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Great study into capitalism, and the need to own the means of production

Ive a new server, intended to discuss socialist ideas and plans for implementation within europe, join away!

Resources about Cybersocialism / Computational Economics?
As a reformed neo-liberal, I recently came across Cockshott's [Towards a New Socialism](, and I have to say I'm absolutely stunned. I never even considered there could be anything other than markets to allocate resource in an at least somewhat efficient manner. I realize that the field has received very little attention, and I am unable to find much other sophisticated research on the topic of computer-optimized central planning or modern takes on the economic calculation problem. Here are the few things I did manage to find: [Economic Calculation in Light of Advances in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence]( [Review of Towards a New Socialism? by W. Paul Cockshott and Allin F. Cottrell]( Does anyone know any other things I can look into?

The idea of free information is incompatible with the existence of corporations that profit from its commodification. The battle to make information free is the battle for an entirely different world.

How does the profit motive under Capitalism come to exist?
We all know the argument that profit motive is part of human nature is false. Yet I'm still not sure why capital owners pursue profits. Is it the difference of self-interest vs collective interest? If so then wouldn't that enforce the argument on human nature? Or am I missing a crucial aspect of the Capitalist system? I'm genuinely wondering. Edit: Sorry for not being able to answer all of the comments, the blocklist of my instance sadly won't let me see all of the comments.

disclaimer: I didn't create the video, just sharing here

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