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Scrambled tofu with spring onions. It takes 10 minutes and only requires a pan and a surface where to cut the vegetables. You need one spring onion, 300g of tofu, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, oil, garlic powder, soy milk (sugar-free), any vegetable (I usually use peppers, but also broccoli, spinach or any other vegetable, or beans are good too)

  • cut the spring onion very thinly (just the “white part”). I usually cut a few of them and then freeze (or put in the fridge) the rest
  • also cut peppers in cubes. Again, I usually cut 3/4 peppers at time so I’m good for a week or more. You can freeze what you don’t need right now
  • scramble the tofu (I do it with my hands, I usually cut it in smaller blocks first)
  • pour one spoon of olive oil on the pan and heat it for one minute
  • add spring onions and tofu, and cook the thing for 3-4 minutes or until the tofu starts to gain a darker color
  • add two spoons of nutritional yeast, one teaspoon of salt, 1/4 spoon of turmeric, a sprinkle of garlic powder, add the vegetables
  • cook it for 4/5 minutes
  • turn off the fire, add 4/5 spoons of soy milk, and mix everything

Every time I see this picture I cannot think to that time someone posted it in r/anarchocapitalism ironically captioned “the world if roads aren’t built by the state”

deleted by creator

The community icon has been set by its original creator, @tensor@lemmy.ml, which has long been offline. I have to admit I’ve never noticed it before because I’ve set uBlock to filter out community icons (it took me a while to figure out what this post was about lol). All leftists are welcome here - this community is not necessarily more anarchist than it is marxist

riccardotoVeganVeganism and eggs

Hello there

Chiming in with the mod hat to make a clarification about this community, since the sidebar doesn’t contain any rule or posting guidelines (yet).

We would like to keep this community free from posts trying to debate or poking holes into veganism, especially if the post is about something that has been widely discussed over time, like eggs consumption. The community is still small, and this is the first post of this kind - but I and the other active mod are probably not going to invest energy in moderating or answering to this kind of discussions. We will update the sidebar to reflect what I’ve just explained and maybe redirect this kind of posts to a more suitable community. Feel free to message me on Matrix if you need any clarification

Can disagree and prove that, join Telegram, check the mirror channels and other groups. They mirror anything, gore, live leak, CCTV cams, etc.

What? Do you think that ATMs security footage are just available in the wild or are uploaded to public spaces on Telegram or Mega or whatever?

Self-hosting is more expensive than cheap cloud, otherwise everyone would self-host which is not the case

Storage is cheap. The company I work for handles the security cams installed by some local town administrations (around 400 cams in total), and the entirety of the footage we collect is stored on our proprietary infrastructure. Of course you need some terabytes of storage at hand, but it’s not an ever-increasing amount of data because footage is erased every week to free up space and comply with the law. We work for third-parties so we have no interest in breaking the law and keeping footage past its expiration date, so I have no idea of what happens with banks and the footage they collect, but I’m pretty sure these kind of things are often handled on a local infrastructure, usually with the support of specialized IT companies (I don’t work for such a company but we somehow offer this service just to publicly-administrated entities and compete in the market with specialized companies) which are liable for what happens to the collected data. It’s not always so obvious that large amount of data = google or amazon-hosted. For what I’ve been able to see (keep in mind, this is anecdotal experience), it’s the opposite

can’t believe the right used to brag about their humor lol the alt-right is truly a bunch of 16 y/o who just discovered 4chan from an edgy jokes youtube compilation

I’ve discovered this track yesterday in a movie (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, great soundtrack overall btw) and then I listened to their album Weekend World - it’s great! So glad I discovered them

This makes me think about that banksy artwork that says you’re allowed to dispose as you wish of any ad you’re shown in public spaces

They missed the opportunity to introduce spoilers for pictures too :(

Anyway, a few notes about translations:

  • language detection is done locally using google’s language ID kit, when an user taps on a message (language detection and the “translate” option are disabled by default and the user needs to enable the feature from the language settings)
  • when an user uses the “translate” option, Telegram sends a request containing the target language and the text to translate from your device to an undocumented Google Translate endpoint (the one the Translate app uses) with a desktop user-agent, and then shows the result. I wonder what Google thinks about this weird implementation, since their translation APIs (those developers are supposed to use) are paid…

And anyway, I hope there will be an option in the future to disable the reactions animation. And also more emojis (namely: 👀 )

idk why people say it’s creepy, Dolores’ my best friend during my car trips and loves to listen me rage about traffic

The Android app allows reproducible builds since 2016:

As of our latest Android release, Signal builds are reproducible. Reproducible builds help to verify that the source code in our GitHub repository is the exact source code used to build the compiled Signal APK being distributed through Google Play.


Remaining Work

Reproducible builds for Java are simple, but the Signal Android codebase includes some native shared libraries that we employ for voice calls (WebRTC, etc). At the time this native code was added, there was no Gradle NDK support yet, so the shared libraries aren’t compiled with the project build.

Getting the Gradle NDK support set up and making its output reproducible will likely be more difficult.

No idea if progress has been made about native shared libraries, but there are probably more info about this in their reproducible builds readme

I don’t think this is available for the iOS app (there is an open issue on GitHub about this)

It’s not possible. There’s a github issue where this feature request has been discussed

There are only ~90 posts there, and the oldest one that tries to explain what is r/antiwork2’s purpose is this one:

Can’t wait to say I was among the first 20 people to join AntiWork2
This sub should be as commie as possible now that the og AntiWork has way more people in it and most of them haven’t been exposed to leftism much. We keep it chill in AntiWork and then here we go full dankie tankie.


Do I need a Dropbox account to see this meme? The url asks me to login 🤔

The ability to tag posts (what are called “flairs” on reddit)


Durov introduces Telegram’s take on ads in his Russian channel. …

I’ve noticed this mostly from Quentin’s posts, but some other people from that instance posted here on lemmy.ml and their posts had 0 as score. You can tell it’s not because downvotes, otherwise the downvotes count would show up. …




[meta][closed] Suggest a new name for this community (!RuinRomance won)

Judging from a recent thread, many people would like Lemmy communities not to adopt a naming that includes the “porn” suffix, which is something that (I guess) originated on reddit but we don’t necessarily need to adopt here as well. …