Rubén Nava had been replaced as director of the local zoo in the city of Chilpancingo on 12 January following the death of a deer there. But an investigation found some animals in the zoo had allegedly been sold, traded or eaten under Nava’s orders.

The species' precipitous population decline has continued year after year. Scientists recently estimated that only 340 North Atlantic right whales remain, including just 70 reproductive females that give birth every three to 10 years.

The Caribbean territory plans to exterminate at least 450 of the invasive primates – but critics disagree with the proposal.

USA: New medicines need not be tested in animals to receive FDA approval
US president Joe Biden signed a legislation already in late December 2022. The change—long sought by animal welfare organizations—could signal a major shift away from animal use after more than 80 years of drug safety regulation.

Hunters in the five Swedish counties with the most wolves will be allowed to kill a total of 75 wolves out of a national population of 460 animals.

Located in a German region famed for its frugality, Tübingen is known for its fiercely green reputation, where veganism and environmental friendliness are the default setting. [This article is from March 2022, but I thought it's interesting despite it's been published months ago. Please correct me if you think I'm mistaken.]

The findings have a tremendous effect on animal welfare laws in the UK and elsewhere.

A driving factor in support for a new legislation is the Indigenous consideration and recognition that animals and humans, and the environment surrounding us, are interconnected.

Just encountered these petitions and thought you may be inferested in signing.

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Amino acid
Advise a resource (link) where I can see the nutritional value, but specifically** I need to know the amount of each amino acids** in each of them, of course, vegetable products.

"While we found that 50% of people wanted penalties increased, there was nearly 80% support for increasing prosecution numbers," a researcher says.

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