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Does any service provide end to end encryption for group video chats? There was a jitsi blog post a while ago saying it’s not possible with the state of the art technology, but they are trying to develop something novel to make it work.

But it will be very profitable. Irresistibly profitable.

Soon enough, we will all find ourselves eating food made with insect protein.

The only way to stop it is urgent political change.


Are you trying to proove that race is biological, not subjective?

This sounds to me like a good, a natural way of dealing with the major flaw in the current French constitution. France needs primaries, to function more like a democracy. And the popular parties have a strong incentive to make it happen…

Are you a motivated activist? Do you have good organisational skills and the energy to build up a movement? In that case we’re sorted.

Okay, it’s not really correct to call it a business. I changed the title.

Could solve a lot of problems. In Northern Ireland, replacing the police ended a war that had lasted 100 years. The devil is in the details though.

Yes that makes a lot of sense. I wish more IT people thought this way.

If hackers can sometimes access your account, that’s bad security. I you sometimes cannot access you’re account, that is also bad security. But many people forget that.

I don’t have data. But I am sure it makes more sense to stop for lunch and plug your lorry into a proper 3 phase charger every few hours. The charging rate you’ll get from an overhead line, and the resistive ineffiencies, and the friction wear. It won’t make sense.

Hybrid is the right way, for all but the smallest vehicles.

So you have all the expense/weight of needing a huge battery on the lorry. And you have all the expense/maintenance putting infrastructure along the highway.

It sounds like the worst of both worlds. I can’t think of any major advantage to this approach, that would make it worthwhile.

Not easier to just put charging stations on the highway?

A transport planner could argue that alright. He doesn’t have enough money or power or time to do his job properly, or he has other pressures on him. He doesn’t have enough training. There could be plenty of excuses, and even legitimate ones.

I do have higher expectations from transport/road planners to fix the transport/road mess, than from transport/road users.

Yes fuel cells could be great in the future.

I’ve never heard of a “battery + overhead lines hybrid”. How does it make sense? If you have a battery then you wouldn’t charge it with overhead lines, you’d use a charging station. If you really don’t have enough charge for one journey, your second choice would probably be a removable locomotive or a removable battery.

Petrol/diesel hybrids don’t need a conventional drivetrain. That’s the beauty of it. I can go into details if you like but there are several flavours of hybrid. You can have a lighter, more powerful, more reliable, more efficient, more ecological vehicle. And this is all really old and common technology. I just don’t see why pure electric is suddenly in fashion this decade. Batteries are getting better but so is everything. It doesn’t suddenly have a new capability it didn’t have 50 years ago.

Ireland and Scotland are unique in the world - they have access to higher quality tidal energy than anywhere else. Scotland is developing it. Ireland is not.

Yes this.

The best way to store energy is as fuel. You can even convert your electricity to fuel, and carry it in a fuel tank on the bus.

I’d like to see a comparison between electric (overhead wire) and diesel (series hybrid) trains though. Why has there been a cultural transition from diesel to electric? There must be some advantage.

Electric bike maintenance

Is it possible to service an electric bike the same as a normal one? …

Wire is open source too. https://github.com/wireapp/wire

IIRC both the server and client code is open source. But I don’t know if that can be easily proven.

I didn’t know about “sealed sender”. Sounds great. Though TBH it doesn’t seem to be working (yet) on my account. Have you actually tested it?

I’m not sure sealed sender is enough to compensate all signal’s other failings. Let’s wait and see.

IMO … this is all a false choice.

If there are too many choices, none will gain critical mass, and all will fail. The key is bridging. Once your messager can bridge to a few other secure messagers (and to email) then it stands a chance of taking on facebook.

Yes it’s a great concept. So simple. “The child wants to learn. He is curious about everything. Just let him do it. Stop trying to direct him.” And it really works. Fortunately it’s really influencing mainstream education too.

It’s 100% correct. But there are othe schools of thought lke Waldorf which also have things to contribute.

Yes, everybody does!

Most people do not drive because they enjoy sitting in a car in traffic jams. Most people don’t enjoy driving at all. They do it because there is no realistic alternative.

Even in places I’ve lived which claim to be “eco” or whatever, the public transport is overcrowded, unreliable, and does not reach enough places.

We blame drivers for driving, when we should be blaming transport planners for not providing enough public transport.

In cities, maybe.

Most people also want to be able to leave the city sometimes.

TBH in places where public transport is sufficient, most people don’t use cars - they don’t need to.

Yes I think using the word “landlord” is misleading. It’s “lords” or “feudal lords” you’re talking about.

If you are thinking about Signal, think Wire instead. It is similar, but does not require a phone number and is not based in a 5 eyes territory.

Activism choices - individual, social or political

I’ve noticed that activists (or just people who care about any public issue, even if they are not very active about it) fall into three categories. …

Things every parent should (at least) know about

Inspired by @jazzfes@lemmy.ml post, his stuff is all recommended by modern research, is easier and healthier and leads to better outcomes than the old-fashioned ways. But still many people don’t know about it. …

Just an example how mainstream media - what everyone is reading - describes latest events. It’s like they’re looking through a pinhole. …

food packaging info

It’s great that we can see on packaging if the eggs we buy are from chickens tortured in a pit of despair, or ones better cared for. …

A civil criminal record

There are two conflicting ideas in criminal law

  1. The commit a crime. Do your punishment. After you complete your penance you are free to live a normal life again. You have paid your debt, and the crime is expunged. You are a free and innonent man again…

Simple everyday meals

Things you can make for a quick snack. Things that take less than 5 minutes to prepare, and that children will eat! …

A possible way to revive newspapers and newswriting

Given that traditional news outlets are dying, is this a possible way to revive it? …

Thoughts about our post-covid world

when an individual goes away into the desert for a while and comes back, he can re-integrate into society. he can learn how to interact again by immersion. but when everyone leaves, for over a year, and there is no society to come back to. …