24 y.o. from Italy working a boring 9/5 IT job.


Hasn’t done anything remarkable in his life and writing bios always reminds him that. Luckily, he has no ambition but to refer to himself in third person in online bios

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CTRL+F “feder”, or the top comment in the thread. The guy hosting the AMA answers to a question about federation by explaining some thoughts about sustainability and usability of a federated service, thought he doesn’t try to address how that would work with cryptpad

Metadata is not a concern with family and close friends, which is what one should be using it with onl

Unfortunately this is the real world and whatsapp is used by two billion people for all kind of stuff: work chats, meme chats, business-to-client chats, local chats, news chats, even public chats which invite links are posted on Instagram pages and Facebook groups. Of course the app being very popular and, in some countries, almost impossible to leave behind (“how could I ever stop to use whatsapp? I have all my contacts and chats there!”) makes a very fertile environment for spammers, scammers, stalkers, and all this kind of people whatsapp doesn’t want on its platform. Cause they are annoying and dangerous for tech-illiterate people and boomers. So yeah at the end of the day, in a platform that is already compromised at its roots, moderation have a reason to exist even if the chat app is encrypted because it helps to flag actually annoying or dangerous accounts, and of course it helps big corps to keep their image clean - they don’t want to be associated with spam or other shady stuff.

Also: assuming even the dumbest of the users would come to the conclusion that if you use a red button labeled “report”, the message is going to be examined by some platform moderator to judge whether it is legitimate or not, why would you be so scared of a scenario where your chat partners have the ability to willingly send your plain text messages to WhatsApp/Facebook? If this is a possibility, isn’t your chat with this person compromised already in first place? As they can willingly do whatever they want with the unencrypted content they receive anyway

Hmm, honestly, I don’t understand what’s weird about it. Of course if you report a message, it will be sent in plaintext to some moderator which then will have to evaluate the report. How would reports work otherwise? Among all the things that make whatsapp a compromised platform (obfuscated closed source code, constant push to enable google/apple cloud backups, recurring vulnerabilities being discovered every other month, being owned by literally Facebook, metadata being collected and kept at the disposal of Facebook), this seems the least relevant to me. I mean, I didn’t expect their report system to work any differently. I definitely back your suggestion to move to Signal or some other alternative of course!

Indeed, I cannot reproduce it anymore with JS enabled

Thanks for posting this, I remember that when federation was first being tested I ran into the same bug but I didn’t have time to report it and eventually forgot to post. I have JS enabled, have you tried to temporarily enable it and try to reproduce?

As far as I know, the SponsorBlock guys have been linking an updated version of their fork (with the SponsorBlock integration) since the PR was submitted. They update it as soon as new NewPipe releases are published. You can find the link in the PR


France is the homeland of funk! No wonder FunkWhale gained some traction there :)

Anyway, I love FunkWhale. It’s the only service in the Fediverse I’m self-hosting with some friends, we have our own instance where we upload and share all of our favourite music. It’s so sad to see the project being quite stagnating now that Agate stepped back, she did a great job

users are asked to step in and volunteer as unpaid moderators for filtering spam

This is interesting. Have you had a chance to look at how it works? I’ve seen people saying that moderation is in fact done by volunteers who vote on reported content (if 4 people out of 5 decide the content is not legit, it is removed or hidden), but I’m curious about how it works: what do these people get to vote on? Can they vote on any post, or they have some kind of queue of reports to review? How are these people chosen? Do you get, like, a request from Parler to help them out with moderation or is it based on some sort of karma score? Or maybe they just voluntarily apply? Or maybe it’s just contextual and when a post gets marked as reported, the first 5 people to vote will decide its faith?

r/ParlerWatch is probably what you’re looking for, although I do not suggest you to go there. I hate to be reminded the level of toxicity the right can reach when given an unmoderated platform to vent in

Ah yes, 2020’s Gab/Voat. I wanted to try it out to see how its “frontpage” looked like, but it requires a phone number. No thanks

The only way to fix it is scoring -1500 reddit karma in one week by calling carnists hypocrite under posts about animal abuse on cats and dogs, then they’ll list you back

This is the first time I hear about it, excellent indeed

Did you, by chance, forgot to announce you’re vegan while entering a room? I once forgot to do that (because of B12 deficiency (I’m vegan btw)), got delisted automatically

You want to use english because you think it is truly international?, there is a section for you, you feel confident with your own language and english seems truly difficult for you or you even don’t know english?, there is other section for you and you just participate with the people who want to share that without any issue.

This is the problem here, there’s no further categorization by language on lemmy, or on any other news-aggregation forum, as far as I know. And there’s no language filter like in Mastodon et similar. People who want to be able to start a discussion in their own language usually create a separate, localized community, while the main one continues to use English. This is the case here too I guess. There’s not really a lot of people here yet and the vast majority seems to be confident with English, as proven by the absence or inactivity of region-specific communities. I wonder how many people would participate if I posted some Italian articles in c/movies, and how many people would participate in the community at all if the frontpage was 10 threads in 6 different languages 🤔

Hmm. So you’re saying you refuse to stay in a community that requires everyone to speak the same language? If everyone started to post articles in their own native language here (or in any other community), it would result in a complete mess - you wouldn’t be able to know what a discussion is about without copy-pasting stuff (comments, whole articles, etc) to a translation service, and a lot of people wouldn’t join discussions or find what they are looking for, well, for obvious reasons. Now, I know this is a really small community and people are not going to start to post articles in this and that language (hell, people isn’t posting at all lol) - but this is the case because it’s common sense to speak English in international communities so everyone can take a sit and join the discussion. It feels weird to explain that and I don’t want to go on a crusade for such a small community, maybe I’m just failing to understand what you meant

Since this is an international community, it would be nice if people posted content in a language everyone can consume

I think Lemmy mainly attracts people with a tech background, which are more likely to be conscious about themes such as privacy and security. Telegram doesn’t offer e2e encryption by default, which is deemed as the very bare minimum for a messaging app that markets privacy and security as its selling points. So yeah, Telegram isn’t really seen by privacy-aware people as something they would use or suggest to their circles - there’s people that downvotes everything that contains the word “Telegram” in its title. We definitely have some on Lemmy

I like that now the “view replies” button has been enabled in group chats that do not have a linked channel, but it’s a bit sad that the “view thread” option isn’t always available, probably in an attempt to keep the message menu short to not overwhelm users. Now in a group with friends, to open the “thread view”, I have to jump through all the replies until I find the root message :( still, I find this new option really useful

I use toml as much as I can for configs. It looks really readable to me, but I can understand how some people find it not really immediate, especially when reading arrays of tables

chapo.chat doesn't allow to sign up, for how long is it going to stay closed?

Today i found out https://chapo.chat is finally a thing, but as far as I can see, they don’t allow anyone to register anymore. I tried to look in /c/main, but i don’t see any post about closing the subscriptions. Does anyone know why it’s closed, and for how long the…

Is it possible to appoint new mods in a community you own?

I’ve digged into my communities settings, but I didn’t see any option. I initially thought it wasn’t possible but today I saw c/chapotraphouse has a new mod. Maybe I’m missing something?..