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It looks absolutely gorgeous, but I will never understand how people can use brakes-less bikes. I used one for my work commute for two months before buying my own, and I nearly killed myself three times lol

I remember when I was in high school that this kind of bikes became very popular among “the cool kids” from the inner city where I live, so I imagine it’s just a matter of time and experience. Still I haven’t been able to get used to them in 30+ days. How do you manage hard braking without twisting your ankle? Genuinely asking

Hopefully so, when the villain of the first Super movie turned out to be Broly I was kinda pissed off, even if he ended up being an almost completely different character with his own new backstory.

I remember seeing a super cool movie poster fan art that was depicting a scenario where some angel turns out to be a villain (which would be super cliché and something everyone probably expect to happen sooner or later). I have to admit such that having to fight one/more angels, despite being like one of the most predictable things that could happen, is something that I would dig, it holds a lot of potential

Edit: apparently that fan art was made to promote a fan-made manga, and this is an alt art

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bisognerebbe chiedere agli admin. Diorama va e viene, l’altro mi sa che è andato

Oh my god I’m so tired of this guy creating fake accounts and posting uselessly long ads in here

I made a Telegram bot to add and get an overview of my qBittorrent torrents

It’s a simple python bot that makes it easier for me to manage my qBittorrent torrents, without having to publish and use qbittorrent’s web interface, which is a bit of an hassle from mobile …

RSS feeds from a number of sites. Mainly Il Post to keep up with what’s happening in the world and in my country. I frequently browse lemmy and sometimes HackerNews. I also follow some subreddits. I keep up with both RSS feeds and reddit feeds from Telegram, because it’s easy to use both from desktop and mobile, and I can easily share news to family & friends, or forward them to a bot that saves them to my Wallabag

since he is very open on how Telegram is working

The “very open” approach to this would be releasing the servers sourcecode, instead of stating proofless claims that can’t be verified by anyone

Hopefully Pavel will release the source code of MTProto once the Russian government are more humane

By that reasoning, they shouldn’t be releasing the clients’ sourcecode either, because it’s incredibly trivial for a government to fork the android/ios app and release their spyware telegram client in disguise and access the users’ plaintext chats without having to decrypt a single byte of data. And it’s probably what’s already happening with a good number of Iranian telegram clients. Since MTProto is not supposed to federate, I don’t even see how would a competing messaging app based on Telegram’s architecture be able stand up against Telegram’s current users base. These sound like cheap excuses. I too give Durov a good degree of trust, being a Telegram user since its early days, but I really don’t understand why they’re so precious about the servers sourcecode now that they have half a billion MAU

Edit: re-reading my post, I have to add that releasing the clients source code is way more important from a security and auditing point of view though, so my comparison is not totally fair. It’s still true though that Durov is using an hypothetical scenario to justify a choice that forbids anyone from auditing Telegram’s servers source code to verify that Durov’s claims are really legit and that their storage encryption is actually helpful against physical access attacks, which is very important for a service where the sever technically has the ability to access plaintext users data

Ah giusto, non mi ricordavo !italia@lemmy.ml fosse un segnaposto

where is the proof that Telegram only encrypt your data in transit?

Telegram does encrypt your group chats only in transit and the source is exactly the FAQ you linked:

We support two layers of secure encryption. Server-client encryption is used in Cloud Chats (private and group chats), Secret Chats use an additional layer of client-client encryption.

server-client encryption implies that group chats are encrypted in transit only. Also this is an article from Durov saying this:

the encryption is the same in both cases, but in cloud chats our servers do have access to the encryption key

Anyway it’s widely implied in the FAQ that non-secret chats are encrypted in traffic only, see also this FAQ. The fact that they say that they can’t access your messages only when the chat is e2e encrypted (=secret chats) implies everything else can be accessed by whoever run their infrastructure (which luckily is proprietary)

If you can throw your phone with your only active Telegram session in a river, and can restore your entire chats history from a new device by logging in again to your Telegram account (provided you can receive the verification code), it means that the server can technically access your cloud chats (which is one of Telegram’s selling points)

That being said, Telegram also claims that your cloud chats data is stored encrypted on their datacenters and the encryption keys are split across them, but this can’t be verified without the backend infrastructure source-code. The burden of proof relies on them

Ce ne sono due in realtà, anche se decisamente inattive: !italy@lemmy.ml e !italia@lemmy.ml


Since the linked article doesn’t provide any link to the source material, here’s DuckDuckGo blogpost (March 2020) where they give an overview of what Tracker Radar is, along with a few scenarios where its data can be used


Every time I see goku using mastered ultra instict I can’t help thinking about Mr. Popo explaining him what it was back in the “og” dragonball days. So ahead of his time lol. Anyway I’m really glad to see Vegeta stepping back for once, and I’m really interested in knowing how Freeza will be introduced in the current events. I suspect the fight between Goku and Granolah will be a short sparring and something’s going to happen before one of them crumbles. I believe at some point he will turn to Goku and Vegeta’s side as the story progresses, no idea what’s going to change his mind though

Don’t trust nothing unless you can see it’s code

Isn’t it the case with Brave?

Good ol’ Corporate Memphis

First reaction to this was “ugh, what’s wrong now with Wikipedia that we need an alternative front-end?”, but the issue is actually with Wikipedia being a sensitive target for NSA surveillance which makes it more likely to be compromised. Also nice list of NSA facts, bookmarked

I… uh… wasn’t expecting some of these things to happen

[SOLVED] Can't enable scores back

Hello everyone, …



I was beat up by left anarchists in Greece

I don’t usually use forums or Reddit, I usually just post comments on Ancap blogs like Molyneux or Cantwell’s blog, but they didn’t seem appropriate places to post my story. So here goes, I just wanted to share this with all of you. …

Telegram releases two new web apps that are supposed to replace the old web client

This hasn’t been officially announced yet (will probably be announced with the release of Telegram 7.7), but a new ticket appeared on the bugs & suggestions platform introducing two new web clients: …

Telegram for Android's APK can now be downloaded from the website

More or less one week ago, Telegram started to publish the Android app’s APK on its website. …

Motherboard verified the tool, which comes in the form of a bot on the social network and messaging platform Telegram, outputs accurate phone numbers of Facebook users that aren’t included in the dataset of 500 million users. …

Quoting @durov’s announcement:

🎉 More good news – I am happy to share that Telegram has raised over $1 billion by selling bonds (a form of debt) to some of the largest and most knowledgeable investors from all over the world. This will enable Telegram to continue growing globally while sticking t…