“Some liability protection is warranted, but certainly not for fraud, gross negligence, mismanagement, failure to follow good manufacturing practices,” said Gostin. “Companies have no right to ask for indemnity for these things.” …

Common Cybernetics (c/cyb) concerns itself with increasing the capacity to self-organise - to organise the commons - whether in the form of developing new economic relations, social relations, organisational structures or whatever else. …

What do you think about investing in public markets?

With the reality being that we live in capitalist societies and need retirement income to survive, we all must invest in public stock markets for our future survival, especially considering inflation makes money hold diminishing value. …

The self sacrificing mother is a much glorified image. Often, this restricts women’s freedom and self sufficiency. The Left stands for equality that transcends gender. On this mother’s day, let us welcome our mothers outside the confines of our homes into a wide world. …

Happy Victory Day!

Today marks 76th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. С днем Победы!..

Nearly four and a half decades after the fifth Assembly election in 1977, Kerala has repeated history by re-electing the incumbent government to power. The Left Democratic Front (LDF), led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – CPI(M), has won 99 of the 140 Assembly seats in the state to co...

A short outline I wrote suggesting a metaphor with which to think about cybernetics in the context of socialing technology. I hope its helpful to some of you. I’ll be uploading something more in depth on the subject in the next week or so. …

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