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No it doesn’t track anything. It won’t remember your username, and certainly not your biometrics or bank/phone details (if that’s what you mean by 2FA). That’s what i like about it. It’s simple and secure.

It won’t work everywhere but it’s very handy for most sites. Some website with very bad and dangerous security practices like 2FA (or even 3FA) - it won’t work for them.

Thanks. I just have what everyone else has. Black electrical tape. But the glue gets on the lens so i have to clean it frequently. And it’s thick tape so not perfect.

You’ll see if you go on the website. All you ask for is right there, and more.

His could someone ever get your master password though?

And i think it’s the same for lastpass. If someone (somehow?) gets your lastpass login details, you have to change them, and also change all your other passwords.

Yes good points.

Btw what’s a better term than “tankie”? I only learnt about this ideology recently, am ignorant of the details of it.

It’s okay IMO to have instances which are now closed, more restricted speech/ideas. There are good reasons why some people like them, and why they need to exist. But there must be other places where fee speech/free debate is possible. For example in France it recently became illegal to criticise a policeman by name, no matter what he has done. Very dangerous.

Trying to avoid someone denouncing you - it means suppressing his free speech.

If you don’t want someone denouncing you, then you are not tolerant of all free speech.


You’re just the ones who can’t express themselves properly yet. They have to learn that by chatting with adults and getting negative feedback.

But that doesn’t have to be our problem, at least not while lemmy is still so small.

Okay i didn’t get that at all.

Bit this new idea sounds like a paradox - someone pro free speech would mind object to that denouncement at all.

How so?

You have to assume that the devs’ rules do restrict the types if discourse which happen. But other than that, it all follows.

I don’t understand a lot of your message.

But if i get the gist, that might not be so positive. People who feel hated, isolated, afraid to express themselves in public, they are the people we should welcome.

It sounds like they are teenagers who are just figuring out their views. They all have strange and offensive ideas at times, but with help most people figure out a sensible worldview in the end.

I was thinking just about posting letters.

For food delivery or taxis, you don’t need to tell anyone your name or address, just the location they are to go to. So the gps based ideas in this thread, or a conventional number, road, town address works be fine.

The best solution is usually a mixture of several methods, not a one size fits all.

That’s the defence of the “slur filter” that everyone can agree on. It’s harmless because it does almost nothing. It has no real benefit or cost.

The people who say it deters fascists - it just doesn’t hold water.#

Ideological freedom encourages nasty people. And restrictions encourage thoughtless people.

You can go on notabug and ignore the crazy psychos and chat with the creative people.

You can go on reddit and find endless people with no independent thought, repeating things and not listening to reach other.

Lemmy is in the middle. But IMO that’s not an objective good thing, it’s a preference.

It’s certainly good have diversity of opinion, to keep it interesting for everyone. But how far would you extend that?

If there were more (or more active) fascists here, would that make it richer? Probably not - there ideas are empty and obtuse and self serving and racist. But i would have said the same about tankies before i joined Lemmy and listened to them.

The one thing you do not want is a circlejerk, where everyone agrees and is happy, but there is no important argument between people who strongly disagree.

You have obnoxious people on all sides of the debate, including people who avoid listening to foreign ideas by labeling the other sides.

To be honest, nobody knows how the culture would be different under a different sweet of rules, especially the people who act most confident about it.

I’m always the first to start these threads.

But it’s good to remember, we chose Lemmy over sites like notabug because it works better. Some good decisions by the devs created a good website, enabling good discussions, which you just don’t see elsewhere.

Some things like the “slur filter” seem sketchy, but you have to give the devs the benefit of the doubt. They clearly know a couple of things about forum design.

At the same time, it’s important to talk about this stuff. Better ideas usually come from debate.

That’s okay, nobody starts off knowing everything.

Not only crypto but all payment systems take agrees to confirm - visa takes days - but as a customer you observe it happening instantly. Try it!

It is possible.

  1. A PO box type system. You rent a letter box, like renting a locker in a train station. You pay in cash. Anyone who needs to send you letters, you give him this address instead of your house address.

  2. A cedex type system. The post office assigns you a code. People send letters to this code and the post office knows to forward them on to your house.

  3. A post office window type system. You use the address of the local post office and a password. The post gets delivered to the post office, and you can go and collect it using your password.

This was just a quick brainstorm. I’m sure other and better schemes are possible.


It’s a website where you store all your bookmarks. You organise them using tags. You can have a one-click “add bookmark” thing in your browsers.

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