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facts 😎


i’m not amerikan, but basically obama bombed ppl in the middle east


youtube ads are based on your search history tho


russia has about 80 federal subjects (think amerikan states), of which a little over 20 are republics, many of which have their own president or head, and corresponding sets of laws

however, iiuc these laws are always a superset of the federal russian laws, that is, they can only “add” on top of them, they can’t “cancel out” federal russian laws

but anyway, the leningrad oblast (a region where st petersburg is located) isn’t a republic, therefore they can’t make their own laws

however, being gay is technically legal in russia, so it wouldn’t matter that much anyway; gay ppl and organisations are often harassed by cops and all that when they enter the spotlight, but overall they’re able to operate okay-ish in this grey zone

to be fair, russia is more progressive in terms of lgbt rights, if not de jure, then de facto: for example, in st petersburg there’s like a million gay bars, the operate relatively openly…

yeah, i’m a windows-anarcho-accelerationist, why do you ask ☺️

it takes like 2 minutes max to learn all the english words used in programming languages, additionally, parsing for smth like c++ is already an absolute nightmare, needlessly complicating it is … needless

you mean for like documentation and discussion and stuff, not the languages themselves hopefully?

i’m the best indicator, just ask me 😊

Move to Italy. Good pizza and piracy is legal.

explain pls 👀

yeah, remember, piracy is still illegal in Russia technically 🤷‍♀️

as a child, and only until later in life, i didn’t even know that it was illegal to watch movies for free on the internet, i just thought that it was common intellectual property, provided for free by generous ppl, because this is how everyone i knew watched movies lol

the amount of ppl on reddit cheering for a ww3 on /r/europe and /r/worldnews hit with reality 😬

place is legit utter trash

Nice to see he’s now an unquestionable authority for you. If that was sole reason they would attack in 2014.

authority is not relevant here, you don’t have to trust or distrust the person giving them, you just have to listen to what they say to learn the reasons, because they’re literally just saying them, legitimacy and subtext of those reasons is a separate issue

is that the nazism is to be smashed as soon as possible

i agree, but has that worked out well so far with this war? if anything, all western countries now sympathize with ukraine, providing them with weapons and all that, and pointing out issues with ukraine is now equated to wanting all ukranians dead or something like that

Huge edits happening in your post as i write this.

yeah, sorry, i was trying to rephrase to make my argument more concise

And anyway, the reason for invasion wasn’t it.

putin mentioned “de-nazification” in his speech announcing the war as one of the key reasons

You might not get it, just as nobody in a fucking murica and UK given a shit in the first time.

how does invading ukraine help with their nazi problem?

i never understood this rhetoric: like yes, there is like a nazi group in ukraine, they even have their own small political party, which completely failed to capture any legal mandates whatsoever in every election it ever participated in iirc… how is invading a the country and killing ppl gonna help that? if anything, ukrainians will be forced to band together with them, if it means protection for them…

pretty sure twitter isn’t paying the standard rates, but even if they were, most fediverse instances are also hosted on cloud services…

since anything that is even to the slightest degree related to Russia is downvoted on reddit, admire some fabulous trams of the city of Krasnodar fellow lemmy users :)

What forms of worker self-governance did USSR actually have?
maybe a tldr and/or some resources about this one?