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Hasn’t done anything remarkable in his life and writing bios always reminds him that. Luckily, he has no ambition but to refer to himself in third person in online bios

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If Gus Johnson made music videos

Discovering all the cool stuff you can use aquafaba for totally blew my mind

What’s the difference between Molly and LibreSignal, for Signal as a company? Shouldn’t Moxie ask them to stop using their infrastructure like they did with LibreSignal? Maybe Signal is not aware of its existence?

Anyway, looks promising. A really nice fork

Holy shit this is unreal. The level at which people have been brainwashed…

I appreciate that we are discussing this. Although Signal is like what every cryptographer is suggesting to use, the fact that it is a company based in the US has always overly bugged me. Also considering that as a no-profit, in its early days, the government funded a considerable part of its development.

From a privacy point of view, though, I wouldn’t suggest to use Telegram over it. I strongly believe Durov is driven by the right principles and that he would rather shut everything down and throw the servers into a volcano instead of sharing his users’ data with governments or mine them for advertisers, but Telegram is still vulnerable to hacks and data breaches and I wouldn’t like my data to appear in some torrent zip if shit happens.

I’m trying to move friends and family to Signal, but just because Threema and Element are not free (as in “free beer” of course) or as user-friendly as Signal is. The chats I’m unable to move will stay on Telegram. The chats I do not really care about that much will stay on WhastApp. As of today (and after an effort that has been lasting for almost an year), I’ve been able to move a three people group chat to Signal (plus I some friends have it installed on their phone so I can write them there). I like to take part in discussions about messengers too (because it’s effectively the app that most people can’t really live without - messaging apps are the heart of our social life), but these discussions are only theoretical to me because once I have to log off and try to actually move my circles somewhere, I have to face the harsh reality and clash with a number of social and educational obstacles that are really hard to overcome. So I end up resorting to the same cheap arguments such as “Telegram has a ton of cool stuff, let’s move our chat there” and “Signal has the same functions as WhatsApp but at least it’s not facebook, we should try it out” and the ethical aspect completely fades out. And (with Signal in particular) the chat will move back to whatsapp as soon as we have to add a new member I haven’t been able to “brainwash” with my propaganda /rant

So after writing these paragraphs, I’ve only now noticed that the article you’ve linked is something that Durov used to share often a few years ago on twitter and on Telegram. Yes the story is actually quite creepy, it almost sounds like a novel. I actually believe he might have romanticized it a little bit to be honest, but at least it explains why he’s so opposed to anything that comes from the US. He recently said he doesn’t actually care about how much Telegram is gaining in popularity in the US after the recent (current) surge in global downloads lol

I’ve lived for a good two years without Google on my phone, this summer I had to put it back because of exposure notifications. I’m planning to get rid of it again shortly.

As for Amazon, it’s really hard to avoid to buy from them as we are in the middle of a pandemic and sometimes other alternatives are too expensive, even if I live in a western country (Italy). I’m trying to buy as much second hand products as I can and I’m actually surprised of how much I’ve been able to save for objects that are often still good and usable. Buying second-hand still involves big tech corps (eBay/Subito mostly) but at least it’s not Amazon and at least I’m not supplying further demand for new goods. And a lot of times I just rather go to the nearest physical shop instead of buying online (now it’s almost impossible since I have no time to go during the week and during the weekend most shops are closed). How’s going with Amazon though? What kind of products are you going to buy from somewhere else? I was using Amazon mostly for books, home stuff (like small furniture and disposable goods) and tech stuff (pc components, cables, hubs and this sort of things). Tech stuff are definitely the most comfortable to shop for because of the enormous choice Amazon offers

Sadly reddit has become super contaminated with censorship

What have they been censoring lately? Last time I’ve heard about communities being removed was with the ban wave that involved r/ChapoTrapHouse and other smaller subs. I’m a bit out of the loop, did they close other subreddits too?

You need to make the user comment in the community. Their posts will have an option to promote them as moderator

maybe it will be the year of linux desktop

wondering if the temporary containers mitigates this

Yes, apparently containers do isolate what network partitioning will now isolate on a first-party domain basis (wiki)

I have mixed feelings about mixing up rap and lo-fi. I generally do not like it very much, but there are artists that made some very interesting albums experimenting with rap samples and lo-fi/nuJazz/future funk, such as “Nineteen” from Desired or generally a lot of work from Nxxxxxs (I don’t know if you can really call his work lo-fi though, the lofi genre landscape is very vast and confusing to me :))

What Android keyboard do you use?

Keyboards are probably one of the most sensitive apps on our phones, having access and handling practically everything we type. I’ve stopped using keyboards that require network access and started using only opensource apps a few years ago. What are your favorite, privacy-respecting android keyboard…

Notifications delay is a common issue for every messaging app relying on google’s push notifications, because based on the android specs, manufacturers are allowed to aggressively “battery-optimize” apps relying on FCM for push notifications. WhatsApp is not relying on them for example, and in a lot of cases OEMs specifically whitelist it from aggressive battery optimization. I’ve had this issues with friends that started to use Signal, Telegram, Wire and even Slack and DiScord. They were not receiving messages until I told them how to exclude the apps from aggressive battery optimization. Unfortunately there isn’t a common standard way to do that, but every OEM has its own place in the settings to check (and sometimes it’s more than one). You can refer to https://dontkillmyapp.com/ or to Slack’s help page about this issue, which is quite well explained

I also like this one, although it’s not really related

Just leaving some useful links too for archival purposes: r/DataHoarder did an excellent job at retrieving as much footage as possible. All the stuff is being packed together and being shared via:

  • Mega (OP’s directory) (edit: it has been reported and removed by Mega)
  • torrent (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c91aa813f2ad2d982e0d760bfce62deefc9d9b5d&dn=Trump%20protest%20Jan%2006%202021&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337, this is the original comment from the user who packet it. There’s of course already a good number of people seeding it)
  • an opendir (there are several, but this is the most updated one) + another + another

archive.is archive of the thread and wayback machine archived version

how can they be trusted not to read the messages to run targeted advertisement?

They can’t. Anyway, we’ll see how they will implement advertisements in channels. Hopefully they come up with a better ads model, not based directly on the user interests. Since a Telegram channel usually revolves around a single theme or topic, ads could be targeted based on channels affinity, without having to tailor them to the user interests. In the post, Durov talks about ads in relation to how they are currently ran by third-parties (or by the community, in the form of channel owners’ informal agreement of mutual advertising). The future ads platform might be shaped on this logic and operate in a similar way, without having to rely on analytics on the users interests to exploit their attention. Durov has a pretty decent vision on consumerism and users exploitation for revenue, hopefully they will do it in a decent way. But this is just speculation. We will see how this thing will roll. This might as well mark the end of Telegram as an user-friendly, quite ethical alternative to corporate-owned messaging platform

Our World in Data’s source article

Also a couple of other studies I bookmarked some time ago about land usage/habitat loss and animal agriculture:

The first two Nature links are paywalled but I am sure I have the pdf laying around somewhere in my pc. I will link them as soon as I find them

Almost impossible to keep a whatsapp group tidy and organized enough for the needs of an university. It’s hard to properly collect and index useful conversations. Topics get mixed all together. Chat history is local, if you loose your phone you might end up loosing the whole history. You are forced to share your phone number with people you might not even know or trust. You’re handing your metadata to Facebook.

Lemmy would be a pretty cool tool to have, idk, subject-based or course-based communities that allow discussions to develop in comments forests. You can link stuff easily. You have mods moderating these communities which is not possible in whastapp (eg. can’t delete a useless or disturbing post for everyone). People can subscribe only to the topics they care about and are not forced to go through one shared chat history to find discussions they are interested in.

I mean, in general, I find whatsapp groups to be good only for chit-chats. In the messaging world alone (so not considering “news aggregator” sites such as Lemmy) there are far better and friendly alternatives such as Discord, Mattermost, Element, Telegram, which allow a much more organized discussion to happen, with a good degree of moderation and indexing capabilities

Total noob here but by browsing the sourcecode, I’ve found the function/regex that checks for the email correctness (permalink). I guess that by looking at the existing code and at the is_email_regex function, you can rather easily add an additional check to make sure the email is bound to the domain you want. No idea if this function/regex is the one the code actually tests email addresses against to check whether they are valid or not

Edit: apparently that function is not used in the registration process, but in the login one. I’m totally cluelessly wandering across the code so someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Apparently the registration process is handled here. I think that if you add an additional check on the email address here, you can obtain the result you’re looking for

Something like:

lazy_static! {
  static ref UNI_REGEX: Regex =

pub fn is_uni_regex(test: &str) -> bool {

and then in the file I linked above:

if !is_uni_regex(data.email) {
  return Err(APIError::err("unauthorized_email_domain").into());

…and you’d have to add a new unauthorized_email_domain key to the translations file. Again I hope I’m stressing it enough, do not trust me. There are probably more correct or consistent ways of doing it. I’m just trying to figure out by myself lol

Edit again: as far as I remember, Lemmy doesn’t send any verification url to the user email, so one could just make up an email address using the required domain and the account would be valid

Anyway yes, as AgreeableLandscape said, as long as you respect the AGPL license, you can do whatever you want to the public sourcecode, including adding this kind of verification

Are you communists still stuck with this argument? I think it’s undeniably true that Bezos worked 270.000 times harder during his lifetime than the average American. Redistribution of wealth is a leftist hoax, better to wait for it to trickle down ✨

Also add to this all his covid bs, using arbitrary made-up predictions to excuse the exploitation of his workers during a pandemic

chapo.chat doesn't allow to sign up, for how long is it going to stay closed?

Today i found out https://chapo.chat is finally a thing, but as far as I can see, they don’t allow anyone to register anymore. I tried to look in /c/main, but i don’t see any post about closing the subscriptions. Does anyone know why it’s closed, and for how long the…

Is it possible to appoint new mods in a community you own?

I’ve digged into my communities settings, but I didn’t see any option. I initially thought it wasn’t possible but today I saw c/chapotraphouse has a new mod. Maybe I’m missing something?..