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History support…that is awesome!

Yes, Aegis is the best TOTP app. I recently switched from Authy to Aegis and it is pretty good.

Do you use simplelogin’s premium plan? Just wondering.

what is too weird for you? just wondering

aah ok. Thanks for the info.

who is that person?

Don’t worry. You are never gonna be good at music.

Stop talking to yourself. LOL😂

Like someone said in the comment section ‘I don’t have enough musical knowledge to appreciate this work of art.’

Jacob Collier is not human. He is something else

Incredible guy!

I really love to wear jeans and a t-shirt. If I am going to formal event, I choose a shirt. Here a lot of people are conscious about the dress that they wear, so if I wear something shabby people look at me weird.

What is your fashion style?

Like what type of clothes do you like to wear? …

What should the icon of this community be?

So this community doesn’t really have a community icon and a banner. If you have some suggestions, please leave it down below…