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I don’t know of any. Maybe you can build a small website?

You don’t have to host a matrix instance. Creating a room/space on the default matrix.org server is easy and free.

No, I haven’t donated to any open source projects but I have made some small contributions to several projects that I use.

This notification always appears when I open Odysee

i like tech and mr.beast. So I combined them together and voila… the_tech_beast 😂😂

Really strange that Tutanota doesn’t support PGP

I guess it is better to use the LBRY desktop application.

But it is electron

Use https://librarian.bcow.xyz , its an open source javascript free client without any of the tracking things. Well that instance doesn’t seem to work now.

Try https://lbry.itzzen.net/

Here is the source code: https://codeberg.org/librarian/librarian

Does Microsoft teams still work without changing the user agent to Chrome on FF. I wonder mozilla doesn’t override the user agent for microsoft teams??

I am not sure. Can you comment on the video? The creator of the video probably has an answer for that.


Firefox updates always contain some punch👊👊


I forgot to post this. Sorry for the delay