I made a Telegram bot to add and get an overview of my qBittorrent torrents

It’s a simple python bot that makes it easier for me to manage my qBittorrent torrents, without having to publish and use qbittorrent’s web interface, which is a bit of an hassle from mobile …

We have so many options through which to communicate with our friends and relatives during the lockdown, thanks to our smartphones and the number of apps that serve all possible needs. Impressive as they are though, a smartphone is not suitable for everyone. …

Telegram releases two new web apps that are supposed to replace the old web client

This hasn’t been officially announced yet (will probably be announced with the release of Telegram 7.7), but a new ticket appeared on the bugs & suggestions platform introducing two new web clients: …

Telegram for Android's APK can now be downloaded from the website

More or less one week ago, Telegram started to publish the Android app’s APK on its website. …

Quoting @durov’s announcement:

🎉 More good news – I am happy to share that Telegram has raised over $1 billion by selling bonds (a form of debt) to some of the largest and most knowledgeable investors from all over the world. This will enable Telegram to continue growing globally while sticking t…

Of course some of us have already deleted our WhatsApp accounts, but I did actually backup a few of my chats, so I’ll be trying this out when it gets to Android. …

Highlights of the blogpost: …


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