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It was a simpler time. Not easier, but it was more work to put out your opinion online.

Nowaday, social media is mostly just a verbal diarrhea on the Internet.

I don’t find myself that old and I was chatting on IRC in 1995. Ahhh the dialup days, we have it so easy today.

And you can easily install apps from the Ubuntu repo, since it’s based on it.

The Store is just a list of curated apps, at least it’s not locked to it.


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Edit: It’s been fixed already.

Firefox has witnessed outages and we are sorry for that. We believe it’s fixed and a restart of Firefox should restore normal behaviour. We will provide more information shortly.

Also, disabling telemetry doesn’t fix this issue anymore, the telemetry servers weren’t the root cause and have been adjusted already.

Our current suspicion is that Google Cloud Load Balancer (or a similar CloudFlare service) that fronts one of our own servers got an update that triggers an existing HTTP3 bug. Telemetry was first implicated because it’s one of the first services a normal Firefox configuration will connect first, but presumably the bug will trigger with any other connection to such a server. Our current plan is to disable HTTP3 to mitigate until we can locate the exact bug in the networking stack.

I’d say no more than 5x the salary of the lowest paid employee in the country in which they live.

vim in terminal
Notepad++ on Windows
VSCode on MacOS

All using Solarized Dark for the color scheme.

My current phone doesn’t support wireless charging but it was convenient in a way. Being able to drop my phone on my magnetic cellphone holder in the card and have it charge at the same time in a single motion was nice. No need to fiddle with any cable, which is nice in a drive-thru with contactless payment.

It also spares the USB port from additional wear. I also kinda expect this to become the norm at some point.

Every list needs a maintainer ;)

EDIT: Here’s a preliminary list


I currently just use a list of known URL shorteners domain names, and it reduced the spam a bit on the subreddit I moderate.

Every platform that becomes popular eventually ends up being spammed.

My suggestion would be some kind of filter that keeps track of several metrics related to the domain name linked, ie how often the domain name is part of reports, how recently the domain name has been registered, etc and if the link seems untrustworthy, have the submission or comment filtered and require a manual approval by the community mod(s) before it shows up for everyone else.

And personally I’d auto-block any URL shorteners services, they don’t serve a valid purpose here and can be used to hide the destination URL.

m-p{3}toPiracyConvenient Music Piracy

My current music library sits at 2.4TB.

I personally host it alongside my Movies and TV Shows library on Plex, and sync a portion of it using PlexAmp­.

If your VPS can’t really handle the load with Kodi in headless mode, I don’t see any other solution that would be lighter CPU-wise.

If you plan on running that kind of stuff on the VPS, I’d suggest you run a VPN client conencted a paid VPN provider on the VPS for that kind of traffic to hide it from the provider.

That’s definitely an important feature for some.

I use it with some casual discussion group where I don’t really need to follow up on everything, and it’s actually great to play some casual games like Jackbox Party Pack with a voice chat and sharing the host’s screen.

And ARPANET, basically the ancestor of the Internet itself.

At least Cinny is kinda close UI-wise to Discord.

They could make their own Linux-based system, completely ignore the license and not distribute the source.

And it’s a good thing for them, being less reliant on a foreign nation for their infrastructure is a good move. It doesn’t stop them from being pissed off when said foreign nations decide to avoid Huawei for their telecom infra.

New Custom Field Type: Linked

Field value is linked to the item’s Username or Password. Given the right field name, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site (…

Hello! …

PowKiddy RGB10 Max

So I bought this handheld device, and so far it’s been able to run almost everything up to the PSX (struggles a bit with most N64 games sadly. …

Hello everyone, …

At the heart of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is RP3A0, a custom-built system-in-package designed by Raspberry Pi in the UK. With a quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor clocked at 1GHz and 512MB of SDRAM, Zero 2 is up to five times as fast as the original Raspberry Pi Zero. …

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A flashable bootable system that easily allows you to boot from a list of ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD files…


Hello Everyone! …

Inside The MagPi magazine #110 …

Starting with Firefox 93, Firefox will monitor available system memory and, should it ever become so critically low that a crash is imminent, Firefox will respond by unloading memory-heavy but not actively used tabs. This feature is currently enabled on Windows and will be deployed later for macOS a…

✨ New

  • Firefox now supports the new AVIF image format, which is based on the modern and royalty free AV1 video codec. It offers significant bandwidth savings for sites compared to existing image formats. It also supports transparency and other advanced features…

Hello everyone, …

You can also use your phone to enable third-party controllers.

This release brings you working imports from your YouTube subscriptions export, an “always go into full screen” toggle when you play a video via the main player, a new Invidious instance, and so much more that you basically have to read on. …


Can it boot from microSD? Can it be used as a controller? Yes and yes …