorted by the severity of the password’s weakness (see here for details)

Browser extension keyboard shortcuts
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A few weeks ago, a question popped up in Reddit: “Is the longest possible password always better?”. Some say size matters when it comes to password strength. The longer a password is, the harder it is to crack using brute force algorithms. However, password length is only one factor contributing to password security. More Ways to Harden Password Security Hardening password security also involves using strong, unique passwords. One way to create a strong password is by using several characters. The more characters used, the harder a password is to crack. The four character sets are: Numerical characters such as 12345 Lowercase characters such as abcde Uppercase characters such as ABCDE Special characters such as !$%&? A password consisting exclusively of numerical characters has only ten possible options for each character (0 – 9). If a password is six numerical characters in length, a hacker can attempt one million possible combinations (10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10). However, a six-character password consisting of numbers and lowercase letters has thirty-six options for each character (0 – 9 plus a – z). Now, rather than one million possible combinations, 2,176,782,336 possible combinations exist for a six-character password. Randomness Helps Secure Passwords A password’s overall randomness also contributes to better password security, and passphrases are an easy way to achieve that. Using a passphrase helps as it combines memorable words or phrases known to the user but less recognizable by hackers. Another way to strengthen passwords is to avoid commonly-used dictionary words or repeated or sequential characters, such as “secret”. Likewise, some very long passwords appear in password dumps with remarkable frequency. One such password is 1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv5tgb6yhn7ujm8ik,9ol.0p;/, which, despite being thirty-four characters in length, would be among the first couple of thousand attempts by a brute force hacker (you will see why if you look at your keyboard). Lots of math can come into play, but longer and more unique characters create better passwords. You can easily build better passwords by using the Bitwarden Password Generator or try theoretical passwords or test existing credentials with the Password Strength Testing Tool. Bitwarden provides these features for free, including the Password Generator within all Bitwarden Clients, plus an option for password vault health reports in the premium and business plans. Other Password Best Practices Brute force attacks are not the only reason for account hacking. Successful phishing attacks are a common cause of data breaches, and the easier it is to remember a password, the easier it is to disclose it to an unauthorized party. Further exacerbating this threat is if the same password is used for multiple accounts to save someone from remembering various log-in credentials. A recent report further supports this issue showing that nearly 9 out of 10 users reuse passwords. A password manager helps generate and store unique and complex passwords for each account. The benefit of storing passwords in a password manager is that they are encrypted, hashed, and salted to prevent authorized access – which is a far safer option than storing passwords in plain text format in Word documents or Excel spreadsheets! If you’d like to start generating secure passwords today you can sign up for an account, or launch a free trial for a Teams or Enterprise Organization. Try Bitwarden today!

FOR REPLAY - Fast forward to 10:15 past the music --- Join us for a new introduction or a refresher on password management and Bitwarden basics! The importance of password security Getting started with a password manager Top Bitwarden features Optimizing your Personal Vault Understanding Personal and Organizational Vaults Bitwarden sharing basics ![](

WHITE PAPER Bitwarden Security and Compliance Program
Download the PDF version here:

Which hardware security key do you use?
Just wanted to know which hardware key you use

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