All his Cuba and international stuff is great, he doesn't vilify them or make shitty jokes

Yes, as the video states. --- Config files and GUIs are not opposed; some GUI applications use config files (bless them).

Col. Russell Williams — Brilliant police interrogation and confession (2hr+)
cross-posted from: > A confident and cocky military man strode into the interview room and a broken and degenerate killer and sexual sadist shuffled out, after being prompted to confess his shocking crimes.

Street Epistemology: Kendall | Transgenderism (Gender is Binary)
Why people can't have conversations like this?

> An exploration of what we may do to be active and organize in a Post Roe v Wade United States. These are just some suggestions, How do you plan to stay active in this era?

Neat vids from youtube or wherever. Rules later

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