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But why does the world need both?

Is there an XMPP alternative to Element, and is it potentially a better choice?

I assumed that XMPP is obsolete or abandonned, so Matrix is the new attempt to make internet messaging work.

This is the kind of person who should be in the list. Cases where there is no doubt about the facts of the matter, and where people in dealings with him should be forewarned about his character.

In his case, he is infamous now, so he will presumable never work again. But there must be many cases where people like him continue to work and do damage, because people will trust his authority, where they need to be warned that he is a criminal liar.

Just an example how mainstream media - what everyone is reading - describes latest events. It’s like they’re looking through a pinhole. …

I’d never heard of it.


Sounds great. But really, what’s the difference betwee XMPP and matrix? It sounds like they do the same things.

It’s true, there are a few israelis who massacre palestinians, and but the vast majority of israelis (AFAIK) have been living peacefully is mixed communitied for generations.

But it cuts both ways. There probably do exist palestinians who desire that, but many others who do not.

It’s the composition fallacy. General statements like that about a population are not just wrong, they are a complete fiction.

IIRC the idea is that all of the holy lands should belong to the jews. There is a description somewhere in the bible, and it includes a big chunk of iraq and other countries. Israel wants to reclaim all these lands for the jews, that the bible says once belonged to them.

That’s why they settled/invaded there in the first place, though they were actually offered other lands to built their jewish state on.

It’s complicated. Here is a more detailed version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_of_Israel

That’s a good point, why israel is really going after iran lately. If iran is the only territory substantially opposing israel’s expansion.

So there’s the idea of control being decentralised. But there’s also the idea of truth being decentralised - like different instances could disagree with each other. I would love to see how it would work in practice.

food packaging info

It’s great that we can see on packaging if the eggs we buy are from chickens tortured in a pit of despair, or ones better cared for. …

A civil criminal record

There are two conflicting ideas in criminal law

  1. The commit a crime. Do your punishment. After you complete your penance you are free to live a normal life again. You have paid your debt, and the crime is expunged. You are a free and innonent man again…

I’m sure you could make a firefox plugin that does the same thing.

Just log how much time you spend on each website, then when you pass a threshold, say 2hr, ask you to send money, say 2euro. Then when there is enough money in the website’s pot, say 200euro, they email the website owner and ask them to make a libera account to collect the money.

I think that’s all brave does anyway.

Where did the money really go, if these guys didn’t steal it?

it happened because software was taken at its word.

By who? What is his punishment going to be?

the Post Office’s legal department was aware that the software could produce inaccurate results,

So it’s not any software’s fault. There was a conspiracy within the post office.

Anybody here any theories?

The statement from Mr Goldstein is pure gibberish. It sounds like he doesn’t know what’s going on either.

I’ve already given you a lot of useful info, that can help you to answer the question for yourself. And you’re not satisfied with that. Now it’s time for you to do your own bit of research. When you do, return the favour and post it back here.

I’d love to see a captcha based on drawing your interpretation of a three-word randomly generated text.

I think you could never teach a robot to do that in a way a human would find convincing.

That’s just a perspective that could only make sense in a culture I’ve never met. In all the places I’ve ever lived, most people use most modes of transport - cars, bicycles, buses, trains, and foot. There are no “cardrivers” versus “pedestrians” versus “passengers” versus “cyclists”.

Sounds like you have bigger problems than just bike-lanes can solve.

Got it. So moderation does happen, but only in extreme cases.

Normally, the user is expected to moderate his own filter bubble, encounter only the content he wants. So the platform has tools (lots of types of tags, I guess) to facilitate that.

It’s not so surprising that two different people have different experiences of the same thing.

There are many problems, but the major one in my area: The cycle lanes are always the rightmost lane. So cars turning right, they stay in the middle lane, then pull across the bike lane as they turn. Then you have cyclists in the right lane, going straight. The only near-accidents I commonly have are all because of this situation.

Before the bike lane were installed, cycling was much easier, with much fewer near-accidents.

It’s just an example. There are many ways that something that seems obvious and easy, it turns out to be complicated, or even counter-productive.

IMO … That’s not usually how it works. Much more effective to create some scandal. Maybe he used to be friends with someone who is now a pedophile. Maybe he once didn’t pay a builder, or shouted at a stranger’s child. There’s always something that can be spun into a career-destroying story. It just needs to be discovered with just the right timing.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a chia seed in my life. We come from different cultures I guess.

We however eat popcorn. Lots of it. We don’t use any fancy machines, we fry the kernels in lard or butter.

Simple everyday meals

Things you can make for a quick snack. Things that take less than 5 minutes to prepare, and that children will eat! …

A possible way to revive newspapers and newswriting

Given that traditional news outlets are dying, is this a possible way to revive it? …

Thoughts about our post-covid world

when an individual goes away into the desert for a while and comes back, he can re-integrate into society. he can learn how to interact again by immersion. but when everyone leaves, for over a year, and there is no society to come back to. …

Open survey about censorship on lemmy

This seems to be becoming the hot topic, the elephant in the chatroom - the balance between censorship / freedom of speech on lemmy. There are solid arguments for both ways, and good compromises too. …

Perfect online security

This is a technique I’ve come up with, intended to be an improvement on the norm, and on multifactor authentication. It is both more secure and more convenient. …

Why did it take so long for hybrid cars to take off?

A (series) hybrid car is technically the similar to a petrol car - they use the same compnents. But a hybrid is actually simpler to build, and higher performance. Why have manufacturers been concentrating on petrol-only cars for decades? …

Is there an easy way to find out how covid 19 is spreading?

I’ve been wondering why this is not done. It seems so obvious, so there must be a good reason. …