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I think you can say that about most operating systems. The problem with cell phones is that ppl are quite promiscuous with installing apps and OS doesn’t proved strong sandboxing.

In other news, LGBT people delete WeChat and install federated opensource platforms such as matrix.

NPR is independent and receives less then 1% funding from the federal government unfortunately (if you listen to regular NPR on the radio you will undoubtedly hear there funding drives which can last several days).

I believe aztec would check most the boxes. Its an l2 on eth. Plus they are doing some really cool ZK research.

But also Monero works pretty well and is less experimental… so i would probably stick with that for now.

null_radix has never resold an NFT. He doesn’t even think of his NFT acquisitions as investments: “NFTs don’t seem to me to have value that can be defined as easily as ‘owning a piece of art.’ It’s more some sort of collective geist. The draw is the insanity of it all.”…

While that is interesting it, I wonder if it is a response to this https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2019/09/30/pro-assad-lobby-group-rewards-bloggers-on-both-the-left-and-the-right/ which cliams mintpress was financed by a pro-Assad lobby group

No I mean the most of the anarchist I know are not very supportive of the Chinese or Russian state, but the Marxist/communist (not sure what word to use) are supportive.

such a mess 🤦‍♀️

I don’t like being called a mess for curiosity. Could you please refrane from attacking me personal. Thanks.

I’m what the authoritarian leftists here think of this. is it just US propaganda? or is this a fascists conspiracy? Or is it legitimate? Do you think that the state has a right try to silence alternative natives? (do these mean justify the ends)

yeah this was really good/well researched peice

Take this quiz to find out which kind of labor camp the Chinese government would put you in!

unfortunately their server is not opensource so you can’t self host.


Lisp based language

it uses Guile which is a scheme that supports scheme standards (r5rs, r6rs, r7rs)

Yes it is. You can also use nix on guix. Which I’m currently doing to use nix’s rust overlays.

“Privalage escalation” first thing that pops into my head is “sounds like a white male problem” 😂

I also think its a confusing metric. It would be like saying the energy cost of a USD transaction is totally expenditure of energy of the US military + the cost of the bank infrastructure energy cost divided by the number of USD transaction. The block reward is essentially a defense budget. That said I would defiantly support decreasing the defense budget for all parties.

As a community, Black folks have always strived to own and operate both infrastructure and the means of production but have been continually held back by structural inequality and attacks from extremists and the government alike. …

would you trust/use signal-foss if you could build it from source?

The inflation economy

We observe that the little guy gets the shaft, always. …

aww thank you very much! :D

We are targeting an L1 Ethereum mainnet launch on May 5, with an L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after.

Depending on high the current gas rate is, I would wait for the launch on Optimism (a L2) or if you want to trade now and are concerned about gas prices you can use loopring.io (also an L2) or matcha.xyz