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This is the first of hopefully many posts on the idea of using federated social media as a backend. Blogging is hard. Social media posting is easy. So maybe the blog can be built from the social media?

Think about it, you get so much out of the box using someone else’s site as your CMS. Lemmy takes markdown, and turns it into server-generated HTML which it serves up via RSS. It includes comments, and when Lemmy federates, those comments could come from members of any other Lemmy instance, offering users a low-overhead to commenting. Lemmy even includes image hosting!

An image hosted on

It’s currently running in a very barebones manner at


Interesting project! Personally I don’t think Lemmy is a great fit for blog posts, something like writefreely would be better. But if it works for you then that’s great.


Thanks for the feedback. Curious as to why you think it’s not a good fit for a blog.

I feel like even without the setup I’m working on, it’s still essentially feed-based content. I could even see myself hosting my own instance eventually with “communities” for each topic I write about.


Mainly because we are not developing a blogging platform, and because of that we are probably not going to implement any blogging specific features. Also the layout seems pretty ugly for a blog, but that could probably be solved with a custom theme.

That said, your blog seems to work somewhat like a link aggregator, so maybe in your case it makes more sense.


cool! I also use lemmy as a somewhat personal link aggregator and was thinking along the same lines.


cool concept!

For Lemmy users to submit links to their blogs. We can share each other’s posts using software like to amplify our voices!