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sometimes i feel like i have lost the plot

The future is now…

i mean the ruble is still down almost 50% from the start of war compared to dollars https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=RUB&To=USD so its pretty far from recovered

move that to a one year time line and you will see a much more sobering picture

Both India and China are firmly supporting Russia

yeah i will definitely be interesting to see what India does here. They buy most of there military equipment form Russia apparently

The question isn’t whether Russia will be hit hard by the sanctions, but whether it will be hit harder than the west and whether people in Russia are more willing to put up with that than people in the west are.

I think sanctions in the future will become increasing hard to implement due to crypto. i suspect that might be the cause recent price nice of cryptos but I don’t know if we are there yet. There is some evidence of Russia oligarch using crypto as a means for wealth preservation but major business are still using the legacy banking system which can be easy attached, just look at whats happening with swift.

which part? i dont support Russian or Ukraine government fuck them all, but it does look like Russia is taken on the noise pretty hard rn.

did you watch the video before down voting it?

River look interesting. Can you share a screenshot of your desktop?

Metamask and your browser most certainly cannot resolve a .eth name directly; as you obviously know, it will rely on a company called ConsenSys that rents resources from Amazon to operate an API, the same way it does any other interaction with the ethereum blockchain.

This is misleading, metamask by default talks to infura, which is a hosted instance of a fullnode but not amazon (but still not good default behavior). But it is trivial to run your own node, im doing it now. Metamask talks to the eth nodes via a json rpc. You can change the endpoint in the setting to your local node. So yes metamask can absolutely resolve a .eth name directly without a third-party!

I’m tempted to actually try it, but, in any case, I’m pretty certain that even with a local geth metamask would still be relying on other 3rd party APIs for lots of other functionality.

Feel free to hit me up on matrix if you need any help setting it up. There are some trade off to light-clients. Im happy to talk about them if you are interested. I have some experience with the Light Ethereum Subprotocol (LES) It does not use any third parties, nor does geth in general. Why would you think that? Is this the story is being told? (There is a list of bootstrap nodes I would not qualify them as third party since they just introduce peers for the network)

I still think having some representative of the ENS DAO actually buy .eth as a gTLD would make the most sense.

sure I would agree.

In conclusion: nullradix.eth is not a domain name, because .eth does not currently exist in the Domain Name System

Yeah I mean we can argue about the definition of things, but what I mean is when type nullradix.eth in to my address bar it resolve it resolve the ipfs hash associated with my ENS name from the current state of ethereum which is synced local by geth (in light client mode), then ipfs loads the blog. So yay I can read my own blog with out any third-parties! and you can too. Then we can have a p2p party, they are way better then third-parties. I have an ipfs node running on my home machine which pins the hash. It maybe slow to load if no-one has visited it in awhile but its been pretty reliable.

b/c you don’t need to trust a third-party to store it correctly and its censorship resistant.

ENS names aren’t really “domain names” until they buy a gTLD from ICANN and make them work for the masses.

If you have metamask installed your browser will resolve .eth domain directly. If you dont have metamask installed you can use .link prefix, for example here is my blog. if you have ipfs and metamaks installed you can visit https://nullradix.eth and it resolve the ipfs hash from ethereum then resolve the hash from ipfs. If you are worried about metamask using Infura you can install geth and run geth --syncmode "light" --v5disc --http --rpc.evmtimeout 0 --cache 4096 . It should take about 30 mins to sync and then you are using no thirdparty.

tldr: ENS names aren’t really domain names.

ENS aren’t just domain names, there can be used to name public keys, hashes or resolve arbitrary text. They can also have sub-names that are each represented by a NFT. Which can be used to delegate authority over them.

Do It.

User testing sometimes has surprising results…

ENS is doing fine. Uniswap v3 and a dozen other DEXes are now using NFTs as a way to manage LP positions. Why is using a NFT to manage domain name hype or a ruse? Domains and LPs positions are intrinsically non-fungible, it seem nonsensical to use anything else.

i have heard this claim before, but im honestly not sure how it would work.