I found this video today and it reminded me of the cartons of milk we’d get all throughout K-12 in the US. Oh the lies we were told about milk and how it was “healthy”, never mind the fact that lots of students, especially non-white students, are lactose intolerant. Fuck them, though, their options …


Should I be an aggressive vegan?

Should I be aggressively vegan? Should I isolate myself from all my non-vegan friends which equals all my friends? Should I kill over veganism? I feel complicit but I don’t want to lose all my friends. Should I get over it?..


[Veganarchist]: Thoughts on dating a non-vegan non-leftist

Basically title. I might be having a crush on a non-vegan who’s quite possibly also not a leftist. Do you have any advice on this?..

In case the picture is not showing to you, the channel’s name is 2hr56xh…

Is there a vegan cheese that DOESN'T taste like cheese?

Weird question, but let me explain: I’m lactose intolerant (and also planning on going full vegan in the future) and I actually get physically nauseous when I smell or taste most dairy products. As a result, I can’t even stand lactose free dairy because of what I assume is a Pavlovian effect, and ov…

Does anyone know how I can buy Impossible Burgers in Canada?

I’ve been wanting to try an Impossible Burger ever since I heard of it, but I’ve never seen it sold in stores near me. Has anyone been able to find them either online from somewhere that ships to Canada, or in a store in the Greater Vancouver area? …


How do you feel about crops fertilized with animal products?

So a lot of crops are fertilized with manure, which usually comes from the cattle industry, and to my knowledge, there’s no reliable way to tell what the plant-based foods you’re buying is fertilized with. …

I’m taken aback by how much the vegan “fish” actually looks like fish!..

Can someone point me to where I can buy vegan fish?

A lot of vegan sushi posts mention “vegan fish” made from some form of plant polymer like konjac, and the pictures they show look absolutely spot on for what fish actually looks like, to the point where I keep doubting if they cheated on the picture by using actual fish. I can’t seem to find much re…

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