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I have a laptop with a touchscreen. Using a keyboard and mouse is much more comfortable for me.

I disabled the touchscreen driver on my laptop.

cross-posted from: https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/d448aea9-97fe-4b4e-aec2-b62097e8f311 > See one man's prediction of what big cities might look like in 1950. From "Popular Science Monthly," Aug. 1925

I don’t understand this language. But I use librarian and it is pretty good. Librarian is fast and simple. It also doesn’t have any trackers.

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I wonder why this comment is not shown on peertube. The comment left by Than@lemmy.ml is visible bu yours is not.

cross-posted from: https://peertube.tv/videos/watch/7e39b6e7-dccd-4eef-9bf8-30efc28ff7b2 > A quick video about the Federated Universe aka the Fediverse. > > > > Video source: [Framatube.org](https://framatube.org/w/4294a720-f263-4ea4-9392-cf9cea4d5277)

Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.😀

nope. I said the old design, I feel like was for more tech savy users. Now, the new design is welcoming to normal people.

I don’t like it. I prefer the old design. The new design is attractive and will appeal to more young people, I guess.

Yes, Piped does support streaming videos from lbry. But not all the videos. The content creator needs to sync their youtube channel on odysee, then only will this work. So you can’t stream all videos from lbry on piped.

For that, I recommend https://lbry.bcow.xyz

You can easily change the display name of your account. Check the settings.

To check your username, I think you will need to create a new account on the same server or else you can create a new account on another instance and then migrate your account.

Yes, it is possible to migrate your account to a new server. There is an option in the settings.

Pretty cool

This also makes me laugh

what is your profile pic? Is that a generator?

anyway, this is too expensive. I am hearing for the first time about a laptop dedicated for machine learning.