These questions will surely strike the average crypto supporter as heretical. But they also help us to get to the heart of the issue, for ultimately the question at hand concerns not just one’s view of crypto, but of the world crypto aspires to change. …

Energy Web (EWT) has received a 1 million EUR grant from Google’s Impact Challenge program to harmonize low-carbon electricity markets across Europe.
The Energy Web Foundation is a Switzerland-based global NGO that aims to use decentralized technology in order to create a low-emission energy sys…

The data shows Bitcoin’s energy use would represent just a rounding error in the construction, transportation or healthcare industries…

“The attacker responsible for yesterday’s $600 million hack of decentralized finance (DeFi) interoperability protocol Poly Network sent nearly $5 million worth of crypto back to the project.”


This is wild!..


null_radix has never resold an NFT. He doesn’t even think of his NFT acquisitions as investments: “NFTs don’t seem to me to have value that can be defined as easily as ‘owning a piece of art.’ It’s more some sort of collective geist. The draw is the insanity of it all.”…

How solid are Circle's USDC reserves?

This is not new news, but unless Circle sharpens up its disclosure standards, it will fall under the same suspicious clouds that hang over Tether’s USDT reserves. Circle has been publishing monthly attestations since October 2018, although they have recently been publishing on a one- or two-month de…

"We are pleased to announce that the Qubes OS Project is now accepting donations in the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) at the following address: …


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