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I’m an online English tutor

I’m actually interested in learning Hungarian. Would you have any suggests on course or materials for learning Hungarian?

Rump Kernels

An operating system is an arbitrary black box of overhead that enables well-behaving application programs to perform tasks that users are interested in. Why is there so much fuss about black boxes, and could we get things done with less?..

And if he dies from it… its going to be a crazy conspiracy that the deep state killed him.

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What is consider objectively harmful is not very objective though. The conservatives that run the state I live in consider marijuana, abortions and homosexuality to be objectively harmful and I actually disagree with these so called “objective” truths.

How does search work? This was the major pain point for openbazzar. The search was centralized.

that’s one of the selling points

to go away so you just have a blank piece of paper?

Yes you can. You can also move the sidebar to the other side if you are left handed.

Its not quite as good as paper. At least for the moments for pure flow when you are writing things down. But its close enough most the time for me.

  1. Red Hat
    It was early 00’s when I first installed linux on my computer. I learned so much from the experience. I grew up in rural America without internet access. It was tough getting things running, it took me many months to figure it out. I got the redhat disks from a church friend who did have internet access and whenever I needed something from the Internet I would ask him. But it general took one week before I got I needed back (we usually only met on Sundays). So progress was slow.

  2. Ubuntu
    When I went to collage was the first time I had a direct persistent internet connection. Ubuntu was just release I wanted to try it out.

  3. CrunchBang
    I used Ubuntu for a good while but slow became interested in having something that was a bit more minimal. Something that I had more control over.

  4. Arch
    After crunch-bang I become more interested and vested in configuring and maintaining my os. This natural lead me to arch.

  5. Nixos
    After working on several blockchain project I became interested in idea that my entire state of my computer could be represented as root of a merkle tree (in most blockchain each block contains the a merkle root of the state of the blockchain). Nixos was closet thing to accomplishing that.

  6. Guix
    I loved the idea of Nixos but hated nix the language. This lead me natural to Guix and to scheme. Which I’m using now!

'Electronic media…abolish the spatial dimension… By electricity, we everywhere resume person-to-person relations as if on the smallest village scale. It is a relation in depth, and without delegation of functions or powers… Dialogue supersedes the lecture.

welcome to 4chan

The history of the Internet also contradicts the tenets of the ‘free market’ ideologues. For the first twenty years of its existence, the Net’s development was almost completely dependent on the much reviled American federal government

I think many in silicon valley recognize this now. Why do you think Thiel is such a nationalist?

If anyone has been following sushiswap, this is exactly how it works.

I have a first gen. And I really like it. The battery life is a bit short but other then that I’m satisfied. I probably won’t upgrade soon because my current is still working nicely.

I totally agree that not all is suck. But there is plenty of hypocrisy when comes to “decentralization”.


  • “Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When the crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” Favorite quote.

  • “attempt to alter technology for political reasons by repurposing technological artifacts without concerning oneself with altering the process that produced said technology.” Yeah this is why so many “revolutionary” startups are anything but revolutionary.

  • Sure freenet. But freenet had other problems.

  • The Fediverse has also grappled with its own limitations in threat modelling, such as failing to collectively anticipate the establishment of far right and fascist political Instances – deplatformed refugees from dominant social media platforms.

yep. if anything decentralization will accelerate the inflation of truth.

In 2020, everyone is relevant. In 2020, anyone can be important. In 2020, anyone’s ideas can spread around the world in seconds. - a general theory of collaboration

it worked