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I’m reading the experience of free banking

Goku he cares more about fighting than any of his responsibilities

For the people who support them because they think apartheid 2.0 will happen again if they vote for them yes

Pos is not “basically giving away free coins to the rich” anyone with a low amount of coins can join a pool just like in pow and make a profit unlike in pow where the majority of people cannot afford neither the electricity costs nor hardware to mine

It’s a non-profit organisation that aims to improve upon democracy by first testing electronic voting systems in schools

No I’m not just thought it was cool

Haven’t found any as yet

I know but I’d rather use the same pattern as swing

This is from January tho?

that’s good to hear some of the most interesting things I’ve seen on there are honey, wood carvings, abstract paintings and plant seeds

Yeah i use the haven app too it’s still a bit rough around the edges

Have you considered using e-commerce platforms like openbazaar to buy physical goods with crypto

I got mine from doing jobs on r/Jobs4Bitcoins

Not deliberately i just dont like the auto upvote feature

Which email and what’s a ccs proposal?

Here’s my channel https://video.autizmo.xyz/video-channels/random/videos currently i just post any random videos i have saved in the future i plan to upload gameplay and programming videos