Please feel free to share your favourite crypto media such as news outlets, telegram channels, youtube channels, podcasts etc in comments!

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Bankless (mostly ethereum focused does briefly mention other chains hosts are eth maxis so don’t expect balanced views of other smart contract platforms)


Andreas Antonopoulos ( information on bitcoin and sometimes ethereum)

Adaverse (information on cardano and ergo projects)

Ergo platform (updates from the core ergo dev team and interviews with developers building projects on ergo)

Proof Of Africa ( information on cardano projects being built with Africa in mind)

Monero talk ( information on developments in the monero ecosystem)

Zero Knowledge ( podcast on projects using zero Knowledge proofs) (tracker for defi tvl)

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I would add also to the list of media/news as he maintains a useful set of Bitcoin related resources

cryptopanic as a good news aggregator

blockstream markets weekly


    Lemmy community dedicated to cryptocurrency news, technicals, education, memes and so more!

    For Bitcoin only devoted news/discussions visit Bitcoin community

    Smart contracts/dAPPs development questions -> here

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    Rinkeby ETH faucets : 1 , 2

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