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  • On the surface they do interconnect (which is what federated systems do) because they all use a protocol called ActivityPub in the backend.

    However the way apps interact with a service like this is through either an API or some kind of frontend system.

    Each of these platform uses a different API to let apps interacts with it, so the app need to figure out which platform it’s connecting to and use the correct API. So it’s not going to magically work with everything else if you make it work for let’s say Lemmy.

  • m-p{3}toAnnouncementsLemmy v0.18.0 Release
    1 year ago


    Note that you now only have to specify parameters you want instead of all of them.

    That doesn’t seem to apply to the search page. For example, putting https://lemmy.ml/search?q=test&sort=New will lead to The server returned this error: couldnt_find_object. This may be useful for admins and developers to diagnose and fix the error

    Copying the URL of a search (without stripping parameters) and opening it in a new tab so that it doesn’t contains any referers also returns the same error.

    Also great work and congrats on the release 🙂

  • FYI if you want to ensure the community link works on all instances, try to use the following link format for communities.


    Same thing for user accounts


    That way the link is relative to the current instance, and every user will be able to access, subscribe and participate from their own instance instead of being sent to another instance’s website.