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Russia has banned crypto so many times I’ve lost count

You do realise that most people don’t use whatever your favour secure messenger is and they need to appeal to a wide audience

  1. you don’t have to rebuild anything especially since corporations and isps will still be able to offer their centralised offerings to those who want them and web3 refers to decentralisation at the application level so there’s still some level of centralisation that can be there but there are decentralised infrastructure projects like incentivised mixnets, incentivised mesh networks and incentivised file storage etc that these applications can be run on top of if one truly favours max decentralisation but it’s expected that different projects will have different views on how much things need to be decentralised and it will be users to choose projects based on this knowledge.

  2. These projects are built with economic incentives in mind to ensure that they’re viable and that people will participate in the network instead of relying on altruism alone like most decentralised protocols

Any centralised database whether postgres/mysql/oracle etc. It’s trying to create a world where applications have a decentralised tamper proof database and where all instances of moral hazard and rent seeking middle men can be eliminated with code that is open and transparent to all that also performs governance, economic incentives being created during the development of the application instead of being bolt on and services that can be accessed in any jurisdiction

It uses a public permissionless blockchain to store it’s data instead of a centralised database

Except corporations have always been greedy and the market has always been rigged

Yes there are cheap nfts the reason why there are so many nfts because of majority of the people buying them atm are speculators interested in flipping them for a profit

because it means that there will be more providers in the asic space so we could very well have easier access to asic for the average person not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure open source asic miners weren’t a thing before

you might want to look into who’s been taking funding from those corrupt corporations for years lol

I’m more interested on the open source asics part

  1. High quality posts with lots of comments
  2. No at least not anytime soon
  3. No
  4. Perhaps

Yes I’ve noticed it’s just been occasional so far tho and there’s actually a report button just click the three dots under a post then click the flag to fill out the report form and click report when you’re finished

Bankless (mostly ethereum focused does briefly mention other chains hosts are eth maxis so don’t expect balanced views of other smart contract platforms) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UCAl9Ld79qaZxp9JzEOwd3aA

Coingecko https://www.coingecko.com/en

Andreas Antonopoulos ( information on bitcoin and sometimes ethereum) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UCJWCJCWOxBYSi5DhCieLOLQ

Adaverse (information on cardano and ergo projects) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UC1CbP5p2lxNdgny3PyzaLnw

Ergo platform (updates from the core ergo dev team and interviews with developers building projects on ergo) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UC7cht_rw6ofX3wTirrQG8kw

Proof Of Africa ( information on cardano projects being built with Africa in mind) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UCT7ZbXgPIi9dce40zznqB0A

Monero talk ( information on developments in the monero ecosystem) https://piped.kavin.rocks/channel/UC3Hx81QYLoEQkm3vyl4N4eQ

Zero Knowledge ( podcast on projects using zero Knowledge proofs) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/zero-knowledge/id1326503043

defipulse.com (tracker for defi tvl)

Lots of reasons: perception of energy waste of proof of work, misunderstandings such as all coins are proof of work/all coins are intended as replacements for fiat/that you must use centralised exchanges/that everyone who likes it is a libertarian/all smart contract platforms are just ethereum but with cheaper fees and much more,insertion of blockchain into contexts where it makes no sense, hate of money in general due to being anti capitalist, hate of the idea of non-state controlled money, hate of highly speculative nature, hate of VC culture and hate the redefinition of decentralisation to mean blockchain

Afridigest predicted that this year we’ll see North African businesses expanding into subsaharan Africa and vice versa so this might be the tip of the iceberg

Because that’s the point of federation that each instance has it’s own unique selling point

It says nothing of the sort you’re imposing your own bias onto the article

Did you actually read the article the author is clearly stating that African entrepreneurs need to overcome the challenges not limited to those in the articles along with governments and investors needing to work together with them in order to solve them in order for the continent to thrive nowhere does it mention need for any foreign solutions .The title of the article is literally digital transformation in Africa requires homegrown solutions and the author himself is a Nigerian