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its my cake day! :)…

We are targeting an L1 Ethereum mainnet launch on May 5, with an L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after.

Depending on high the current gas rate is, I would wait for the launch on Optimism (a L2) or if you want to trade now and are concerned about gas prices you can use loopring.io (also an L2) or matcha.xyz

it has different feature set. It was designed to incentive storing data. so its more akin to filecoin, but without a native token there is a bzz toekn now.

probably not, especially compared to the 8% apy you will get from validating. After the merge (pure pos) apy will be higher (10-12%). Validating at home is not to hard to setup as well, you can do it on a raspberry-pi as in the article (though its recommend to have beefier hardware)

to use only 1% of processing power where proof of work would have

Each validator is required to lock up 32 eth. If the validator miss-behaves they will lose some of there deposit (or all depending on the violation).

Now 32 eth is a lot of money, most ppl don’t have that much. But if you have less you still help participate in securing the network and transitioning to PoS. There is a decentralized staking pool, lido that allows multiple ppl to pool together there eth until it reaches a multiple of 32 which is then bound. There are also centralized pool that allow you to do the same but you need to trust whatever entity that is running the pool. So I think contributing to centralized pool doesn’t necessary contribute to the decentralization and security of the protocol.

What is considered a waste is also subjective and a personal sympathy as well. You can indeed send ETH without pow although its still just testing. Pow is on its way out. period. How am I being misleading?

Yes ETH is still half pow (the beaconchain is running) but pos on ETH is making solid progress. For example, There is a pos only testnet now. I would except to pos on mainnet late q4 early q1 next year.

As for Tron and the likes (bsc, eos, ect) are all base off dpos, which can only support a few number of validators making them questionable when it comes to their claim on decentralization. There are few others projects that are interesting though for example avalanche.

As for creating the wrong picture for ppl new to cryto… ETH is in my opinion the best place to get started. Tron is a scam that is ran by sociopath. Eos is worse. I defiantly don’t want to create the wrong picture by leading ppl to use a platforms that have no value when it comes to decentralization and only exist to make their founders rich. I’m also most comfortable talking ETH, since I know it fairly well.

What parts are not decentralized? Besides the hosting of the front-end.

A 10,000 mAh power bank is able to run 10 validators (including Geth + Rocket Pool) on a Raspberry Pi for 10 hours. …


This episode is on Marxist analysis of the stock market, how Karl Marx would probably be a dogecoin trader, and why many of the left’s criticisms of crypto tend to hinge on a liberal moralism rather than a materialist one…

“Fiat ars – pereat mundus [make art though the world shall perish], says Fascism,” wrote Benjamin at the end of his essay on the work of art. He understood the belief in “art for art’s sake” is not only a fascist anthem, but also a way of aestheticizing politics: creating the pleasures, cultures and…

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies that followed have promised a money that relies neither on banks nor on governments but instead on multiple overlapping private money regimes, all backed by cryptographic trust systems — a return to a premodern, hard-metal past by way of a carbon-intensive server-far…

The SEC is advancing an aggressive and disastrous new standard that would make almost all blockchain tokens securities. …


The SEC is advancing an aggressive and disastrous new standard that would make almost all blockchain tokens securities. …


i grew up on this shit. We as a family would go on long roadtrips and listen to this.

yeah for sure, I don’t think there is any other way to kill PoW except by building something better.

Ethereum “has been moving” to proof of stake for almost as long as it has existed. It has been so long that “Eth 2.0 PoS Coming Soon!” is something of a running joke.

A lot of hard work goes into PoS development and all these idiots can do is criticize without offing any insightful research or contributing. Its like they don’t want to find a solution because it just easier to sit back complain.

Part of the reason this is true is that cryptocurriencies are pyramid schemes.

Sure some of them are. Maybe the author is conflating bitcoin’s fix supply with a ponzi. Which is not correct. Also not all cryptocurrencies have a fix supply. Maybe the author was thinking about things like bitconnect. Maybe the auther was just copy and pasting something off of twitter. Who knows?

I was going to try to read the rest of this article. But its I don’t think its very well researched and is making me kinda mad.


I’m an online English tutor

I’m actually interested in learning Hungarian. Would you have any suggests on course or materials for learning Hungarian?


Rump Kernels

An operating system is an arbitrary black box of overhead that enables well-behaving application programs to perform tasks that users are interested in. Why is there so much fuss about black boxes, and could we get things done with less?..

And if he dies from it… its going to be a crazy conspiracy that the deep state killed him.


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What is consider objectively harmful is not very objective though. The conservatives that run the state I live in consider marijuana, abortions and homosexuality to be objectively harmful and I actually disagree with these so called “objective” truths.