Pasta one of our favourite foods - and this pesto is an easy way to enjoy it! You are free to swap out any ingredients for something else you have on hand. We hope you learn a new way to cook up some yummy pasta :)…

Have you commited any error choosing products by obviating some ingredient or confusing it?

I know that a lot of people buy certified ones but I am also concerned of buying food or any other thing without the certification just by checking ingredients (mostly food which is easier). …

Insect farming bakes, boils and shreds animals by the trillion. It’s immoral, risky and won’t resolve the climate crisis…

Don’t farm bugs

Anyone know a way of making vegan "crab legs"?

I know vegan crab meat exists, but they’re usually shredded, and it’s a lot harder to find than “imitation crab”, which is fish. I’m looking for something that at least somewhat mimicks the texture of whole crab leg meat like what they serve at upscale buffets. Also, anyone have any idea how to repl…

Isinglass - Wikipedia

…substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification or fining of some beer and wine. …

Out of Luck of a Old Fashioned Charcoal Grilling Like I am? A 450F Oven, a Metal Cooling Rack, cookie sheet and Those Impossible "Patties" Are All You Need!

I was flipping was trying to DIY plumb clean our sink upstairs with pipe removals thinking it was a “quick fix” but man I was doing other things to try to fix it (hot water, vinegar, etc) as it wasn’t easy nor quick! So it’s time I got my “fix”! …

When buying vegan products or products that don't even involve animals, does whether the company also engage in animal exploitation affect your decision?

The obvious example being food companies and restaurants that sell both vegan and non-vegan food. But there’s more: most clothing companies also sell both vegan synthetic or plant fibre clothing alongside wool, down, leather or even fur, with the bigger ones also doing their own animal (product|*e…

On This German Farm, Cows Are in Charge. Or at Least Coequals.

Increasingly, even Germans who eat meat are purchasing vegan products as concerns over how livestock is kept are encouraging people to turn away from animal products…For the humans at Hof Butenland, the turn away from animals as commodities is not only a question of human morality but of planeta…

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