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you control where the passwords are stored

according to the article provided in that post they’re just foreign branches of china’s police force dedicated to cracking down on political dissidents and scamming

where did you see/hear about this?

Ok but who elected this transitional council? What makes them good choices for rebuilding the country’s institutions? Do they have detailed plans for what they’re going to do when they form the government? I think it’s crazy to believe they can repair the institutions of a country that has been dysfunctional since independence in the span of two years

yeah and no in that yeah he’s mentally ill but this is more than likely just a stunt to get more attention to his merch

no but of course there are times when you think maybe there’s a better way to govern ourselves but even if there was such a way humans will always hope for something more

the ui/ux needs work, most people don’t care about privacy, it’s mostly used by tech people and link aggregators in general tend to have very niche userbases

because classism exists everywhere and even though it may manifest a bit differently it’s still the same essence

yeah but them shutting down doesn’t solve any of that and as long as you’re fully aware of the risks of using a centralized service it’s completely fine

The US also spends the most of any developed country on healthcare but has the worst of them all so it’s more important how you spend the money than the quantity allocated to a specific sector

no putting aside the language barrier there’s also themes that are created for a specific audience

i think it’s due to the fact that reddit is more for niche hobbies. Twitch isn’t that popular outside of the gaming sphere and even with the recent wave of lax moderation with girls wearing skimpy outfits doing softcore porn it’s still doesn’t have a broad appeal so it’s definitely more than you can’t make money off it that turns off people. For an app to make money it has to something that attract users in the first place and neither reddit nor fedi are doing that. The reason for the fediverse not being popular imo is due to the fact that most people don’t care about privacy, the ui and ux could use a lot of work ( I know most normie stuff isn’t doing too hot in that department either but libre software just has this look where you know it was made by technical people and not designers), people you know aren’t on it and also probably wont join just because you asked and the existing userbase is mostly technical people.

no they shouldn’t for your pension you want a reliable stream of income

there is zero forms of energy that doesn’t damage the environment in some way

what are you going to use it for?